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From Folding Knifes to Multi Tools: 9 EDC Tool for Everyday Use at Olight 16th Anniversary Sale

From Folding Knifes to Multi Tools: 9 EDC Tool for Everyday Use at Olight 16th Anniversary Sale

Apr 20, 2023, 00:00:00

EDC tool, also called everyday carry tool, is a small and portable item that people usually carry with them on a daily basis for various purposes like opening packages, cutting ropes, tightening screws, and more. These EDC tools can include items such as pocket knives, multitools, keychain tools, and more. EDC tools are typically designed to be practical, durable, and versatile. With a variety of functions, they can be a valuable addition to anyone's everyday carry gear.

Olight has gone through 16 years, and we are celebrating our 16th anniversary with a special sale of some of our new products and O-fans' favourite products. Here are 9 EDC tools for everyday use that you can find at the Olight 16th Anniversary Sale.

5 EDC Folding Knife 

Spurdog Everyday Carry Folding Knife

Spurdog Everyday Carry Folding Knife

The Spurdog is a folding knife designed for everyday carry with a D2 steel drop point blade that is plated with black titanium nitride for a matte finish. It features a liner lock mechanism, ball bearing pivot system, and safety lock, allowing it to strengthen security. The blade is designed with a drop point shape to provide versatility for cutting, slicing, piercing, and other functions. The hard anodized aluminum handle is wear-resistant and provides a comfortable grip. Solid, rugged, and fitting well in hand, the Spurdog stands out as the greatest choice for outdoor and daily use.

Overall Length: 176.2 mm/6.94 in 

Blade Length: 76 mm/2.99 in 

Blade Thickness: 2.7 mm/0.11 in 

Handle Length: 100.2 mm/3.94 in

Weight: 96 g/3.39 oz

Blade: D2 Steel (with black titanium plated on the surface) 

Handle: 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy

Rubato Pocket EDC Folding Knife OD Green

Rubato Pocket EDC Folding Knife OD Green

The Rubato is Olight's first folding knife with a rail lock. Made of 154CM stainless steel, its blade has exceptional corrosion resistance and reliable edge retention. It features a black blade and handle with signature Olight blue accents. This uniquely designed knife has a deep-carry pocket clip that allows it to go unnoticed in your pocket. The skeletonized handle is ergonomically machined and perfectly textured for a comfortable and firm grip. Portable and strong with a tactical tanto blade, the Rubato is perfect for daily use.

Overall Length: 204.6 mm/8.06 in

Blade Length: 87.2 mm/3.43 in

Blade Thickness: 3.2 mm/0.13 in

Weight: 102 g/3.6 oz

Blade: 154CM Stainless Steel 

Handle: G10

Nightclaw EDC Keychain Knife

Nightclaw EDC Keychain Knife

The Nightclaw is a mini coin-shaped folding knife for concealed carry. It has a G-10 handle which features a textured “O”  logo to look stylish and increase grip. Inside the handle is a sharp D2 semi-stainless steel hawkbill blade. The stout button lock secures the blade in place firmly when fully deployed or folded. To release the blade, simply press the gem-like button in the center. The Nightclaw is a must-have in your EDC collection, especially with this much style!

Overall Length: 79.7 mm/3.14 in   

Blade Length: 23.3 mm/0.92 in

Blade Thickness: 0.12 in/3.0 mm

Handle Length: 56.4 mm/2.22 in 

Weight: 38 g/1.34 oz

Blade: D2

Handle: G10

Freeze 2 EDC Folding Knife

Freeze 2 EDC Folding Knife

The Freeze 2 is a versatile EDC folding knife with a drop point blade made of 154CM stainless steel. Its 3.32in blade boasts HRC60 hardness and excellent edge retention. The drop point style blade can perform precision work and tackle most tasks in daily life. It’s perfect for cutting, chopping, peeling, piercing, and much more. It adopts a copper handle or carbon fiber overlay handle, making it comfortable to grip and stylish to use. Inside the handle is a robust liner lock for a safe lock-up every time. The low-friction ball-bearing system enables the fast and smooth deployment of the blade. With a deep carry pocket clip, the Freeze 2 is a great companion for any daily task.

Overall Length: 193.4 mm/7.61 in 

Blade Length: 84.4 mm /3.32 in

Blade Thickness: 2.8 mm/0.11 in

Handle Length: 109 mm/4.29 in

Blade: 154CM Stainless Steel  

Handle: Copper/Carbon Fiber Overlay

Copper: 142 g/5.01 oz  

Carbon Fiber Overlay: 103 g/3.63 oz

Parrot Folding Knife

Parrot Folding Knife

The Parrot is a compact and stout EDC folding pocket knife. It features a modified sheepsfoot blade made from 154CM stainless steel with high wear and corrosion resistance, providing excellent edge retention. The sharp blade and downward sloped tip ensure worthy cutting and slicing performance while minimizing accidental injuries. The handle is made of popular G10 with high strength and durability. The broad contoured and textured handle provides a full and comfortable grip during long periods of use. Inside the handle is a robust liner lock, and the blade running on a low-friction ball-bearing system allows you to deploy the knife with the jimped front flipper smoothly. Measuring at only 3.7 inches when closed and with a deep-carry pocket clip, it is a perfect daily carry pocket knife that’s comfortable and trustworthy.

Overall Length: 159 mm/6.3 in

Blade Length: 67 mm/2.6 in 

Handle Length: 92 mm/3.7 in

Weight:100.7 g/3.55 oz

Blade: 154CM Stainless Steel 

Handle: G10

4 EDC Multi Tool 

Otacle Pro Ti Multi Tool

Otacle Pro Ti Multi Tool

The Otacle Pro Ti multi tool is an upgraded version of the Otacle EDC tool, continuing with its stylish lion shape design. A superior user experience is provided by the improved blade locking mechanism, which allows for smooth opening, secure blade locking, and blade replacement without the need to remove screws. You can use the new push-type safety lock to completely lock the switch, solving the problem of the blade opening accidentally. This multi tool is intended to serve as a knife, bottle opener, mini prybar, and slotted screwdriver, capable of making quick repairs and tackling daily tasks.

Size:3.35×1.36 in

Weight:1.55 oz

Material: TC4 titanium alloy

Otacle Carbon Fiber Multi Tool

Otacle Carbon Fiber Multi Tool

The Otacle is a stylish and compact EDC multi tool that incorporates 5 tools in one. It functions as a knife, bottle opener, mini prybar, slotted screwdriver, and 6.35 mm hex wrench. It has a unique, cool lion shape that easily complements your style. The spring-loaded side button is smooth in operation and firmly locks the blade into 3 positions. Fine workmanship and durability, the Carbon Fiber scale has a long life for use. You can control the blade length to meet your various cutting demands. With a lanyard hole, you can hang it on your keychain or backpack to your heart's desire. 

Size: 3.38 x 1.29 in

Weight:1.61 oz

Handle Material: Carbon Fiber, Stainless Steel

Blade Material: SK2 Steel   

Otacle J1M Multi Tool

Otacle J1M Multi Tool

Otacle J1M is a multi tool that it's shaped like Marauder 2. This multi tool serve as a pry bar, a bottle opener, a slotted screwdriver, a protractor, and hex wrenches.

Size: 2.65 x 1.42 in

Weight: 0.69 oz

Body Material: TC4 Titanium Alloy

Otacle C1 Card Multi Tool

Otacle C1 Multi Tool

The Otacle C1 is a steel EDC card multi tool that is roughly the size of a common credit card, allowing it to easily fit in a wallet, pocket, or purse.  Equipped with a bottle opener, pry bar, nail driver, 5 sizes of hexagonal wrenches, 2 sizes of spoke wrenches, scale, protractor, slotted screwdriver, phillips screwdriver for glasses, and hook knife, it can tackle various daily maintenance requirements.

Size: 3.3 x 2.1 in

Weight: 1.49 oz 

Body Material: 420J2 Stainless Steel

Olight's 16th Anniversary Flash Sale is a great opportunity to save on high-quality EDC tool. With discounts on some of Olight's most popular products, as well as free gifts, there's something for everyone at this year's flash sale event. Whether you're a seasoned outdoor enthusiast or just looking for a reliable edc tool for everyday use, Olight has you covered. Be sure to check out the sale before it ends on April 22(nd)!

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Wayne Kamfer

Waiting patiently on my ordered products to feel the new carbon fiber Otacle and the Nightclaw with Donut scales. Awesome products at discounted prices.Thanks for an amazing 16th Anniversary sale Olight.❤ #O16thAnniversary

Posted on: Apr 20, 2023, 14:33:32