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 4 Remote Pressure Switch for Your Tactical Flashlight

 4 Remote Pressure Switch for Your Tactical Flashlight

Among all the equipment you have on your tactical gear, the flashlight makes the most vital of the lot. There is a range accessible in them and each of these is designed to serve a different aim. 

For example, you can find helmet lights, weapon lights, spotlights, and many more. When you are looking for the best accessories for your weapon lights, one thing you just cannot miss out on is the flashlight remote and pressure switches. 

Definitely, when you are out and about doing your duties as first responders, security guards, military operatives, and police, you cannot keep your flashlights turned on all the time.  

So, having these pressure switches on your tactical gear permits you to momentarily activate your flashlights whenever required without fail. They truly make a helpful accessory and you must buy one for your tactical needs.

The flashlight pressure and remote switches get rid of those loud clicking noises, permitting you to grip the gun naturally as you make the most of your flashlight accessory. 

Besides, your tactical light dot will be turned on when you need it rather than running down even before it is necessary. It will also provide your weapon with a more professional look. 

Just make sure that you purchase the best standard switches from top-rated producers so that you can expect only the top results possible and nothing less.

Tactical Pressure Switch Buyers Guide


A pressure remote weapon light switch with an integrated Picatinny clamp can go straight onto the rail without any modification.

Responsiveness & Reliability

The pressure switch does fail in the field, so having a second activation key is forever the best option.

As newer lights with top outputs hit the market, pressure switches with thicker wires for excellent electrical contact.

Cord Length

Is the cord too little or too long? It can be a problem when you want your set up to be as slick and snag-free as much as easy.

Dual Switch for Light & Laser

The pressure switch unit can manage two devices. One controls the light, and the other controls the laser.

How do all these flashlight parts with a remote pressure switch work together?

When the switch of a flashlight is pushed into the on position, it makes contact between the 2 strips, which starts a flow of power, powered by the battery.

 The batteries are linked in such a way that electricity runs between the negative and positive electrodes of the battery. The batteries rest atop a little spring that is linked to a contact strip. The contact strip runs down the length of the battery case and makes a contact strip on the other side of the switch, which runs to the lamp offering an electrical connection. 

There is another part linked to the lamp that makes contact with the positive electrode of the top battery, thus finishing the circuit to the lamp and completing the generation of power.

When activated by electricity, the LED or tungsten filament in the lamp starts to glow, generating light that is visible. This light reflects off of the reflector that is positioned around the lamp. The reflector redirects the light rays from the lamp, making a steady beam of light, which is the light you see eliminated from the torch. A clear lens covers the lamp on your torch so that the glass on the lamp does not get damaged.

When the flashlight switch is then turned into the off position, the 2 contact strips are physically moved apart and the path for the electrical current is destroyed, thus ending the production of light, and turning your flashlight off.

4 Olight Remote Pressure Switches for Tactical Flashlight

SROD-7 Remote Pressure Switch

The Srod-7 is a push-to-lock seven-inch remote pressure switch with high and low gear options. The remote pressure switch magnetically fastens to compatible torches like the Javelot Pro 2, Warrior X3, Warrior 3, Warrior 3S、ODIN IR 、Odin GL、Odin GL mini, and Javelot TAC. Attach a remote to your torch for problem-free operation.

The remote pressure switch permits its users to perform 2 things with their torch which it would not be generally be capable to on its own. First, this switch permits you to quickly access your flashlight's low and high brightness output modes without having to cycle via them, making your light even easier to use. Second, this switch permits you to turn any of the 3 compatible torches into the weapon-mounted lights, as the pressure switch provides you bigger accessibility and versatility thanks to its cable.

· Hi-low setting with single click activation

· Magnetic locking with seven inches of cable

· Noiseless one-click activation of the light

· Fits warrior X3, Warrior 3, and Javelot Pro 2

ROD-7 Magnetic Remote Pressure Switch

Control your Olight warrior X turbo flashlight without having to move your hand with this ROD-7 remote pressure switch. The switch can be used as a spare or replacement for the one that comes with the Odin and is also compatible with Warrior X turbo. It attaches magnetically to the tail of the light, with no need to get rid of the tail cap switch, and locks in position. The real switch rests in a flexible bracket that snaps into place on a Picatinny rail in a position that is perfect for you to reach.

· Push-to-lock & magnetic attachment

· Mainly designed for the Odin, Warrior X Turbo, and Javelot Turbo

RWX07 Magnetic Remote Pressure Switch

Olight is paving the way for creative illumination and accessories to go with it. The new RWX-07 remote pressure switch is one of the globe's first magnetically attached remote pressure switches. Use this with M2R warrior flashlights, Warrior X flashlights, Warrior X Pro flashlights, and Javelot Pro flashlights for quick tactical lighting. With less cord to get tangled and a lower click noise, this switch helps you stay targeted in the heat of the moment. Let this switch take you tactical expertise and lighting capability to the next level.

· Low click noise for less distraction

· Simple and fast attachment

· Very low standby current

· Less tangles, cords, and snags

· Long-lasting electronic switch life

RPL-7 Magnetic Remote Pressure Switch

The Olight RP-7 is a magnetic remote force switch mainly designed for the Olight PL Pro. The sensitive and noiseless pad contains a long elastic contact strip, permitting the user to press anywhere to activate the switch while concealing their position. The RPL7 securely links to the flashlight magnetically, making it simple to attach and remove the force switch as required. Attach the RPL-7 pressure switch to make the Olight PL Pro perfect for use with a rifle.

· Low noise and long rifle force pad

· Magnetically links to the torch

· Compatible with Baldr Pro R.


Perfect for pairing with a gun mount, a remote pressure switch for a flashlight makes operating an LED torch easier while it is mounted to a weapon. With access to a mummery and noiseless pressure pad, remote pressure switches are the best accessory for a tactical light.

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