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【OKnife】Drever, Your Best EDC Choice

【OKnife】Drever, Your Best EDC Choice

The Drever is a premium and tough daily carry folding knife. It features a 3.49-inch N690 stainless steel sheepsfoot blade and a contoured G10 handle. The practical sheepsfoot blade shape, with full-flat grind and reinforced hardness, promises reliable edge retention and smooth slicing for everyday tasks. The beefy handle is ergonomically machined and perfectly textured for a comfortable and firm grip. Inside the handle is a stout liner lock running on a low-friction ball-bearing system, allowing users to open and lock the blade with the flipper tab or thumb studs with ease. Lightweight and versatile, the Drever is a well thought out and practical cutting tool to always have with you.


DREVER is a precision cutting tool. To experience its best performance,

please use and maintain it properly:

1. Use the correct method to keep the blade sharp;

2. Keep the knife lubricated and clean;

3. Check the knife regularly to remove impurities that affect the use.

Sep 12, 2021, 00:00:00
Hurricane Season Incoming? An Essential Preparedness For You

Hurricane Season Incoming? An Essential Preparedness For You

What supplies do you need to prepare for a hurricane? Foods, water and first aid kit for sure. But if you only remember one thing from this list, make sure you have a flashlight.

Here I recommend you our Warrior Mini 2 who is strong but small enough to be stored where you can get to it easily when and where you might need it. Because it's lightweight but tough (Rugged enough to survive being dropped.), and it has a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens that can light up a 10-foot radius from 21 feet away. It also features a smart proximity sensor protecting from overheating, can automatically dim the light, and turns it off after 1 minute of lens obstruction to prevent overheating. It is, of course, an IPX8 waterproof tactical EDC, perfect to help you to survive in any harsh emergency.

Besides well-prepared suppliers, you should at least make a disaster plan for your family. Always be prepared to evacuate if an evacuation order is issued. Pay attention to local information on updated evacuation and shelter arrangements, including pet-friendly shelters. Protect the elderly: Recognize the health and medical issues of elderly adults.

Jun 29, 2021, 13:48:25