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The Best Outdoor Companion: Marauder Mini Dual Beam Bright Flashlight

The Best Outdoor Companion: Marauder Mini Dual Beam Bright Flashlight

If you're an outdoor enthusiast or someone who loves to explore the great outdoors, then you know how important having a reliable and powerful flashlight is. And when it comes to maximum brightness and peak beam distance, the Marauder Mini dual beam bright flashlight is truly in a league of its own.

Most O-fans are in love with their Marauder Mini dual beam bright flashlights. Its throw is remarkable, the output is stunning, and it comes with red, green or blue lights, making it more amazing. Let’s take a look at its detailed features.

#1 Bright Flood and Long Distance Throw

The Marauder Mini is a dual bean bright flashlight with two beam options for maximum versatility. With its dual-beam design, you can choose between a maximum 600-meter throw from the central LED’s spotlight beam or a maximum 7,000-lumen floodlight from the 9 LEDs surrounding the center. This makes it ideal for everything from camping trips to search and rescue missions. Both brightness on flood and spot modes are adjustable, and that includes 7 brightness settings to meet your different lighting needs.

Details of 7 Brightness Setting on Flood and Throw

#2 RGB Colored Lights for Different Use

The inclusion of three RGB color LEDs is one of the most significant advantages of the Marauder Mini dual beam bright flashlight. They are uniformly distributed around the lens, offering various benefits for different situations. The red light flashlight helps preserve night vision and does not attract insects, while the green light flashlight provides optimal visibility in low-light situations without alerting game animals. Blue light can reveal stains or fluids that may be difficult to see in normal lighting conditions. The RGB LEDs offer only flood light and their brightness is also adjustable.

Details of 4 Brightness Setting on RGB Colored Lights 

#3 Smaller in Size, Easy to Carry

The Marauder Mini is a powerful flashlight that packs a punch in a compact size. Compared to its predecessor Marauder 2, the head diameter is reduced by 16%, and the diameter of the barrel is reduced by 20%. The reduction in barrel size gives it a more comfortable and secure grip. Measuring just 5.12 inches long and weighing only 16.3oz/462g (battery included), this Marauder Mini dual beam bright flashlight is easy to carry with you wherever you go. Plus, the included holster and lanyard hole design enhance the portability for storage and carry.

#4 Rechargeable and Replaceable Battery with Long Run Time

The Marauder Mini flashlight is an innovative device that has been designed with longevity in mind. This flashlight boasts a customized 24wh 32650 rechargeable lithium battery that ensures extended runtime, making it the perfect companion for extended outdoor adventures or emergency situations. It takes about 5 hours to be fully charged by MCC3 magnetic charging cable.  In addition, the battery of the Marauder Mini flashlight is replaceable, so you don't have to worry about battery usage. Whether you need to use it for a few hours or several days on end, the Marauder Mini has got you covered.

#5 Enhanced Safety

The Marauder Mini is a top-of-the-line thermal sensor and cooling fins built-in flashlight. Boasting enhanced safety features,the built-in thermal sensor and cooling fins work together to ensure maximum safety by dissipating heat and sensing lens obstruction.

The Marauder Mini's thermal sensor detects when the flashlight becomes too hot, turning it off automatically to prevent overheating. This feature not only helps to extend the life of your flashlight but also ensures that you are never caught off guard by a malfunctioning device. Additionally, the cooling fins help to dissipate heat quickly, further reducing the risk of overheating.

#6 Well Build and User Friendly Design

The Marauder Mini is a durable and robust led flashlight that offers a series of user-friendly features. Its easy toggle switch, conveniently located in the middle of the body, allows for quick access to either floodlight or spotlight without fumbling around with multiple buttons or switches. 

The Marauder Mini also boasts an intuitive rotary knob switch that lets you quickly select from seven different brightness levels. Surrounding the rotary knob are indicators that show not only brightness levels but also remaining battery life and the three RGB light colors. This added feature makes it easy for users to keep track of their flashlight's performance and ensures they always have enough juice to get them through their tasks.

The silicone wrap of the flashlight handle is 270 degrees, providing a secure but comfortable grip that you won't find yourself dropping any time soon. It is also IPX8 waterproof rated and 1.5m impact resistant, making it ideal for use in  various situations, especially those where water and rough handling may be a concern.


The Olight Marauder Mini dual beam bright flashlight is a must-have for anyone who needs a reliable, versatile, and compact light source. Whether you're camping in the woods, hiking through rugged terrain, or simply trying to navigate your way through a dark space, this flashlight will help you navigate your way through any situation. Don't miss out on this opportunity to upgrade your flashlight game.Click here! 

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Kristopher Caples

Love the marauder mini! I have 3 of them and have always been impressed with the brightness!! Especially where I live I have a huskey that likes to explore so it’s a good way to spotlight him!! Even with a gober light (dual) clipped to his collar sometimes don’t spot him right away!! But the marauder mini never fails to find him!!😁😁

Posted on: May 19, 2023, 12:36:00