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The five lights suitable for use in the daily life

The five lights suitable for use in the daily life

In daily life, I believe that there will be times when you need light, whether you are walking, reading a book, or doing some other things. Next, I will introduce five mobile lighting tools suitable for use in daily life. There must be something you are interested in.

1. Oblub MC

Olight Ball light, Obulb MC

Since its release in the summer of 2021. The Obulb Become the best selling light of 2021 and continues to be a popular seller into 2022. With its easy-to-use feather, you can switch through its different modes. by squeezing the top and bottom or if it's on a nice surface just pushing down on the top side or holding down does give you the option of cycling through each mode. With a nice output of 70 lumens on high mode and a nice 3.5 lumens on low mode and up to 7 lumens on colored mode, this does provide a lot of different options as well as a hidden mode. with an amazing runtime of 55 hours, you can literally run it every night for almost a week. On the low mode setting, it is a great add-on to be able to use as a night light either for yourself or if you have children. On the low mode, it does help out to preserve night vision as well as not interfere with REM sleep if you have to get up in the middle of the night. With its durable body, it can take a real beating and continue working as a nice add on that all light provided with the order of the Obulb you also do get an Ocoin within a cohesive back end where you can peel it off and stick that magnetic coin anywhere as you choose.

The Obulb does have a magnetic bottom side where you charge it with the Olight MCC1 USB cable but, the bottom charging side also doubles as a magnet able to stick it on any surface that is magnetic, and with the Ocoin you can make that happen. The Obulb is definitely a great product to have both for power outages and or as a daily use item light. Power goes out and you gotta give the kids a bath. You can throw it in the tub and it won't get damaged, Since it does have an IPX 7 rating so it will be able to withstand some pressure. Great Product a must-have item in every house. Of course, we also have Obulb MCs, it has the latest motion sensor function, which can sense the position of people to open and close automatically. 

2. Baton 3 EDC Flashlight

Olight baton 3, EDC flashlight

The Baton 3 is a much-needed upgrade to the previous version the S1R2 baton II. Not only is this one of my personal favorites for EDC all the awesomeness this little guy brings to the table. With its easy-to-use features of just pushing down the center button or holding down the center button. To be able to switch through different low, medium, and high modes as well as a turbo and lockout mode and strobe they usually use functions as well as the magnetic charging bottom side that uses the Olight charging cables or if you get the .premium edition which comes with a nice charging slick battery pack case for the baton. It has been one of the best sellers of 2021. Its lightweight and easy-to-use clip makes it perfect to clip on a hat allowing you to use it as a headlamp or search light while having your hands free. Don't be fooled this little light packs quite a punch with 1200 lumens as well as almost 6900 candela's this is a pretty powerful light with the Max runtime of by itself for 20 days but if you get the premium package it does come with the charging case that extends those 20 days to 94 days which is a ridiculous amount of time. Its overall size is shy of 2.5 inches it is a very small package that it's easy to carry easy to us. Perfect for everyday carry since it's the same size as a zippo lighter you can put it in your pocket and it won't feel heavy at all. You definitely won't be disappointed with this product its durability is outstanding as well as water-resistant end is rated at IPX 8.

3. Warrior mini 2 EDC Tactical Flashlight

Warrior mini 2, EDC flashlight, tactical light

About the Warrior mini 2, since its release in the summer of 2021, it was a much-anticipated replacement/upgrade for the previous generation Warrior mini which was a huge fan favorite. In fact, Warrior mini 2 is a highly recommended product in our store right now. In addition to the introduction of product performance, you could write some highlights such as material to attract customers. With fans having a high expectation of the second generation warrior mini and with the hype behind it being high this product did not disappoint. On its release, it brought a lot of much-needed upgrades that the previous generation did not have whilst still keeping its slim small design and adding in several new features. With 250 more lumens than gen1, this 2nd gen brings up the total lumen output to 1750 while increasing the candela as well. The nice run time of 45 days is a nice touch as well.

Not only does it still have its strong clip now it's reversible allowing you to carry it with the bezel up or down. The new sensor that the second generation has reduced the chances of light coming on and causing damage or injuries and if the light does come on because of the sensor, it will lower the light output to a lower setting. If there is an object, then it will also change the lower light output that way preserving not only the battery life but also the life of the light in whatever is in front of it.

Much like the previous generation, the use of the light is almost the same with both the tail switch button slash magnetic charger as well as a center button, this does allow it do we mount on any magnetic surface which is perfect if you have to work I need a good source of light. functionality is the same you still got your high medium and low setting, as well as moonlight, turbo strobe, and tack mode, the warrior mini 2, has been a personal favorite of mine since its release. with everyday use, it has filled in a number of applications such as camping, hunting, security, Fort is versatile in both EDC as well as tactical carry. need to go on a jog through the woods or whatnot this will provide more than enough light to get you through. Great for tactical light as well and weapons light since it is durable enough to withstand the recoil for a lot of different cartridges. Due to its rough nature and durability, it has been adopted by some law enforcement agencies as well as enthusiastic do see this as a tactical light but also part of their everyday carry. the warrior mini 2 has definitely been one of my personal favorites since they first came out give it a try it's gonna be one of your favorites as well.

4. i5R 

i5R, EDC flashlight, small flashlight, pocket flashlight

a huge fan favorite, when the I5R came it was welcomed with open arms and positive feedback. With 50 more lumens bring up to 350 and better run time, as well as a USB c rechargeable battery. With its dual clip design in lightweight, this little guy brings a lot to the table reversible clips for mounting on the brim of your hat or fitting it in your pocket and due to its lightweight, you won't even notice it's there. The IPX 8 rating as well as a runtime of 37 hours makes this a great EDC light even more so on hot summer days when you trying to be a minimalist or on the cold winter nights when you need a reliable compact. With just the push of the button, you can go from low, high, and strobe mode.

The tail cap push within itself is also an upgrade, it's softer, smoother, and more satisfying to use than the previous model. The simplicity of this light cannot be overlooked. One nice added feature that this does bring is if for any reason you forget to charge it and your custom 14500 battery dies you can always remove it and use regular AA batteries. But the real highlight of the I5R is that its battery can be rechargeable, you could change the battery or charge it. So i5R is a great EDC light for anybody that would like to have a reliable easy to use durable light.

5. Open Pro 

Olight Open pro, pen light

Since its release in the summer of 2021 the Open 2 pro has been a personal favorite of mine for EDC use. with a very slick design not only is it slimmer than the previous generation the ink cartridges themselves also gotta upgraded for a finer ink use. with a match 120 lumens as well as a Max runtime of eight hours this little guy is perfect for everyone that's on the go that requires signatures on a daily basis or writing in general. With the nice upgrade, you no longer have to push the top to be able to use light now you can use a light where the bolt is at by pushing the bolts in the upward direction or holding the bolt in the upward direction will allow you to use a laser pointer. This is a great feature for anyone in a corporate environment or teaching environment that needs the best of both worlds.

With its nice body texturing and upgraded performances, this has been a pleasant use says to begin I can't understate the slimness from the previous generation which does make a world of difference. whether it's easy to use twist-off top and bottom part you can actually use the light while you're riding in low light settings, or use a laser pointer while you're writing down notes. With the twistable top and bottom, it's a nice feature to have if your light needs to be charged but if you need a writing item down you can charge your light and still use the writing part of it as normal. The Open 2 Pro has been a personal favorite of mine since its release. I hope it's one of yours as well give it a chance you'll fall in love with it.


All of these five lights are awesome. you're definitely gonna get what you pay for, long-lasting durable and reliable. with a lot of different options and limited runs in different colors does make it is very versatile for both EDC and tactical use. My 2 Favorite picks are the Baton 3 for its small lightweight and charging case that allows you to place it well, and the Warrior Mini 2 for its durability to withstand the abuse as a weapons light, not to mention the power output it gives. The Obulb and Open Pro as well as the I5r are great EDC lights for everyday use and are a great addon to your current setup.

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