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The 5 Best Camping Flashlight-Tested high-quality flashlight By Fans

The 5 Best Camping Flashlight-Tested high-quality flashlight By Fans

You don't have to be a flashlight review expert to have the best camping flashlight. Surprisingly, 99% of outdoor enthusiasts still have mobile phone flashlights or unworthy flashlights that keep you in the dark when you need them most, creating a lot of safety hazards for outdoor camping.


You can get the most reliable and high-quality camping flashlight without breaking the bank. When the fire dies down, you'll have no trouble finding your way back to your tent. With the right camping flashlight, those moments can become a reality.


Introducing our comprehensive guide to the best camping flashlights,


We have picked, compared, and tested several top Olight models and they have proven to be of exceptional quality and performance. We've curated a list that exceeds your expectations so you can make an informed decision.

How I Tested the Best Camping Flashlights





Max. Throw


Budget Flashlight:
Baton 3






Top Pick:
Baton 3 Pro






Best Value:

Baton 3 Pro Max






Best Tactical:

Warrior 3s






Best UV Flashlight:
Seeker 4 Mini






To test the best camping flashlights, I examined various Olight models and invited users to write about their experiences camping outdoors. Of course, we also guarantee the waterproof or water resistance level of each flashlight, which is enough to cope with various outdoor weather. In the end, I considered price and making sure you pick a high-quality flashlight that you can afford.


The Best Camping Flashlights: Reviews and Recommendations

Budget Flashlight: Baton 3

Budget Flashlight: Baton 3

If you're looking to bulk buy some flashlights for the whole family, the Olight Baton 3 is a great choice. The family will absolutely love it! so small! Don't underestimate this little guy, so bright! Fits great in your pocket! Even small children can hold it in their hands and operate it, but not so small that an adult might fumble or misplace it in the middle of the night. You can't go wrong with the Baton 3, with great battery life in our hands-on use, easy to carry around all day, and the best light for long weekend outings. How to make Baton 3 even better? Olight added a charging case to it, incredible. When you see this case for the first time, you will definitely think it is awesome. Never worry about low or dead batteries again. Its battery life is great, the charging case is good for 3.7 charges. I also like the baton 3 tail magnet feature as it is very strong and holds the light well. Great emergency light that fits in the car camping! Plus I can clip on to my hat or hard hat without being too heavy to hurt my neck while still providing the light I need, the perfect addition to my outdoor camping bag or getaway bag. In the end, this is one of the most affordable flashlights I've picked for people buying in bulk. Enough beautiful colors to suit everyone's style!


Top Pick: Baton 3 Pro

Top Pick: Baton 3 Pro

I switched to Olight Baton 3 Pro from another brand, omg Is this better? This is the first one I've been able to use every day, no matter the drop, in all conditions without any issues. Just got this new Baton 3 pro, it has all the features that the old one had but improved. The light is good. I use this torch as my backpage light!  I've actually come to really like this flashlight form factor-wise. Extremely light, I think they're under four ounces, yeah, the new one is 3.63, and it's heavier than Baton 3. It is super bright, has great battery life, and is compact, I've been using this lightweight light every day, and worth buying, I must say it's more than impressive. As I know, This is one of their best-selling lights, everybody.

Baton 3 Pro, the new Baton, is now 1500 lumens, so that turbo is super bright. Just a quick run-through, you get five modes, so half Lumen, 15 lumens, 120 lumens, 600 lumens, and then up to 1500 lumens. Baton 3 Pro offers two color temperatures, You can decide the flashlight color temperature you need based on your usage scenario. Cool white is more penetrating than neutral white, but I like neutral white. Now keep in mind, mine is the neutral white version so it's going to have a warmer, slightly yellower look to it.. And there is now a proximity sensor built into this. I am a fan of the proximity sensors because, you know, I don't want to catch myself on fire; it's just good to have.

Traditionally, the Batons come with a little bag, love them. I have them in my pack; I use them for charging cables, batteries, and other small things. I don't put my flashlights in them but I use them for other things, and I think these are great. They're made nice, and super useful. The Baton 3 pro has a new L-shaped stand, I think it is a great idea. I installed it on the door so that when I need to go out at night, I can just take it. 

Best Value: Baton 3 Pro Max

Best Value: Baton 3 Pro Max

I'm really excited about the Baton 3 Pro Max, the flashlight I've had for six months, and can't wait to show you off. From the day I got Baton 3 Pro Max, Baton 3 Pro Max has never left my side. I immediately fell in love with this flashlight. Now, we take a look at the Baton lineup, which includes the Baton 3, Baton 3 Pro, and Baton 3 Pro Max. As you can see they come in different sizes, the Baton 3 Pro Max is a 21700-battery flashlight. It has a large capacity of 5000mAh, provides more power, and has a maximum output of 2500 lumens. The Max runs much longer, which is why I prefer flashlights with 21700 batteries. I like that even if I use the flashlight frequently for over a month without recharging, the battery still has plenty of life.


In addition to the Max, I have been carrying the Baton 3 Pro for the past few months. The main difference between them is that the Pro has a more focused beam, while the Max offers a nice flood beam. The flood beam covers everything in your immediate area, and thanks to its high output, it also provides a decent amount of throw. If you need more throw, it's best to use a different light designed for that purpose. The flood beam on the Max is simply amazing.


Olight offers three light source options, cool white, neutral white, and warm white, I chose the warm white option, however, I must mention that the lower setting of this flashlight is what I really like. The one-lumen setting is great for when I don't want glare or when I need to see objects in front of me without disturbing others. Incredibly, this mode ran for 60 days straight, a full two months.


Let's talk specifically about flashlight performance. On the 1-lumen setting, the battery lasts for 60 days. The 15-lumen setting provides 160 hours of runtime, while the 120-lumen setting is bright enough for most tasks and lasts up to 23 hours straight. Next up is a high mode at 800 lumens, which offers 243 minutes of runtime, before dropping down to 120 lumens, which offers another 80 minutes of runtime. Yes, turbo mode only lasts a minute, but thanks to the slow ramp down, the lights stay bright for quite a while. In the 6 months I've owned the flashlight, I've only charged it 4 times, despite using all settings. That's impressive.


Now, let's discuss packaging. The flashlight comes with a cool steel L-shape stand with 3M tape, allowing you to mount it anywhere you like. It is magnetically rechargeable and comes with a charging cable. The magnetic feature allows you to attach the flashlight horizontally. You can easily stick it to surfaces and brighten other areas. Additionally, the flashlight comes with a pouch for easy portability and storage or transportation.


Another noteworthy feature is that these flashlights are water and dust-resistant. I use Olight flashlights while camping outdoors, which means they are exposed to dust, rain, and snow. However, I have never experienced any failures or issues due to these.


Best Tactical: Warrior 3s

Best Tactical: Warrior 3s

If you need a tactical flashlight for self-defense when you go camping outdoors, I want to introduce you to something truly impressive: the Olight Warrior 3s flashlight. With its impressive maximum output, this bad boy lights up your campsite in style.


First of all, when I choose a tactical flashlight, I will consider the following requirements:

I wanted high output, and the Warrior 3S has over 2000 lumens. Next, I wanted to have long run times, and with the Warrior 3s' 21700 mAh battery, there really isn't a better choice for EDC. Then I need the right size, and by that, I mean big enough to support extended use but not too big to fit in my pocket. I also needed a functional UI that included features like strobes for self-defense, turbo mode, battery indicator, torch lock, etc. but was not so complex that it required thoughtful thought to understand. I also needed a nice beam shape. Finally, it would be nice to have the beautiful color and color temperature I need. I think Warrior 3S has these elements.


When I first opened the package, I was immediately struck by its sleek yet sturdy design. The body is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy for a solid feel and confidence-inspiring durability. I chose OD Green, my favorite color. Warrior 3s is designed to withstand drops from a height of 1.5m, and thanks to its IPX8 waterproof rating, you don’t have to worry about rain or accidental submersion. This flashlight is ready to go with you through inclement weather while camping outdoors.


The Warrior 3s delivers up to 2300 lumens of brightness and an impressive throw distance of 900 feet from high-performance LEDs sent through a TIR optical lens. It lights up an acre effortlessly. The Warrior 3s offers a wide, evenly distributed beam, ensuring you don't miss a thing. No more annoying dark spots or narrowed vision.


What I also particularly like about the Warrior 3 is its versatility. Equipped with multiple lighting modes, including Turbo, High, Medium, and Low, it can easily adapt to any situation. The operation is simple; just press the tail to turn on the flashlight. It is also worth noting that the Warriors 3 also has a side switch that can be used to turn the flashlight on and off. There are four green LEDs on both sides of the switch. The right side indicates the battery charge level, while the four LEDs on the left side indicate the selected output level.


If you need to keep your hands free, the Warrior 3s also comes with a pocket clip that you can choose to attach to your belt, pocket, or backpack. There is also a nylon bag, which is very nice. If you are looking for a tactical flashlight, you might want to check out the Warriors 3s; it won out in my experience!


Best UV Flashlight with White Light: Seeker 4 Mini

Best UV Flashlight with White Light: Seeker 4 Mini

In June this year, Olight released the new Seeker 4 mini UV flashlight. As you can see from the photo, it's a floodlight that's actually quite small, measuring only 3.43 inches. Despite its size, it produces a lot of beams and is very bright. Olight still provides two light source options: neutral white and cool white. I chose the neutral white version, and I like it better than the cool white version.


The Seeker 4 mini is available in black, OD green, and red. Only black and OD green are available in neutral white and cool white colors. So, I chose the neutral white version of OD Green.


What makes this flashlight different from other flashlights in the Seeker range is not just the white light but also the UV light. The UV emits 760 mW, which is actually brighter than the light in Arkfeld UV. Arkfeld only has 580mW.


The great thing about the Seeker 4 mini is that it has a variety of settings, the lowest being 2 lumens. This is a great feature since most flashlights offer either half a lumen or one lumen. The medium setting is 120 lumens and lasts for 5 hours and 20 minutes. The top setting is 600 lumens for 50 minutes and then drops to 120 lumens for 25 minutes. Turbo mode is 1200 lumens for three minutes.


The flashlight comes with a rechargeable 18350 battery and a magnetic charging cable. It only takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge the battery. The pocket clip is strong, and the switch is made of metal, which adds to its durability.


Overall, the Seeker 4 Mini is a great little flashlight that produces a lot of flood light and even has UV light. It's perfect for those who don't want to carry around a larger flashlight. Of course, UV light also provides a lot of convenience and fun for outdoor camping. I like to hang the UV lights outside the tent at night. Some insects are very sensitive to UV rays, and using UV lights can attract them away from the camping area so that they will lessen our disturbance. Especially when camping in the summer, there are a lot of mosquitoes and other insects, and using UV lights can effectively lure them away. Outdoor camping is a great opportunity to teach children about nature. Some insects emit specific fluorescence under ultraviolet light, which can help us find them at night or in dark environments, bringing a lot of fun to camping life. In addition, some camping equipment and clothing may fluoresce under ultraviolet light, making it easier for us to find them and improving the convenience and efficiency of camping. Of course, when using UV light, we should pay attention to protecting our eyes and skin, avoid overexposure, always respect the natural environment, abide by relevant laws and regulations, and not cause disturbance to wild animals and plants.


If you are camping outdoors with your family and children, it is highly recommended that you bring a UV flashlight.

Should I have a flashlight when I go camping?

The value of flashlights as a source of light when camping cannot be overstated. While the flashlight feature on your phone can provide some light, it is not always the best option.

Consider the following activities you might engage in while camping at night:

  • prepare dinner

  • Build a tent

  • Get rid of the trash

  • Disinfect camp dishes

  • Obtain and transport firewood

  • Start a fire.

  • Take a short walk to your car or the restroom.

  • Study a book or a map

  • Look for something in the tent.

  • Check for ticks in the surroundings.

  • purified water

  • nighttime walk

  • Give children environmental knowledge.

  • Fishing at night

Using your phone's flashlight in many of these situations isn't a good idea.

Let me be clear:

Olight is an expert in the flashlight industry. When choosing these flashlights, I primarily tested them the best way I knew how: camping with a flashlight. I'm a person who loves the outdoors. As an experienced camper, I know the importance of a good flashlight when camping at night. Hopefully, everyone will benefit from this on their own camping trip. Whether you're camping with family and friends, or on a solo adventure, a reliable flashlight can be a thoughtful companion.

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All Reviews (5)

Scott LaMadeleine

I have 3 of thoise tested but even being a bigger light I would add the Maurader Mini to that list. What better light to be out in the wilderness with in the middle of the night

Posted on: Sep 20, 2023, 08:01:58

Joe Racina

Baton 3 is an excellent all around flashlight. Seems to be the one I reach for most often.

Posted on: Sep 18, 2023, 06:38:22

Tom Flowers

I carry my Warrior stonewashed ti daily, great light.

Posted on: Sep 16, 2023, 16:01:24


All this talk about camping and no mention of the Olantern series. Why?

Posted on: Sep 13, 2023, 21:36:14

robert vansteenburg

I use the arkfield as a carry flashlight seven days a week. I have at least 10 different flashlights and they are all my favorites.

Posted on: Sep 06, 2023, 21:06:03