The Best Olight Flashlight, Which One Do You Want?

The Best Olight Flashlight, Which One Do You Want?

No one should be left in the dark, period. Be prepared in any situation, whether during a blackout, traversing a dark cavern, or simply walking to your car late at night. Olight provides a variety of products for any situation.


Olight Highlights:


l range of high-quality flashlights and illumination devices.

l Suitable for tactical applications

l a variety of sizes to serve different functions  

l Customers report excellent customer service.

l Free US shipping on orders over $49.

l 2 and 5 year warranties are available. 

Light up your life, even in the darkest of times, with one of these devices:

1. Baton 3 Pro Rechargeable Flashlight

2. Warrior 3s Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

3. Arkfeld  Flat Flashlight with Green Laser & White Light




Baton 3 Pro

Warrior 3S






MAX. Performance (Lumens)




MAx Run Time




Beam distance(ft)




Weight(oz) (including battery)








Strobe Mode









Baton 3 Pro Rechargeable Flashlight - Olight Flashlight Review

The Olight Baton 3 Pro is an upgraded version of the popular S2R Baton II. A classic, compact, rechargeable EDC light with a stunning design style and great grip. The Baton 3 pro has been upgraded to a maximum of 1500 lumens with a maximum throw distance of 175 meters. It has five brightness modes and a strobe, this pocket light can meet all your lighting needs. The Baton 3 pro weighs only 3.63 oz (103 g) (including battery) and measures 3.99 inches (101.4 mm) in length, so it fits comfortably in any bag or pocket. Use the two-way pocket clip to secure lights or hands-free options during travel. The 2-way pocket clip can be attached to pockets, belts, and backpacks for easy portability, or attached to the brim to use the Baton 3 pro as a handy headlight. The IPx8 waterproof rating and impact resistance are everywhere, and there is an opportunity to carry a flashlight every day. The Baton 3 pro flashlight is powered by a custom battery with up to 120 days of runtime you can always count on. With the tri-color battery life indicator built into the side switch, you'll always know when it's time to charge.

Warrior 3S Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight - Olight Flashlight Review

Cool white LEDs with TIR optics deliver up to 2,300 lumens with a maximum throw distance of 300 meters. The built-in proximity sensor reduces the brightness level to protect any nearby objects. Quick action with a two-stage tactical tail switch. Activate turbo or Strobe with a single press. At a glance, there are 4-level battery and brightness level indicators around the switch. The tail cap has been redesigned to support our optional two-button magnetic remote switch for installation on long setups. Easily charge the included 5000mAh 21700 battery with the MCC3 USB Magnetic Charging Cable. With a smoother front panel and two-way pocket clips, pockets can be put in and taken out without hassle. The Warrior 3S is appropriate for hunting, tactical, military, law enforcement, security and protection, outdoor activities, and professional events. Tactical flashlight with dual switches and a proximity sensor. 

Arkfeld Flat Flashlight with Green Laser & White Light - Olight Flashlight Review

The Olight Arkfeld is a 1000-lumen flashlight with a green laser pointer and a unique ultra-thin profile that fits easily in a pocket, or attaches to a shoulder strap or loop with a clip. A green laser pointer is a great tool for measurement, presentation, or presentation, while a flashlight is the perfect EDC companion for emergencies or everyday tasks. The Olight Arkfeld features a built-in 1050 mAh battery for extended runtime and fast charging for busy users. At the bottom of the Arkfeld is Olight's proprietary magnetic charging ring for fast charging using the included MCC3 USB charging cable. Below the switch is the battery level indicator for a quick read on battery condition. An intuitive rotary flip switch switches between a flashlight and a laser pointer. Tap to turn on and off, or hold to cycle between brightness modes. Double tap is for acceleration mode, triple tap is for strobe. The light has a memory mode, and when turned back on or switched back from the green laser, it will return to the brightness you were using. The smooth, uniform lines of the Olight Arkfeld feel great in the hand and look cool to carry around.

The Olight Flashlight Story

Olight has a simple mission: put the Olight flashlight in everyone's hands and never get caught in the dark again. To that end, Olight knew they had to make the best flashlight in the most compact package at the best price.

Making the best Olight flashlights is not just Olight's mission, it's a passion. A passion that only the Olight, fisherman, or outdoorsman who uses the product can understand. In other words, Olight employees.They are also users and are committed to making the most practical products that work every time. Because they're one of the thousands of Olight users who believe there's light at the flip of a switch. Olight works hard to improve lives!


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