The best mountain bike lights for 2022 - Safety shopping guide

The best mountain bike lights for 2022 - Safety shopping guide

More and more outdoor sports enthusiasts are choosing bicycles as their daily exercise tool. They commute to work by bicycle during the day and exercise after work. Therefore, reliable lighting equipment is especially important. A good bicycle light not only needs to be bright enough to illuminate the road at night but also needs to warn oncoming traffic and make our nighttime rides safer and more comfortable.

How do I choose a bike light?

When riding a bike at night, a bike light is essential to make the cyclist safer during the ride. However, with so many bicycle brands on the market, many cyclists don't know how to choose a bicycle light. Here are some practical tips for choosing a bicycle light, in the hope that you can pick the right mountain bike light.

Selection according to different lumens (brightness)

Olight bike light, Allty 2000

Everyone chooses bicycle lights for different purposes, so when you choose, you can choose according to your own needs and usage scenarios or time periods. The following shows you what kind of lumen bicycle lights to choose in different scenarios.


For downtown or sections with street lights: 200-300 lumens bicycle lights are preferred

In general:

1. Roads with good lighting conditions: 200 lumens of bicycle light is generally sufficient for use.

2. Darker roads or alleys: 300 lumens is ok for bike lights. For dark roads with no street lighting or poor road conditions: 400 lumens or more for bicycle lights

3. For roads with little lighting or uneven surfaces: we recommend a 400-600 lumen bike light.

4. For dark sections of mountainous areas or tunnels: 700 to 1000 lumens are recommended.

5. If you are often on embanked roads or alleys with no shops: we recommend a front mounted light with 700 lumens or more.

Choose according to the type of power supply

Olight bicycle light, BFL 900

There are currently 4 main types of bicycle lights on the market, namely: rechargeable power supply, battery power supply, pedal power supply and solar power supply. Below is a specific analysis of the characteristics of each of these 4 types.

1. Rechargeable power bike light: low-cost style, built-in rechargeable battery, easy to carry via a USB connector.

2. Battery-powered bike light: convenient, no worries about having a spare battery to travel with, can be carried anywhere.

3. Solar-powered bike light: charged by sunlight, more environmental protection, energy-saving, long service life.

4. Pedal-powered bike light: converts the rotation of the tire into electricity, less common on the market.

Choose your bike light according to its mounting position

Bike light, Olight BFL 1800

Today, there are two main types of bicycle lights, one mounted on the front and one on the rear of the vehicle.

For bicycle lights mounted on the front of the vehicle: the benchmark is the ability to illuminate objects up to 10m away at night.

For bicycle lights mounted on the front of the vehicle, the first factor is to determine the brightness and to select a light that illuminates at least 10 meters of the road ahead at night.


For bicycle lights mounted at the rear of the vehicle: use red lights to improve safety and security.

A red rear bike light is generally used to ensure adequate visibility and reflective rear light can effectively alert oncoming traffic to avoid rear-end accidents.

Are mountain bike lights waterproof?

We prefer waterproof bike lights. You may not be planning to ride in the rain, but there's a reason why unexpected storms are called "accidents". Make sure your bike lights are waterproof!

Choose high seismic performance

Night riding lights equipment requirements are shock resistance to high performance, because cycling may encounter uneven roads, bumpy situations, if the shock resistance is not good, suddenly jumped gear or lights out, it is easy to produce dangerous.

Tips: The above is a detailed introduction to several purchasing points of bicycle lights, hoping to help you. In the selection process, we have to choose bicycle lights from big brands. The quality of big brands is guaranteed, which is safer for us. Here are 3 top bike light options.

Olight Best mountain lights for bikes in 2022

1. Best Mountain bicycle front light for under $50: OLIGHT RN 400 LED Bike($29.95)

Buy now from:


Olight official store(

Bicycle light, Olight RN 400



Lumens: 400 Lumens

Battery: rechargeable battery

Mount: Silicone belt, mounted on the handlebar

Weight: only 85g

Is it waterproof: YES

Whether anti-dazzle: YES



1. [Rechargeable Bike Light] Olight RN 400 is a bicycle headlight with a maximum output of 400 lumens. It is equipped with a USB-C fast-charging port, which supports high-current charging and effectively shortens the charging time.

2. [Safety anti-glare lens] The RN 400's "anti-glare" design moves the light beam downwards to avoid flashing oncoming drivers or pedestrians, increasing safety when riding at night.

3. [IPX7 Waterproof] The IPX7 waterproof rating allows the bike light to withstand water immersion to a depth of 1m, making it safer to ride, even when it's raining, and less disruptive to riding in the rain.

4. [Easy to read battery indicator] In standby mode, a short press on the power button will automatically display the RN 400's power status for three seconds. Green:21%-100%;Red:11%-20%;Flashing red:1%-10%.

5. [Multifunctional headlight] With bracket design, the RN 400 can be securely installed under the helmet, handlebar, or camera. One-piece bike headlight for city riding and daily commuting.

6. [Note] Important: Before use, please press and hold the button for 5 seconds to change the LED flash from red to green to unlock the bike light.

2. Best Mountain bike front light for under $100: OLIGHT RN 1500 Rechargeable Bicycle Headlamp($79.95)

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Olight official store(

bike light, Olight RN1500



Lumens: 1500 Lumens

Battery: rechargeable battery

Weight: only 172g

Is it waterproof: YES

Whether anti-dazzle: YES

Modes: 5



1. [Rechargeable Bike Light] RN1500 bike light is powered by a rechargeable battery with a maximum output of 1500 lumens and side lighting for improved side visibility.

2. [Multiple lighting modes] 5 multi-functional lighting modes (low, medium, high, flashing 1, flashing 2). 1500 lumens MTB, road bike or commuter bike light kit.

3. [Type-C Charging Port] USB-C reverse charging port supports high current for a faster charging and discharging experience.

4. [Safety Anti-Glare Lens] Anti-glare light distribution, safety cut-off line, reduce visual interference for drivers, cyclists or pedestrians.

5. [IPX7 Waterproof] Waterproof to IPX7, the RN1500 bicycle headlight can withstand water immersion up to 1m deep.

3. The best rear lights for mountain bikes: OLIGHT SEEMEE 30 TL Bike Tail Light($16.95)

Buy now from:


Olight official store(

Bike tail light, Olight SEEMEE 30 TL



Lumens: 30 Lumens

Battery: rechargeable battery

Weight: only 24g

Is it waterproof: YES

Whether anti-dazzle: YES

Modes: 3 brightness modes, and various flash modes

Mount: 1x adjustable silicone o-ring, mounted on the rear of the bike


1. [Designed for your safety]30 lumens maximum output tail light emits a striking wide-angle beam that can be seen from 800 meters away. SEEMEE 30 TL is designed to make your ride safer.

2. [Energy Efficient]Using the ambient light sensor, SEEMEE 30 TL will automatically adjust the light mode and output according to the environmental conditions. Low power mode ensures durability and energy consumption.

3. [Convenient USB Charging]The USB charging function brings you a convenient experience. In addition, the built-in battery indicator will breathe to remind you that it is charging.

4. [Master your way]Built-in sensitive infrared light sensor automatically changes the light mode according to the environment.

5. [Application]Whether you are commuting daily or riding in the city, at night or during the day, SEEMEE 30 will be a great companion for you when riding.

Why you can trust the Olight brand?

Olight has been dedicated to creating durable, reliable, high-quality portable lighting tools since 2007.

Reasonable price: top quality with reasonable price, very cost-effective!.

Professional team: 24 hours to answer your questions and solve your problems.

Excellent after-sale service: 30-day money back, 2-year warranty, free shipping policy.

Reliable big brand: The bike light product has received a lot of positive feedback since its launch and the product has been consistently in the top 10.

Large variety and sufficient quantity: more choices according to your needs.


What is the U.S. law on bicycle lights?

In the United States, it is illegal to ride in the dark without reflectors. In dark conditions, the law requires riders to also have passive lighting - and passive lighting is something like reflectors and reflective clothing.

Do I need a backup bike light or a bike helmet light for extra brightness?

With a sufficient budget, it is essential to buy helmet lights. We can never predict accidents. For safety reasons, many riders also choose helmet lights. The handlebar light shows where your bike is pointing, but your helmet light is essential for scanning the path ahead so you can see and predict turns and other path features as it illuminates where you are looking. However, the helmet light is an add-on to the bike, not the only light source.

What color light is safer?

There is only one correct taillight color: red! red! red! As the standard color of vehicle taillights, red can play an obvious warning role without affecting the normal driving of vehicles behind. That's all, thank you for your reading!

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