Tips for choosing headlamps

Tips for choosing headlamps

When will we use headlamps?

Headlamp, as the name suggests, the lamp worn on the head, compared to the flashlight, camp lamp, or flashlight software on the mobile phone, the key point is to release your hands. Some headlamps can adjust the angle, so it is easier to adjust the light. Some headlamps can also be intelligently sensed, making them more convenient to use.


A headlamp is a light source that can be fixed on the head through a hair strap. By mounting it on a helmet or hat, you can work hands-free. Around the camp, although camp lights can also provide light, just turn your head and you can shine a light where you want to see. This is the advantage of headlamps compared to other lights. It is very convenient to use.

For certain sports, such as rock climbing, caving, and hiking, it is essential to release your hands (because your hands may require trekking poles and other tools). A headlamp is even very useful in rescue, search, rescue, repair, or when dealing with wounds left by outdoor sports.

8 factors that affect the choice of headlamps

Most outdoor activities are always full of challenges, such as rock climbing, cycling, hiking, caving, and so on. In addition to the surprises after overcoming difficult problems, various unknown risks accompany the challenges. When we choose headlamps, we must take into account the various problems we will encounter outdoors and deal with them in advance. For example, if there is sudden rain during the outdoor adventure, then my headlamps should be waterproof and headlamps during exercise. It is inevitable to fall. Then I hope my headlamps can resist falling. If I travel through the mountains, I want to illuminate the potential threats in the dark, then I hope my headlamps can be brighter and provide me with enough vision. . Because when facing severe challenges if we make a mistake in the choice of equipment, the consequences may be irreversible! So I list 8 key points below to teach you how to choose headlamps.

1. Lumens

Lumen (Lm) is the unit of luminous flux; the energy that a light source radiates to the surrounding space per unit of time and causes vision is called luminous flux. If other factors are the same, there is a proportional relationship between lumens and brightness.

When choosing headlamps, there are also requirements for brightness. For example, camping or night fishing, you don't need too much light, just 100-300 lumens,

but trail running at night, because the running speed is quick, you need 300-600 lumens. General outdoor activity headlamps intensity 500-1000 candela is enough,

mountain cross-country races require 1000-3000 candelas, high-altitude mountaineering, caverns, etc. usually 3000-10000 candela.

2. Mode

Different lighting modes have different effects, different application scenarios, and even different effects on the battery, so they bring us a different experience. The following will talk about the differences between several modes.


The floodlight mode of the flashlight can illuminate a large area, which is more suitable for close-up lightings, such as cooking in a camp, checking a tent, or reading a book, If the flashlight supports mode change, we can also adjust the brightness according to different environments, and the stimulation to the human eyes will be less, and, the battery life of the headlamps can be extended.


When you need to observe the road conditions in the distance or find the right direction, a beam of light that converges brightness is more suitable for you. It can also detect roads, allowing you to find the correct road indications very early.

Red light mode

First, in terms of battery life, red LEDs are more efficient and can significantly extend the headlamp's lighting time


Second, it can be very useful in search and rescue, especially when a continuous flashing red light can be seen from a long distance, this is the SOS mode that many headlamps have.

Keep sight: Many people use red LEDs to keep sight at night. Human eyes need to enter the darkness for 1 hour before they can adjust to the dark environment, so you may need a light. (The rod cells responsible for scotopic vision need to enter the dark environment for over 30 minutes to be fully activated and will be inhibited in a bright environment. The faint red light will not affect human dark vision)


Reduce interference. When other people are resting and you need light to find things temporarily or get up on the toilet, try not to use white light as much as possible, because too glaring will make others' eyes uncomfortable and even wake up teammates who are already asleep. Therefore, the use of red light not only has the function of maintaining vision but also has lower interference for sleeping friends.


If you are a night hunter, red light is also very useful because it not only allows hunters to maintain dark vision but also does not scare animals. An experienced hunter can judge which animal we base it on the brightness and shape of the red light reflected by the animal's eyes. (Note: There is a reflective film on the fundus of animals, which can reflect the light that converges into the eyes to enhance night vision. If you shine a flashlight on the animal's eyes at night, the animal's eyes will have obvious reflections.)

3. Waterproof

Whether it is waterproof is very important for headlamps. Outdoors, whether it is camping, hiking, or mountaineering, it is possible to encounter rainy weather. At this time, the waterproof ability of the headlamps is tested.

If you are already walking cold and tired at night, and you still encounter rain when facing poor visibility, if your headlamps are not waterproof at this time, what a bad thing! Not only pain but also security risks.

Let's first understand the waterproof index, which can give you a better understanding of how to choose a headlamp.

       Waterproof level    


  Without any special protection function.


  Prevent water droplets from entering


  The device is tilted within 15 degrees to prevent water droplets from entering.


  Prevent water spray from entering.


  Prevent splashing water from entering


  It can resist the water column of the low-pressure spray gun for at least 3 minutes.


  Can resist the water column of a high-pressure spray gun for at least 3 minutes。


  It can resist being soaked in 1 meter deep water for 30 minutes.


  It can resist continuous immersion in water more than 1 meter deep.

4. Anti-fall

Your headlamps must also have fall resistance and impact resistance. In outdoor activities such as mountain climbing and caverns, the headlamps can easily fall from your head too hard rocks. If the headlamps do not have the anti-fall performance, just a single drop will cause the battery to fall off, the lamp body is cracked, and the operation malfunctions. This is a fatal equipment shortage for you who are in a severe environment and need lights. It will not only affect the connection outdoor activities that come down even potentially threaten life.

5. Material

High-quality headlamps must use high-quality materials. Most of the exquisite headlamps use PC/A as the shell. The major advantage is that it is strong and impact-resistant. The wall thickness of 0.8MM thickness can exceed the thickness of 1.5MM inferior plastics. Material, we can also use aluminum alloy as the body material the aluminum alloy after anodic oxidation can maintain its own conductivity while being more durable. In addition, the selection of headbands, high-quality headbands have good elasticity, feel comfortable, absorb sweat and breathe, and do not feel dizzy or uncomfortable even if I wore them for a long time. Therefore, the selection of headlamps can be said to be very important to the experience of use.

6. Dimensions and weight

No one likes to carry heavy headlamps for outdoor activities! Therefore, the size and weight of the headlamps are the points you need to pay attention to. Lightweight headlamps can be easily put into your backpack without taking up space in the backpack. At the same time, it can reduce the burden on your neck when you wear it. It can also be used as an EDC flashlight in daily life.

7. Running time

Of course, the running time of the headlamps is also a very important consideration. Different lighting modes will correspond to different battery life. This indicator is very important for people who challenge outdoor. We must consider whether the use time of the headlamps can meet the needs of this period of adventure travel, and we must also be sufficiently prepared to face it.

8. Warranty

The warranty period not only represents the manufacturer's confidence in their products but also has a sense of responsibility to consumers. If an unexpected situation occurs during the use of the product, you can also find a merchant for timely after-sales, which can also reduce unnecessary consumption by consumers.

OLIGHT's high-performance headlamps

Through the above explanation, do you have a concept of "how to choose headlamps"? Next, I will introduce you to the 4 best-selling headlamps of OLIGHT. I believe you will choose a favorite outdoor headlamp.

·Perun 2

·Max Output:2500LM

·Max Throw:166M

·Max Runtime:12.5 Days
·Body Material: Aluminum Alloy(Main body)
·Warranty: Olight’s 5-Year Warranty


—The built-in proximity sensor will reduce the brightness for protection when it detects an obstruction nearby.

—Featuring magnetic base, durable headband, and firm pocket clip for a variety of hands-free uses.

·Perun Mini

·Max Output:1000LM

·Max Throw:100M

·Max Runtime:4.5Day
·Body Material:Aluminum Alloy
·Warranty: Olight’s 5-Year Warranty


—It can be used as a headlamp via the optional headband. When attached to clothes, backpacks or hats via the velcro duty patch, this compact yet powerful light can be rotated 60 degrees for the desired angle and extreme convenience, bringing brightness to your life and work anywhere and anytime.

·Array 2

·Max Output:600LM

·Max Throw:100M

·Max Runtime:8.5H
·Body Material:Aluminum Alloy
·Warranty: Olight’s 2-Year Warranty


—It offers 3 white light levels from 100 to 600 lumens and an SOS mode. Its side switch allows you to change the output intuitively. With the 60-degree adjustable design, you can aim the light precisely.

·Array 2S

·Max Output:1000LM

·Max Throw:140M

·Max Runtime:30H
·Body Material:Aluminum Alloy
·Warranty: Olight’s 2-Year Warranty


—Flood+spot light, floodlight, eye-caring red light, and SOS, providing 10 different settings in total. The memory function allows quick access to the previously used setting (not applicable to SOS)

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