The best tactical flashlight for night trip in 2022

The best tactical flashlight for night trip in 2022

What will you bring if you want to explore the wilderness when you are walking at night? What will you use to spot the key in the dark on your camping trip? What will you leave in your tent when you need to go to the toilet in the dark? I suppose most of us will take one of the new essentials with us, which is the tactical flashlight itself. Compared with the conventional flashlight, the tactical flashlight can bring lots of benefits for our night walking, such as lighting the path in the middle of the night and preventing the dangers from the unseen difficulties. And for those who want better illumination and versatility, ergonomics, and durability with the best portable flashlight for an overnight trip, it is significant to read the following tips for night trips and reviews of the best tactical Olight flashlight for a night trip in 2022.

Why you should carry a tactical flashlight at night

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Longer time for battery use

One of the first important reason is that the power of the batteries of a tactical flashlight can bring you a more powerful beam of light, so you don’t need to worry that the batteries of it is running low. Generally, the longevity of the tactical flashlight batteries can depend on the intensity of the light beam that comes out of the flashlight. According to the related statistics, a rechargeable 21700, 5000mAh 3.6v Battery rechargeable lithium battery which is designed for a tactical flashlight, can absolutely give your flashlight extended life.

A useful tool for self-defense

Secondly, you can reduce the risk of exploring at night. Especially if you want to defend yourself with a handheld and compact tool, the tactical flashlight can help to prevent a fight as the intensity of the tactical flashlight is strong enough to shine the light at the attackers eyes and disorient them. Besides, the structure of the tactical flashlight is not smooth and the edges are tilted, which is ideal for collecting DNA samples of attackers. Typically, its a good option for self-defense if you want to stop anyone from rushing toward you.

No legal obligation

Moreover, it can perfectly clean off your worries about carrying weapons with you as there is no legal obligation to limit you to bringing a tactical flashlight outdoors at night. You can pick out a high-quality tactical flashlight to meet your need. In some situations such as camping or hiking in the forests, a tactical flashlight can not only be served as one simple illuminating gadget but also can help you to evict some scary animals which are afraid of bright lights.

Our top pick 3 tactical lights for the night trip

Best Ultra-bright: Warrior X 3 Tactical Flashlight

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Of all the lights we looked at, this brand-new tactical thrower provides the best performance of high-quality features at an affordable price with a maximum output of 2,500-lumens and a 560-meter-long distance beam. Built-in a glass-breaking strike bezel and compatibility with our two-level remote switch, the super-rugged Warrior X 3 is suitable for law enforcement, night-time patrol, and search & rescue. Without the hassle and only one-button operation, the quick-response tactical tail switch can easily get access to high or low output instantly via a single press.

Additionally, it is very convenient to start charging easily by an MCC3 USB magnetic charging cable snaps on the tail cap. One of the smartest operation functions is that there is a vibration indicator alerting you with no other requirements when the battery is nearly running up. And its heavy-duty build which is made of a rugged aerospace-grade aluminum alloy body can support a firm stand in any tough condition. Also, the Brand-new Steel Warrior Ring will provide a secure grip as well as useful defense with a striking tip. It has two color options now, one is black and the other is desert camouflage. Come and pick it up now if you like!

Best budget compact: Warrior Mini 2 Compact EDC Tactical Flashlight

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Handy and compact, Warrior Mini 2 has mixed its compact tactical EDC flashlight with several desirable features. The LED light is small but intense, reaching a whopping 722 feet from the bulb to fully illuminate your path. It has six different light settings, which are Turbo, high, mid, low, moon, and strobe. In the moon mode, it can reach 45 days long. If you want to enter the strobe mode, what you need is press it three times in quick succession due to the design of the tail switch. At just under 4.65 inches long and an inch in diameter, this light is great to be used on hand for emergencies.

It is easy to carry as the reversible clip can keep the bezel down in your pocket. Reviewers such as the search and rescue members, usually praise it for its durability and compactness. One of the special functions is it is a built-in smart proximity sensor preventing the risk of overheating automatically in your backpack. There are two colors to satisfy your need, one is black and the other is desert tan. And it can support 1.5 meters drop test and IPX8 waterproof. All in all, if you want a minimum tactical flashlight, this one should be your first option.

Best long runtime: Warrior 3S Tactical Flashlight

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If you are looking for the longest runtime model, this Warrior 3S can best fit you when you are hiking, camping, self-defense, and law enforcement as it can reach up to 55 days. Packed with the premium holster, the durable nylon material can protect your Warrior 3S and get a quick response to the flashlight when it is fastened. Also, the improved design of the smooth bezel can reduce the chance of getting pricked or hooked.

And there are two different mounting options with the remote switch between sRod-7 Magnetic Remote Switch (With Stand) and sRod Long Coil Wire Magnetic Remote Switch E-WM25 Mount. It also has IPX 8 waterproof rating and is a built-in proximity sensor that can be against any nearby objects whiled turned on high, turbo, or strobe mode. Like the Warrior mini 2, You’ll get high, medium, and low modes as well as strobe; runtime ranges from 39 minutes on high to 130 hours on low. Owners are thrilled with how long can this model last, with most saying it’s the best flashlight with the longest runtime they’ve ever used. Definitely, there is no need to worry about the quality as Olight will offer a 5-year warranty and guarantee money back in 30 days.

What you need to do when going for the night trip

Check the weather forecast and make full preparations

Before you go to the new place at night or camping overnight, you need to check the weather forecast and prepare some essentials for your night including clothing, waterproof matches, a compass & map, and a Charged Cellular Phone. In some conditions, weather can change quickly, especially in the mountains where the temperatures may drop. You should ensure your plan for variable weather. If you want better equipment, besides the flashlight we’ve mentioned above, some small gadgets should be taken including a whistle--an effective signal replacing a shouting voice, and a pocketknife--used for cooking or even building a shelter. You can also prepare some food if you need it.

Find a good companion or stay as a group together

If you are the first time on a night trip, you’d better find a good companion or stay in your group in case of a lonely situation. There are many unforeseen difficulties at night if you stay alone yourself unless you are an experienced night traveler for many years. Hiking alone greatly increases the severity of any incident that may incapacitate you. In some severe conditions, it is unfortunate to suffer from fatigue, a sprained ankle, or other injury or medical incident, which can leave you breathless without access to help.

Take care of yourself and avoid some danger

Certainly, the best way to avoid the worst scenarios is to look after yourself as much as possible. If you get lost, don’t panic and don’t go downhill, which easily lead you into gullies and stream beds. All you need to do is just help searchers find you in any way, you can use your voice or other things to make signals. Don’t worry that the animals will be attracted by these signals at night. You should keep calm and take some time to think before you act. And you can maintain a positive mental attitude and wait for the rescue.


The tips and reviews above are just suggestions to help make your wilderness travel safer and more enjoyable. Actually, they can’t replace the professional training and experience outdoors. But they can help to make clear the packing list of your night journey. And most of all, the first-class tactical flashlight will benefit some night outdoor activities lovers including campers, hunters, and long-distance sailors for its lightness and convenience. There are many new and on-sale variables on the Olight website, come to visit or leave some comments if you like. We sincerely hope these reviews of tactical light and tips about night trips can help you in need and have a good time for your night trip!

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