Stunning New Purple and Dream Blue Hit the Shelves Now

Stunning New Purple and Dream Blue Hit the Shelves Now

It is no secret; the Baton 3 Pro Max is a powerhouse of light that is feature rich and has quickly become a fan favorite since its release earlier this year.  With up to 2,500 lumens and 5,295 candelas, the Baton 3 Pro Max is a fantastic all-around light with a great balance of flood and throw.  This makes it a great light for around the house and yard, at the campsite, or on trail hikes.  It has come in a variety of colors (black, orange, OD Green) and was even released in a lighter-weight magnesium alloy in desert tan!  Now it is being released in two new colors, purple and a limited edition “Dream Blue” color scheme from a fan submission during a recent #ODesigner competition.

baton 3 pro max

By Popular Demand – PURPLE!

There is a large segment of the fan base that has been requesting more purple-color releases for quite some time.  And while Olight has released a few different purple lights over the past few years, it is not as widely represented as some of the more popular colors such as blue and orange.  This new Baton 3 Pro Max should make the fans of Purple extremely happy.  The new color option is absolutely stunning in person as it is a nice deep purple color that really “pops”, and it has a very regal look to it.  Complimented by the black clip and side switch, this new color option is a must-have for any collector.  Even if you are not a collector, the purple color is a nice option as it really stands out and should not be easily lost if dropped in a field.  Click here to learn more and get your purple flashlight.

purple flashlight

Fan Designed – Dream Blue

One of the coolest things about Olight is how well they engage the customers and fan base.  The Facebook group has grown tremendously over the past several years and this community is a great way for fans to interact with one another as well as the customer service representatives.  Because Olight is so well connected to the voice of the customer, they are always looking for ways to both improve and deliver what is most requested.  The “ODesigner” program is one of those ways where Olight can gather customer and fan preferences directly.   During the previous ODesigner competition, Olight requested fans submit new colors and designs for the Baton series of lights.  One of the more popular submissions from that round was a fan-designed Baton 3 Pro Max in what was called a “Genie” color scheme.  The wait for this to come to fruition was not long as Olight is releasing a limited edition Baton 3 Pro Max in a “Dream Blue” color scheme per the fan submission.  It is a striking color scheme with a rich blue-green body accented with gold bands around the head and tail of the light in addition to a gold clip and gold encircling the bezel and side switch.  This new color scheme fills the imagination with thoughts of magical lamps and genies, where wishes can come true.  And in the case of this O-fan, his wish of having a light he designed to be made did indeed come true. Thanks to Dan Griffin for the great design!

Kindly Notes:

Baton 3 Pro Max Dream Blue is limited to 3000pcs worldwide, exclusive to the Facebook group! Join the Facebook group to get a code and enjoy up to 40% off! click here for details!

👨Dan Griffin Updated His Post : 

I present to you the Baton 3 Pro Max - “Dream Blue” (otherwise known as “the #Genie”) released tonight! The #ODesigner2023 Q1 submission was inspired by a different design, which grew traction very quickly in this group! 

Where did the inspiration come from? Earlier that month, my friend Osh Barnett invited me to join and mentioned the contest. As a submission I first did the #Brrrrrt A-10 Dummy Round version (see reference photo and link), which did well with reactions but multiple comments were made about the blueish/green hue mixed with gold (for whatever reason the brass feel i was trying for didnt work so Gold it was). After realizing a mixup in my choice of torch for editing, I made a full torch with just the color scheme of the blue/gold… jokingly calling it the Aladdin, or genie… obviously it grew traction quickly thanks to the wonderful members of this group, and made it on through the different rounds of voting, so much so Olight decided to implement it into production! Upon arrival, I was in awe of the color in real life… they really did a good job! Photos don’t do it justice… and it really looks best (in person) in the daytime! I am honored to have designed the schema amongst many other fantastic submissions, and having it in person is the icing on the cake. While my wallet disagrees, Thank you @OlightOfficial for all that you do! 

The brrrt:

The genie:

*Special Thanks to Olight Chandler for the original content i digitally modified, Olight Chloe for clear communication and customer care, Osh Barnett for bringing me into this group and amazing creative feedback

Click here for the original post

dream blue flashlight

Recap of the specifications

The Baton 3 Pro Max is larger than the Baton 3 Pro by about 12% in both length and diameter and around 44% heavier as well.  With the added size you get a very nice boost in maximum performance and total runtimes.  Despite the increase in size as compared to the Baton 3 Pro, the Max is still a great light for everyday carry as it remains relatively pocketable.  As with the previous releases of the Baton 3 Pro, there is a smart proximity sensor for safe operation as well as a tiny LED in the side switch for battery indication.  Checking the battery is simple and requires a quick “shake to awake”.  The operation remains the same and is very intuitive with just the side switch and no tail switch.  Charging the Baton 3 Pro Max is also quick and easy with the magnetic charging cable attached to the tail.

SpecificationBaton 3 Pro MaxBaton 3 Pro
Max Output (lumens)2,500 1,500 
Runtime (mins)1 - 2402 - 177
Max Intensity (candela)5,2957,900
Throw (meters)145175
Modes (incl. strobe)66
Moonlight (lumens/runtime)1 / 60 days0.5 / 120 days
Proximity SensorYesYes
Length (inches)4.493.99
Body Diameter (inches)1.020.91
Weight incl. battery (ounces)5.223.63
Drop Test (meters)1.51.5

What’s included

Included with the purchase of either Baton 3 Pro Max is the following:

  • Baton 3 Pro Max

  • Customized 5000mAh, 3.6v Rechargeable Lithium Battery

  • USB Magnetic Charging Cable (MCC)

  • Pouch

  •  L-Shaped Stand

  • User Manual

Final Thoughts

The Baton 3 Pro Max is simply a great all-around workhorse of light in the Olight line-up.  With simple, intuitive controls, it is great in a wide variety of scenarios, whether out at a campsite, hiking trails after dark, taking the dog for an evening walk, or simply inspecting your property when it is dark.  With the addition of these two new colors, you are bound to find one that fits your style and preference.  The performance features of the Baton 3 Pro Max are impressive, and it is one that should be a part of anyone’s gear.  You may be asking yourself which one of the two new colors you should get.  Well, the only real question left is, why not both?

Thanks for reading. 

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