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The Best 1750 Lumens Compact EDC Tactical Flashlight-Warrior Mini 2

The Best 1750 Lumens Compact EDC Tactical Flashlight-Warrior Mini 2

The Warrior Mini 2 Compact EDC Tactical Flashlight is a powerful tool for anyone in need of a reliable, high-performance flashlight. With its compact size and durable design, the Warrior Mini 2 EDC tactical flashlight is the perfect choice for individuals who require a dependable light source in any situation. Whether you need it for everyday carry or tactical situations, this versatile flashlight has got you covered.

With its impressive performance and rugged construction, this flashlight is an ideal choice for law enforcement personnel and outdoor enthusiasts alike. 

Features of Warrior Mini 2 You Need To Know

1. Powerful EDC Tactical Flashlight Beyond Size

The Olight Warrior Mini 2 EDC tactical flashlight is an impressive piece of technology that packs a punch with its maximum output of 1,750 lumens and 220-meter beam distance. This upgraded version has surpassed the previous model by providing 17% more brightness and throwing the light up to 16% further than before. The Warrior Mini 2 EDC tactical flashlight is small in size but powerful beyond belief.

With five different brightness levels, this EDC flashlight can adapt to any situation you may find yourself in. Whether you need a dimmer light for close-up work or an ultra-bright beam to light up a large area, this EDC flashlight has got you covered. Additionally, it also features a strobe mode for emergencies or self-defense situations.

2. EDC Tactical Flashlight with Dual Switches

The Olight Warrior Mini 2 is a tactical flashlight designed for everyday carry and tactical operation. It comes with dual-switch system, which includes a side switch and a dual-stage tail switch. The tail switch is ideal for tactical situations where quick access to high-powered light is essential. You can activate the turbo or strobe with a single press. 

The side switch on the Warrior Mini 2 EDC tactical flashlight provides easy access to six different modes during daily use: moonlight, low, medium, high, turbo, and strobe. You can cycle through these modes with just one hand using a simple press-and-hold motion. This makes it easy to adjust the brightness level depending on your needs and environment. Whether you're reading in bed or walking down a dark alleyway at night, the Warrior Mini 2 EDC tactical flashlight has got you covered.

3. EDC Tactical Flashlight Enhanced User Safety

The Warrior Mini 2 is a state-of-the-art EDC tactical flashlight that comes packed with features designed to enhance user safety. One of the most impressive features of this compact and powerful EDC tactical flashlight is the built-in proximity sensor. This unique sensor is designed to automatically detect nearby objects and adjust the brightness level accordingly.

When users turn on higher modes, such as turbo or strobe, the Warrior Mini 2's proximity sensor will immediately drop the brightness level to protect against any potential danger. This feature not only helps to prevent accidents but also ensures that users can focus on their task at hand without worrying about damaging nearby objects or harming themselves.

4. EDC Tactical Flashlight with Large-capacity Battery

The Olight Warrior Mini 2 is also a powerful EDC rechargeable flashlight that features a large-capacity battery customized to deliver extended runtimes. With its 3500mAh battery, this EDC rechargeable flashlight can provide up to 45 days of runtime on moon mode and up to 19 consecutive hours on medium mode. This makes it the perfect EDC rechargeable flashlight for outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, campers, and anyone who needs a reliable source of light when away from civilization.

The Warrior Mini 2 EDC rechargeable flashlight is able to charge quickly using the included MCC3 magnetic charging cable. This cable allows you to easily charge your flashlight without having to remove the battery or fiddle with any complicated connections. Plus, with its advanced thermal management system, this EDC rechargeable flashlight maintains optimal performance while charging so you can rest assured that your device will always be ready when you need it most.

5. EDC Tactical Flashlight with Reversible Clip

The Olight Warrior Mini 2 is an EDC tactical flashlight that boasts a variety of features to suit any user's needs. One such feature is the reversible clip, which allows you to choose whether the bezel faces up or down depending on your style of use. With this simple but effective feature, you can customize your experience and achieve the best possible results no matter what situation you find yourself in.

If you prefer to carry your EDC tactical flashlight with the bezel facing up, this orientation will give you quick access to the light without having to flip it over. This can be especially useful if you need to quickly shine a light on something without delay. On the other hand, if you prefer to have your EDC flashlight hang from a pocket or bag with the bezel facing down, this orientation can provide added security and prevent accidental activation by keeping it out of harm's way.


The Warrior Mini 2 compact EDC tactical flashlight offers the perfect balance of size and performance, making it ideal for everyday carry. With its superior craftsmanship, long-lasting battery life, and powerful light, it is sure to light up your life in any situation and provide you with years of use and convenience.

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All Reviews (2)

Jesse Herrmann

LOVE the Warrior Mini 2! Have one in desert tan & is my go-to edc light. Also habe the Warrior 3 in Desert Camo mounted to my BRN-180s build in FDE. Another excellent duty/WML. The whole Warrior series is just awesome!

Posted on: Apr 14, 2023, 11:20:40

Brian U

Side and tail switch — very convenient!

Posted on: Apr 13, 2023, 20:36:58