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The Brightest EDC Keychain Flashlight-IXV

The Brightest EDC Keychain Flashlight-IXV

What's the most underrated but most important item in your everyday carry gear?

If you answered "flashlight", you are right!

   Given the variety of situations in which you may find yourself needing a light, a flashlight is an irreplaceable item in your EDC bag that should not be overlooked.

Carrying a flashlight with you is not only useful on dark nights but also even during the day. For instance, you might need to enter a dark basement to access your house's circuit breaker. Instead of fumbling around, you'll have a clear vision of your surroundings thanks to your flashlight.

There are many categories of LED lights for everyday carry flashlights.

Traditionally, these lights have had one or more disadvantages.

Some brands are too big and bulky to carry in a pocket or bag every day.

Others only offer high lumen output but drain the battery shortly after activation.

Their reliability is questionable, and their durability in practice is also uncertain.

That's why you're always looking for a light with the right balance of lumens and runtime, with a product price and battery/charging price that both fit within your budget.

Olight Keychain EDC Flashlight Comparison


Max   Lumens                




I1R2 Pro                






I3E EOS                






iXV Keychain EDC Flashlight

The Olight iXV flashlight is the ideal size at only 2.02 inches long but with a maximum output of 180 lumens and a throw distance of 48 meters.

Built-in 3.7V 130mAh 10220 rechargeable Li-ion battery with up to 12 hours of runtime. The old Micro-USB port has been replaced with a new USB-C port for easy charging.

The new USB-C port fully charges in under 100 minutes, and you don't need to disassemble your light or fiddle with cables!

In addition, the iXV is easy to operate. Simply turn the iXV head to turn the light on/off or switch the output level. A slight twist to turn on with 5 lumens of brightness, and another slight twist for 180 lumens.

Carry the iXV around and use it as a helpful tool for everything from up-close reading and detail work to looking for things in the dark. This durable everyday carry torch is sure to prove useful to you.

Three colors for your choice:

Coral Blue                

Desert Tan                

Titanium Damascus                


Here are just a few ways the Olight iXV stands out from the rest.

From the open night sky to the dark, cramped basement.

The iXV is versatile enough to be of aid both in open spaces or tighter ones, providing you the visibility you need in any setting. Its compact size coupled with its powerful beam increases the flexibility of its potential use cases; you can use it to examine something at close range, or you can shine it at something from a medium distance.

Performance optimized to find a balance between beam and runtime

What's more, medium output levels usually are the most useful. This means that close detailed inspection or maintenance tasks benefit from the ability to quickly switch to 180 lumens. Jump from the 5-lumen output to higher output as needed, without fiddling with any confusing buttons.

The Olight EDC LED flashlight becomes a great companion in casual, professional, and recreational environments!

The iXV is IPX8 water resistant, durable, and worth the money. Not only does its durability ensure it will have a longer working life, but its simple and fast charging technology will eliminate the cost of having to buy batteries!

Olight's success is no accident!

The Olight iXV is where technology, practice, and long-term value intersect. Facing past challenges, Olight has successfully addressed various output, battery, and brightness issues. Only a company with global experience can refine the design to fit the parameters of the best EDC flashlight: small size, reliable operation, efficient battery use, and purposeful output levels. That's what makes Olight special!

Start using the best EDC flashlights today!

Olight has proven the value of the iXV flashlight as your everyday companion, and its US-centric warranty and service make the Olight iXV flashlight an easy choice for anyone with doubts. With its affordable price, the iXV LED flashlight is a smart choice for both novice and experienced users.

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