Build Your Own Bundle To Win April New Product!

Build Your Own Bundle To Win April New Product!

Customize your own bundle and win a  Pink Obulb (Pick up 10 customers who comment below)!

Our April flash sale is coming with a batch of fresh new products and an amazing new function!

Comment your favorite bundle option to win a Pink Obulb! 

Here is the catch!


Build Your Own Bundle

We are so excited to announce our DIY Bundle function that you’ve been waiting for a while! Just enter the DIY Bundle zone, and choose two or more products randomly, you can check out all of them at an amazing 30% off!

Please note that DIY Bundle is only eligible for the newly released products and the related bundles, click to learn more about this amazing function!

Amazing Flashlight:

Warrior X Pro Desert SunsetSelf-defense Tactical Light

The Warrior X Pro features our signature stainless steel tailswitch with a huge 500-meter beam distance giving you a thrower in the palm of your hand. With a simple UI, aggressive strike bezel, and massive output, the Warrior X Pro is a perfect duty or self-defense tactical light. Get yours up to 30% off in limited edition desert sunset providing a sweet tan to black fade, something we have never done before.

M2R Pro Warrior Ocean Camouflage—Perfect for Any Situation

The M2R Pro is easily our most feature packed tactical light with 6 output modes plus strobe and a side + tail switch for multiple operation options. Get double the runtimes of our previous M2R with the included 5000mAh 21700 battery and MCC3 fast magnetic charging cable. With that said, the M2R Pro is perfect for any situation including duty, self-defense, or just a daily pocket flashlight. Get yours at a huge discount in this breathtaking Ocean camo color that will surely up your flashlight game!

Baldr RL Mini—Adaptability Of The PL-Mini 2 With Red Laser Accuracy

The Baldr RL Mini has been a monumental addition to the WML industry with its 600-lumen white light and integrated laser inside the reflector itself. The fact that the adjustable rail adapter can fit on subcompact rails is an absolute game changer. We have received tons of requests for a red laser version, and we have delivered! The Baldr Mini RL features increased runtimes over the green version and the most precise red laser dot on the market at a huge discount during this sale! Your safety and accuracy in a stressful situation are what counts, an addition like this to your carry can easily be considered priceless.

Baton 3 Premium Edition Orange—Compact Pocket Friendly Flashlight

The Baton 3 is our next iteration of compact pocket friendly flashlights that we have been developing and refining for over 10 years. This light features a jaw-dropping 1,200 lumens and 166-meter beam distance in a package the size of your pinky finger. We have been absolutely obsessed with charging technology, and the Baton 3 wireless charging case is the most innovative solution in the entire industry. Simply slide your Baton 3 into the case and charge up to 3.7 times completely wire free.

i5T EOS Stardust—A Tail Switch AA EDC Flashlight

With a booming 300 lumen output from a standard AA battery, the simple to use tail switch I5T should be in everyone’s flashlight collection. Get this exquisite AA EDC Flashlight while you can, these will not last long.

RN 180 TL and RN 3500—Practical Bike Lights

When you are forced to stop on the road, RN 180 TL can detect objects and will increase its output to 180 lumens in a frenzy of flashes within the latest light and motion sensors, warning fellow pedestrians and vehicles. It will protect you day and night. RN 3500 is a small but reliable bike light. With its 5200mAh powerful battery pack, the lamp features max 75-hour runtime and 3500 lumens, bringing you extraordinary night riding adventures.

Obulb Pink—Light By Your Side

We receive an unbelievable amount of color requests for the Obulb on a daily basis and you guys can’t get enough of these! They are just so fun and are the perfect light source in every room of the house or when you venture outdoors! For this sale, we decided to go with pink which is perfect for that lady or daughter in your life! Get yours up to 30% off when bundled with other products in this sale!

Gift with purchase of a target amount

Orders $129 - $228 - Automatic FREE I1R 2 keychain light
Orders $229 - $328 - Automatic FREE O'Pen 2 Blue
Orders $329 + - Automatic FREE Black Perun 2


What’s your favorite bundle option? Leave your comment below and we will choose ten to giveaway a free Pink Obulb!


The Giveaway will end at 11:59 pm 4/16 EDT!

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