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 8 Rail Mount for Your Tactical Flashlight

 8 Rail Mount for Your Tactical Flashlight

A rail mount is a device that links to a firearms weaver or Picatinny rail, which is a standardized rail system for modern firearms. The rail mount permits accessories such as lasers, flashlights, and grips to be linked to the firearm, which can better its effectiveness and usability.

A flashlight is a portable mounted or handheld light that gives illumination. In the context of firearms, a flashlight can be linked to a rail mount and used to give light in low-light situations, permitting the user to see their surroundings and target more perfectly. Flashlights mounted on firearms can also be used as a means of temporarily disorienting an opponent, giving a benefit in self-defense or combat conditions.

What Is the Importance of Rail Mount for Your Tactical Light?

Flexibility and Versatility

Rail mounts permit firearms to be customized and adapted to various conditions by attaching accessories such as lasers, lights, optics, and grips. This raises the functionality of the firearms and makes them more versatile for various applications.

Better Accuracy

By attaching sights and optics to a rail mount, shooters can better their precision and accuracy, mainly in low-light situations.

Tactical Benefit

For law enforcement and military personnel, rail mounts give a tactical benefit by permitting them to attach accessories that better their situational awareness and control over the firearm.


Rail mounts give a standardized attachment point for accessories, making sure that they can be securely and simply mounted and removed from the firearm. This also makes sure consistency across various accessories and firearms.


Using a rail mount makes sure that accessories are linked securely to the firearm, decreasing the danger of them becoming loose or falling off during use. This can better safety and stop accidents.

Olight 8 Rail Mounts for Tactical Flashlight

Picatinny Rail Adapter

A pic rail adapter for the Odin series is an accessory that permits you to attach a weapon light such as the Odin Turbo, Odin Mini, or Javelot TAC to the Picatinny rail. Picatinny rails are standard rails found on most firearms, which permit the attachment of many accessories. The Odin series of weapon lights from Olight is famous among gun lovers for its high-standard construction, versatility, and brightness.

· Very helpful accessory for the gun lover

· Easy to install

M-LOK Rail Mount

The Olight rotate-to-lock slide rail mount with a mechanical lock is compatible with Odin, Odin Mini, Odin Turbo, Odin IR, Odin GL M, and Javelot Tac M.·

E-WM25 Mount

The Olight E-WM25 torch mount is designed to fit all one-inch diameter flashlights like the Olight Warrior X, M23, M2T, M2R, M22, M21, M23, M3XS-UT, and more. 

The E-WM25 is compatible with any MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail and will attach to any rail piece. Constructed from top-strength aluminum alloy and plastics, the E-WM25 features strong designs that can tolerate extreme climate situations and other harsh atmospheres.

· Simple to attach without tools needed

· Mainly designed to not loosen up during recoil, shock, or heavy vibration

· Made of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy and high-performance engineering plastics.

E-WM25L Mount

E-WM25L Mount is an extended version of E-WM25 Mount. The Warrior X Turbo is just a bit bigger than the rest of the Olights warrior line, which is why the E-WM25L was created. Capable of fitting lights with a 24.4mm – 27mm body diameter, this offset mount fits Picatinny-style rails and pairs well with the ROD-7 remote pressure switch.

· Made of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy and high-performance engineering plastics.

· Mainly designed to not loosen up during recoil, shock, or heavy vibration

· Simply tighten onto a rail without the tool required

 compatible with Warrior 3, Warrior 3S,  M2R, M2R Pro, Warrior X Turbo, Javelot Pro, Javelot Pro 2, and Javelot Turbo. (Picatinny rails)

X-WM03 Mount

The latest edition to their line of magnetic accessories, Olight X-WM03 is a magnetic mount that fits 23mm-26mm diameter flashlights. Magnetic accessories are on the boom as they provide unparalleled versatility, permitting you to simply attach or detach your light from a hunting rifle. This is the best mount to pair with hunting light, as the triple N52-magnet construction specs twice the magnetic absorption as the previous X-WM02. The clamp unfurls a whole 180 and uses an adjustable ring to make sure your light is steady and snug.

· Three magnets hold mount perfectly

· Mounts easily on gun barrel

· Adjust for various barrel sizes

X-WM02 Mount

An industrial power magnetic universal mount that was made to mount a laser sight or flashlight, quickly off or quickly on, No rail required. No tools are needed. Perfect for one-inch flashlight and laser sight tube mounting needs. Also contains many inserts that permit it to be used with laser and light with a diameter range from 23-26mm with a matte black finish.

· Raised to support bigger heads

· Fits most 1” diameter flashlights

· Anodized aluminum construction

M-WM Tactical Accessories for Warrior Series

An easy installation clamp with a hinged closure paired with a big tightening bolt to secure a torch. Contains four pairs of spare silicone to accommodate changing flashlight sizes, turning a tactical handheld torch into an MLOK WML. Accepts 23mm-26mm diameter sized torch. Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy body with type II hard anodizing.

· Contains four pairs of spare silicone pads to accommodate flashlight sizes

· Very affordable to buy

Hellcat Rail Mount

The Olight Hellcat rail mount is made to mount your favorite Olight tactical torch to any compatible Hellcat piece of gear. This lets you perfectly attach your favorite lights so that you can remain prepared at all times in a dark atmosphere. This lightweight design stops any obstruction of your aim.

· Compatible with any piece of Hellcat gear

· Compatible with PL Mini 2 / Baldr Mini / Baldr S (GL, BL) / Baldr RL Mini.

· Durable design helps it survive hard tactical environments

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