Olight Magnetic Flashlight: Why Do We Need Magnetic Flashlight?

Olight Magnetic Flashlight: Why Do We Need Magnetic Flashlight?


Flashlights are indispensable equipment for practitioners in outdoor sports, camping, expeditions, cave exploration, mine surveying, and mining. However, these activities are often accompanied by complex and harsh environments. Therefore, the design and quality of flashlights are relatively high Require.

Olight magnetic charging method subverts the thinking and design of the traditional charging method. It adopts the magnetic suction type automatic adsorption charging, which is convenient to charge and meets the needs of consumers in severe environments.

What are the advantages of magnetically charged flashlights?

· [Easy to charge] It is not necessary to take out the battery when charging, and it can be charged directly by adsorption.

· [Improve the waterproof level] The flashlight without plugging in the charging port can better enhance the waterproof function.

· [Liberate your hands] The magnetic absorption at the bottom of the flashlight can be attached to the metal, freeing your hands. (the adsorption performance is affected by the weight of the product)

· Most traditional flashlights use plug-in connectors for charging, which can easily damage the mechanism, while the olight magnetic flashlight can be gently approached outside of the automatic adsorption charging, which is convenient, stable and safe to charge.

· [Stable magnetic attraction] The connector can be closely connected, and the adsorption force is stable, which can withstand vibration and shock.

· [Efficient power transmission] Magnetic charging can transmit large currents, which is stable and safe.

· [Strong durability] When the flashlight is separated by external force during charging, it will be automatically disconnected without damaging the connection port and the flashlight equipment.

What are OLIGHT's high-performance magnetic flashlights?

1. Indoor

· Olight Obulb Mcs

√ MAX Output 75 LM

√ 8 conventional modes can meet the needs of different scenarios, such as camping, hiking, night work, power outage emergency, positioning mark signal, atmosphere lighting, etc.;

√ Built-in 630mAh rechargeable battery. It can be charged through the MCC magnetic charging cable, MCA adapter, Omino magnetic discharge charger independently developed by OLIGHT, etc., supporting 40 hours of long-term lighting.

√ The magnetic bottom can directly adsorb the iron metal surface, or it can be attached to the wall, closet, etc. with emblem and chapter wall stickers.

√ The diameter of the body is 54mm, and it weighs only 60g. It occupies a small area. It can be operated with one hand and is easy to carry.

2. Camping

 · Olight Olantern

 √ High-efficiency LED lights bring 360° lighting. Three levels of white light (15, 50, 150 lumens) and single level of red light (1 lumens) meet the needs of camping lighting.

 √ Pick and carry: In addition to the stainless steel handle that comes with the body, you can also use the optional magnetic hook with the magnetic charging port at the bottom and the top cover with built-in magnets to meet various hanging methods.

 √ MCC3 magnetic charging at the bottom, with built-in single 3.7V 2000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the longest battery life is up to 48   hours.

 √ Height: 99.35 mm, base diameter: 52.2 mm, and the weight of 239 grams (including battery) will not occupy the luggage area.

√ Sturdy and durable: IPX4 waterproof, 1m anti-drop, zinc alloy lamp body can resist simple emergencies.

3. Outdoor sports

  · Olight Baton3 Kit

  √ MAX Output 1200LM

  √ Long battery life: Customized portable wireless charging box with built-in 3.6V 3500mAh battery, which can be recharged 3.7 times when fully charged, making the battery life up to 94 days.

  √ Charging box Type-C charging; while the flashlight is compatible with MCC 1A/MCC3 magnetic line charging, the bottom magnetic can be stuck to the metal surface, freeing your hands to work!

  √ EDC: Length: 63 mm, head diameter: 21 mm, diameter: 21 mm, compact and portable.

  √ The aluminum-alloy body is equipped with IPX8 waterproof and 1.5M drop resistance, which can cope with multiple emergencies.


· Perun Mini

√ MAX Output 1000 LM

√ 60°adjustable angle, one-handed operation can be adjusted, bringing flexible lighting beam.

√ Convenient magnetic charging: Standard MCC 1A USB magnetic charging cable, the longest battery life is 4.5 days.

√ Multi-purpose:

(1) Maintenance: fixed on the vehicle or equipment magnetically, freeing both hands for maintenance.

(2) Headlights: with optional headlight strips, the headlights can be changed in seconds.

(3) EDC flashlight: small in size and easy to hold, equipped with a powerful newspaper clip for daily carrying.

(4) On duty: The collocation buckle on duty can be pasted on clothes, backpacks and hats with Velcro, strong and firm.

5. Hunting

· Baldr Pro
√ MAX Output 1350 lumens high-efficiency cold white light and MAX Throw 200m range.

√ Convenient switching: Equipped with a mode selection ring, easy to select 3 lighting modes: white light, green laser, green laser & white light.

√ Magnetic charging: MCC magnetic charging, no need to replace the battery. And the charging port is compatible with a magnetic wire control switch, which is convenient for long gun operation.

√ Widely suitable: Baldr Pro R is compatible with long and short guns (Picatinny & Glock Rails).

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