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You don't wanna miss out on the up to 36% off September New Knife-Freeze 2!

You don't wanna miss out on the up to 36% off September New Knife-Freeze 2!

Having a suitable pocketknife comes in handy in many ways, from everyday tasks like opening a package or preparing a snack to emergency applications like self-defense or outdoor survival. There are so many ways to use a pocket knife. There’s no doubt that the pocket knife can offer you many options, but most of us want an "all-purpose" knife that can be carried around all day and is good enough for almost everything. It needs to be reliable, comfortable to carry and perform well in every situation. Remember that the most valuable knife is always the one you have with you when you need it.


We present you with a cost-effective and high-quality EDC knife—Freeze 2. crafted by Olight at an attractive price.


Key Specs: Freeze 2




84.4mm /3.32in






154CM Stainless Steel

Copper/Carbon Fiber Overlay


The Freeze 2 is a versatile EDC folding knife with a drop point blade made of 154CM stainless steel. Its 3.32in blade boasts HRC60 hardness and excellent edge retention. The drop point style blade can perform precision work and tackle most tasks in daily life. It’s perfect for cutting, chopping, peeling, piercing, and much more. It adopts a copper handle or carbon fiber overlay handle, making it comfortable to grip and stylish to use. Inside the handle is a robust liner lock for a safe lock-up every time. The low-friction ball-bearing system enables the fast and smooth deployment of the blade. With a deep carry pocket clip, the Freeze 2 is a great companion for any daily task. Copper and black carbon fiber handle options are available - choose your favorite!


Olight September new knife - Freeze 2. Thank you for being part of the Olight family. We've prepared a discount of up to 36% for you in September. Come take a look and grab this opportunity!

Freeze 2   EDC Folding KnifeCarbon Fiber  Overlay$74.9520.00%$59.96
Freeze 2   EDC Folding Knife BundleFreeze   2 Carbon Fiber Overlay + i3T Black$94.9030.00%$66.43
Freeze 2 Carbon Fiber Overlay + Gober Kit Black$104.9030.00%$73.43
Freeze 2 Cu + imini Red$114.9029.54%$80.96
Freeze 2 Cu + iMorse Cu$129.9430.77%$89.96
Freeze 2 Cu + Open Pro Cu$189.9036.83%$119.96

Value Bundle: Buy Freeze 2 Cu and get imini red for $1 ($14.95 value), or add $10 for a limited edition iMorse red copper color ($29.99 value)


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