Gotorch X: The Best Mountain Bike Light for Riding

Gotorch X: The Best Mountain Bike Light for Riding

Feb 05, 2023, 21:00:00

Are you a riding enthusiast on the woods' trail or street path? It seems that cycling has become a very democratic exercise that can be enjoyed by everyone. When cycling, you can enjoy the peace of your mind, body, and soul. Whether you ride at night or during the daytime, letting yourself see or be seen is important in case of sudden situations. Therefore, Olight's new release Gotorch X mountain bike light would be a necessary accessory for your mountain biking.

Gotorch X is Olight's first bike light with a separable structure. The bike light consists of two main parts that are the light head and the battery pack. 

It is packed full of attractive features like

Jumbo switch for ease of use

Bright hotspot and wide-angle spill

Long run time 

Battery pack for charging and discharging

GoPro™ mount compatibility

Gotorch X mountain bike light will help to keep your enjoyable riding experience.

Three Lighting Modes Handle Your Lighting Need

While mountain biking in low light, you'll definitely need a bright light that adequately illuminates your front entire field of view. Even though during the daytime riding, there are also chances that you want a light. A wrong turn or bike trouble can easily make you arrive hours later than your estimated arrival time and leave you riding in the dark. Still, it is wise to make better prepared for sudden changes in weather or a variety of situations. Gotorch X mountain bike light comes with multiple lighting modes to provide you with the best visibility. With Its unique optical design, the light is deflected toward the ground and thrown laterally at a large angle, so you would have a wide view to ensure your riding safety.

Max 2000 Lumen Ultra-bright Bike Light: The Gotorch X mountain bike light enables to provide up to 2000 lumen light with the wide spill and 250-meter throw in the high lighting setting. The bright and wide-angle view of light allows you to ride in the full darkness night to see wider and further areas.

1000 Lumen Mountain Bike Light: In the low lighting setting, the Gotorch X mountain bike light delivers 1000-lumen consistent light. This light is enough for most mountain bike riding at night. It creates good visibility of closer trail features and obstacles to the front and sides. 

100 Lumen Mountain Bike Light: If you are cycling through well-lit areas, then you should aim for 100-lumen bike light. Even though during daytime riding, the 100 lumens light can help ensure safety by keeping oncoming vehicles aware of your location.

Long Runtime & High-capacity Rechargeable Battery Pack

In addition to the lumen of bike light, it is important to know that runtime is also the factor to affect light brightness and performance. Gotorch X is equipped with a rechargeable 64.8Wh battery pack that provides bike light with a long burn time.

High lighting mode: It lasts for 5 minutes at 2000 lumens, 230 minutes at 1300 lumens, and 50 minutes at 1000 lumens.

Low lighting mode: It supports 7.5 hours of 1000-lumen consistent lighting.

Day running light mode: It supports 89 hours of 100-lumen consistent lighting.

The battery pack with a USB Type-C port supports 18W fast charging and discharging. It means that the battery pack can serve as an emergency power bank to charge your other device, such as a phone, taillight, GPS, action cameras, etc. Importantly, thanks to the silicone ring that firmly connects to the battery pack and a long power cable equipped on the light head, the battery pack can be mounted in many placements on your mountain bike for maximum flexibility. It gives you many placement options and will work well with any bike in your stable. The rechargeable battery pack also saves you the hassle and cost to replace batteries and you will help reduce landfill waste.

User-friendly Design

The user experience of a mountain bike light can affect your mountain riding experience. The high-performance Gotorch X mountain bike light offers full of useful and user-friendly features to improve your user experience.  

The bike light head is compatible with the GoPro™ mounts. This means that the Gotorch X mountain bike light can be easily mounted to places where GoPro action cameras can be mounted, such as handlebars, helmets, tripods, and more. Whether you need a handlebar light to provide front light towards the riding trail, or a bike helmet light to see around corners when turning your head, this mountable Gotorch X mountain bike light will do the job.

The switch design of the Gotorch X bike light takes into account the situation that you need to adjust the brightness during riding. The large switch button covers the entire upper cover of the light head, it is intuitive for you to turn on/off the bike light and adjust the brightness without searching for a switch. Even with heavy gloves on, it can still be operated. The large switch comes with a battery level indicator to let you know the status of the battery all the time. That's great to check the battery level indicator regularly and charge the mountain bike light in time in case of sudden dead light.

Green Indicator ≥75%

Orange Indicator 75%~30%

Red Indicator  30%~10%

Indicator Blinks Red <10%

Other Specs

Material: Aluminium Alloy

Water resistant: IPX 4

Drop test: 1 meter

The Gotorch X mountain bike light helps you ride safely on various trails. If you are trying to save your budget, then don't miss Olight's flash sale. You can enjoy 30% off on Gotorch X, and buy a bundle to enjoy up to 40% off. Add $1, you will get a Wyvern road bike light. There is also good news that we will offer a free Obag-bike-ST for every Gotorch X mountain bike light. Come on, Act Now!

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Awesome power right here!

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Very well thought out

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Gotorch x looks amazing!🤩

Posted on: Feb 05, 2023, 22:43:11