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Add New Color Scarlet Gradient to your  Warrior 3S Tac Light

Add New Color Scarlet Gradient to your Warrior 3S Tac Light

The newest color addition to your favorite pocket-sized tactical flashlight is the Warrior 3S in Scarlet Gradient: a fade from striking red to matte black, and a color your collection needs! All the power and throw of the original Warrior 3S, the convenient carry size, and the intuitive controls you know you can rely on, all combined with a tough, sturdy build. You know you just can’t go wrong with this versatile powerhouse!

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Performance You Expect, Features You Love 

The cool white LED, paired with the TIR optic lens delivers up to 2300 lumens of output that you’ve come to expect from the Warrior 3S. Add to that a throw of up to 300 meters and this handy light proves it is more than capable of whatever you throw at it. The extended runtime of up to 55 days makes this not only the perfect tactical flashlight for law enforcement, but also perfect for any hiking, camping trip, or just walking around your neighborhood. No job is too big or too small! It also features six brightness modes, that can easily be accessed by pressing the side switch. The two-stage tactical tail switch allows you to change quickly between turbo and strobe modes, satisfying your tactical needs for various situations!

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Built tough with your Safety and Comfort in mind

The Warrior 3S was built tough with an IPX8 water resistance rating and a drop test score of 1.5 meters. It also includes the newly adopted proximity sensor, which automatically decreases the brightness level to protect against any obstruction while in the high, turbo, or strobe modes. This not only protects your flashlight from damage but safeguards whatever it may come in contact with as well. However, if you dislike this feature it can easily be disabled. The Warrior 3S also features a smoother, less aggressive strike bezel, and a two-way pocket clip, making it much more comfortable and pocket-carry friendly. All these features prove that this capable sturdy light really can do it all!

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Warrior 3s Tac Light Usage Scenarios

The Warrior 3S may be mighty enough for tactical use, but its versatility will make it your everyday favorite! Whether you store it in your pocket, stash it in your backpack, or keep it around your house to grab for the perfect everyday flashlight, the Warrior 3S will astound you with its brilliance and ease of use in your daily situations!


Whether walking to your car or taking your dog for his nightly exercise, make sure you have the Warrior 3S with you! Not only will it safely brighten your path, but should you come across someone with bad intentions, using the strobe function can briefly disorient your would-be attacker, allowing you time to get away safely.


If you love the outdoors, the Warrior 3S will be your favorite companion, whether hiking, camping, or hunting. The extended runtime, portable size, and solidly built design make it perfect for any outside adventure. The focused beam is perfectly balanced with the right amount of flood to brighten any trail or campsite. The Warrior 3S also has the capability of being a weapon-mounted light, and its dual usage will make it a game-changer for your next excursion.

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Final Thought

The Warrior 3S a perfectly versatile, tactical EDC for any law enforcement officer. Attach it to your duty belt or vest and let it help you do your job safely and more efficiently. The dual switch control provides quick and easy access to the two most important functions: turbo and strobe. That paired with the extended runtime makes it an essential tool, and one you won’t want to be without. Let the Warrior 3S be your bright light backup in any situation! Olight is offering the best discount on Warrior 3s-Enjoy Up to 40% off Now! Click here to learn more!

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All Reviews (2)

Brittany Marie

I love Warrior 3S lights! And the color gradient one this one is beyond gorgeous! Great light and gorgeous looking!

Posted on: Apr 19, 2023, 10:58:07

Crystal Adkins

I wish I had this light, it's absolutely beautiful!

Posted on: Apr 18, 2023, 11:10:51