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Seeker 4 Mini and Arkfeld UV Light: Multi-Function Flashlights

Seeker 4 Mini and Arkfeld UV Light: Multi-Function Flashlights

Flashlights are essential tools for outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, and campers. They are also useful in indoor and outdoor activities, such as search and rescue missions, police investigations, and more. Recently, Olight has designed two multi-function flashlights - Seeker 4 Mini and Arkfeld UV, both of which have rare UV functions, here we will compare key features of these two products.

Seeker 4 MiniArkfeld UV
Wavelength (Typ.)365nm365nm
Optical Power(Typ.)760mW580mW
Max.Runtime12 days8 days
Beam Distance(m)12085
Strobe Mode


The Seeker 4 Mini has a cylindrical design with a textured handle and measures 3.43 inches long with a 3.95 oz flashlight. It also has a convenient side switch for easy access. The Arkfeld UV Flashlight is slightly larger at 4.33 in. The torch weighs 3.07 oz. It has a flat design and a handle with a non-slip texture that fits comfortably in the hand or in your pocket.

Seeker 4 Mini and Arkfeld UV: Multi-Function Flashlights Design

Lumens, Beam Distance And UV:

The number of lumens and the length of the beam are crucial flashlight features. Your outdoor activities are made more convenient by the 120 meter beam distance and maximum output of 1200 lumens of the Seeker 4 Mini. It's ideal for reading and other low-light activities in low light mode at 2 lumens. A UV light with 760mW of electric power is also included in the Seeker 4 Mini. The Arkfeld UV flashlight, on the other hand, has a very high maximum output of 1000 lumens and a beam distance of 85 meters. The Arkfeld UV also includes a UV lamp with a 580mW electric output.

Seeker 4 Mini and Arkfeld UV: Multi-Function Flashlights Lumens, Beam Distance And UV


The Arkfeld UV flashlight and the Seeker 4 Mini flashlight are both rechargeable. The Seeker 4 Mini differs in that it employs an easily replaceable removable 1100mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery. With the magnetic charging wire that comes with it, it recharges in just 1.5 hours and can last up to 12 days at 2 lumens on the lowest level. The built-in 1050mAh lithium-polymer battery within the non-removable Arkfeld UV utilizes may run the device for up to 8 days on its lowest setting of 1 lumen.


Both flashlights can serve a variety of purposes depending on the situation. Because the Seeker 4 Mini's batteries are replaceable, all you need to bring is a spare when you need to spend a lot of time outside. The Seeker 4 Mini also features a metal side switch. Additionally, the Central Button Plus Selector on the Arkfeld UV makes switching between LED and UV a breeze. Arkfeld UV and Seeker 4 Mini both offer battery indicators, so you don't have to be concerned about using the flashlight. Only after that do you understand there is no power.

Which is Better:

In fact, Seeker 4 Mini and Arkfeld UV are both high-quality flashlights. Their white light and UV light make them have many possibilities, but they also have differences. Seeker 4 Mini is better ideal for outdoor usage than Arkfeld UV since it has a shorter body, a higher power UV lamp, and a brighter maximum output and light distance. Arkfeld UV's flat design makes it easier to transport, and its distinctive design makes it more suitable for corporate use.

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Richard Corkum

Huge upgrade from the Arkfelds UV light Output ..!

Posted on: Jun 21, 2023, 13:42:42