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The Arkfeld UV Flashlight: Why is it more than an EDC Flashlight?

The Arkfeld UV Flashlight: Why is it more than an EDC Flashlight?

Olight has launched a new edition of its Arkfeld EDC series with a revolutionary integration of ultraviolet rays. The Arkfeld UV is an amazing innovation that differs from average EDC flashlights in features and functions. Though it is an everyday carry flashlight, I have found more in the dual-source torchlight.

How will you feel if you can recognize with the UV light where your pet has left its urine? Of course, it will be a great relief for you to make your room healthy. There are so many impressive functions of the Arkfeld UV flashlight that it seems more than a traditional torchlight.

In today’s writing, we will explore all-incredible characteristics of the UV flashlight that are unavailable in the ordinary lighting tool. I hope that you will get the answer to the question of why the Arkfeld UV is more than an EDC flashlight.

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The Arkfeld UV: Is it a True UV Flashlight?

UV is a short form of ultraviolet that exists between visible light and x-rays in the electromagnetic spectrum. Most UV flashlights span a range of wavelengths between 10 and 400 nanometers. The wavelength matters when the UV brightness isn’t reflective in its performance.

The Arkfeld UV: Is it a True UV Flashlight?

The Arkfeld UV flashlight sources 365nm wavelength with 580mW optical power. Therefore, the UV flashlight is ideal for detecting fluorescent agents, pet urine, body fluids, faulty bank notes, and so on.

A true UV flashlight begins at 400nm wavelength and below. So, the Arkfeld UV seems a true UV light with a 365nm wavelength. Olight has intelligently incorporated ultraviolet lighting technology in the EDC light.

Why is the Arkfeld UV more than a Regular EDC Light by Features?   

The Arkfeld UV is a decent everyday carry flashlight for meeting special daily emergencies from home cleanliness to law enforcement. Let’s see some performance-driven features of the UV flashlight.

Dual Light Sources: Unlike ordinary EDC flashlights, this particular unit includes both regular white LED light and ultraviolet (UV) light sources. The white LED light offers a maximum output of 1000 lumens with five more brightness levels.

Dual Light Sources

Multipurpose UV Light: The Arkfeld UV features a 365nm wavelength and emits 580mW optical power to make invisible objects visible. It allows you to check counterfeit currency notes, detect pet urine, locate furniture mold, and find tiny insects.

Multipurpose UV Light

Two-Color Temperatures: When the regular flashlights have a single-color temperature, the Arkfeld UV includes two-color temperatures for a better lighting experience. It has high-performance (4000K-5000K) neutral white LED and (5700K to 6700K) cool white LED for a peaceful feeling.

Strobe Lighting:  You will get the strobe lighting mode with the UV flashlight for continuous and brighter white LED flashes. It offers you a couple of benefits, including sending attention signals and deterring attackers or animals from possible threats.

Memory Function: Though the Arkfeld UV has five brightness levels, you don’t need to remember the last brightness level. It has a memory function to return to the previous brightness level intuitively. So, you are always on with your favorite lighting mode with just a click.

The Arkfeld UV Flashlight: Functions that seem more Than an EDC Flashlight!

Olight has released a special EDC flashlight edition with UV and white LED light that offers all-incredible functions beyond white flashes. Let's check how Arkfeld can make our life easier than ever with multifunctional behaviors.

Fluorescent Agents Identification: The Arkfeld UV flashlight can be a great gadget out of a regular flashlight to detect fluorescent agents on papers, dresses, and hard surfaces. It helps law enforcement officers, jewelry, bank officers, and others to extract invisible signs or evidence.

Fluorescent Agents Identification

Bodily Stains Detection: You can use the UV flashlight to find a pet or human fluids like urine or blood stains on hard or soft surfaces. So, you can control your home hygiene using a flashlight.

Uncompromising Hotel Cleanliness: If you want to ensure uncompromising hotel cleanliness for your valued customers, the UV flashlight can be a much-need tool. It lets you locate bugs, molds, and other polluted substances from beds or surfaces to wipe them out.

Uncompromising Hotel Cleanliness

Bank Notes Checking: The UV light offers amazing results in finding counterfeit banknotes. If you suspect any fraud while exchanging currency notes, you can use the UV flashlight in the dark low-light environment to prove whether the bank notes are real.

Bank Notes Checking

Finding Mechanical Faults: If you love DIY (do it yourself) home or car fixing, you can rely on UV light to locate invisible mechanical flaws with the naked eye. Furthermore, it helps you find maintenance traces in old cars, buildings, and second-hand items.

Finding Mechanical Faults

Final Judgment: Does the Arkfeld UV Perform more than an EDC Flashlight?

We have already gone through the distinctive features and functions of the Arkfeld UV flashlight to draw a final judgment over the introductory statement. However, the flashlight has a high-performance 1000 lumens white LED; the ultraviolet flash has made it more multifunctional than a regular EDC light.

You can use the everyday carry flashlight for regular flashes at night to illuminate around. At the same time, UV radiation lets you make some sensitive and significant jobs easier. And these are very rare functions found in other EDC flashlights.

Finally, we can consider the Arkfeld UV flashlight more than a regular everyday carry (EDC) torchlight. So, carry the UV flashlight to add extra comfort and pleasure to your life.

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