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The ideal EDC Flashlight - S2R Baton II

The ideal EDC Flashlight - S2R Baton II

Ask any Olight fan to list their top two or three flashlights to “every-day-carry” (EDC) and odds are the S2R Baton II will be at the top of every list.  The popularity of this light is definitely warranted.  In terms of both size and performance, the S2R Baton II fits nicely between two other popular EDC flashlights, the i5R and the Warrior Mini 2.  Additionally, with the most recent release by Olight, the S2R Baton II is being offered with a choice between two different color temperatures for the very first time.

Comparing it to other popular EDC Olights

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The i5R EOS has become a very popular Olight to EDC because of its small size and simple operation.  With the inclusion of a rechargeable battery, the i5R EOS was a great improvement over the fan-favorite i5t EOS.  However, while 350 lumens and 209 feet of the throw are adequate for a lot of situations, there are often times when having more light available and greater reach is needed.  Stepping up to the Warrior Mini 2 (WM2) for EDC is a very nice option.  The WM2 provides 1,750 lumens on turbo mode and can throw a beam approximately 722 feet out.  Unfortunately, the size increase when going from an i5R to a WM2 is significant, and for some, this increase is a huge negative when it comes to EDC.

The WM2 is just under an inch long and weighs nearly double that of the i5R.  Also, the head of the WM2 is slightly larger than the body, and more than a quarter of an inch larger than the diameter of the i5R.  The WM2 also adds tactical features with a magnetically charging tail switch and a semi-aggressive bezel.  For some these tactical upgrades are unnecessary and they would prefer a simple, yet bright light for daily activities around the house or campsite.  This is where the S2R Baton II steps in and meets those needs perfectly.


EDC flashlight, EDC light, small flashlight

The S2R Baton II EDC pocket flashlight has five modes in total: turbo with a maximum output of 1,150 lumens for up to 2 minutes, high with an output of 400 lumens for an impressive 4 hours of runtime, medium with an output of 120 lumens for up to 14 hours, low with an output of 15 lumens for up to 100 hours, moon with an output of just 0.5 lumens for an incredible 60 days of runtime, and strobe.  For most uses, the high mode is more than adequate.  However, it is nice knowing that you can access the full brightness available with a simple double-tap of the side switch.  Perhaps even more impressive is the mix of throw and flood that is achieved by the S2R Baton II.  In regard to maximum throw, it more than doubles that of the i5R.  From a size comparison, the S2R Baton II is smaller than the WM2 by almost three-quarters of an inch, and while the body diameter between the two is the same, the head of the S2R Baton II is not larger than the body, unlike the WM2.  The S2R Baton II is also approximately 0.8 ounces lighter than the WM2, at a very meager 3.47 ounces. 

And it includes a magnetic charging base which is very convenient as compared to having to remove the battery of the i5R in order to recharge it. You simply attach the included charging cable to the base of the light or pop it onto an open spot on your Omino charging station and you are good to go. Unlike the WM2, the magnetic charging base does not double as a tail switch. This is great for those concerned with metal shavings causing an accidental activation of the switch. The magnetic base is also very handy for hands-free use whenever a metal surface is available to attach it to while you work. This is especially handy in the garage while working on vehicles when you need both hands free but also need to light a specific area or task.

The other feature that makes this flashlight very popular is the classical knurling. It looks great, but more importantly, it feels great in the hand. The light is very well built and rugged, and it has an IPX8 waterproof rating. You should have no concerns using the light in a variety of situations as it will be able to take any abuse and continue to operate reliably.

At last, the S2R Baton II comes with two black stainless steel pocket clips, which can easily attach to your backpack, belt, hat brim, or pocket for easy access. It's very easy to carry: The included double-sided clip, lanyard, and magnetic tail cap offer an extensive carry option.


Olight S2R Baton II Easy Operation

Operating the S2R Baton II is simple and very intuitive.  There is a single switch on the body of the light that controls all available functions.  A double-tap of the switch will activate the light in full turbo mode, and it will remain in turbo for a full 2 minutes before stepping down to the high setting for an additional 230 minutes.  While on, if you press and hold the side switch it will cycle through the low, medium, and high modes.  While the light is off if you press and hold the side switch momentarily you will activate “moon” mode, giving you half a lumen of light for an amazing 60 days.  To access the strobe function, you need to rapidly press the side switch.

Customized color temperature options!

Olight S2R Baton II Green limited edition

During the May flash sale, Olight released a new color for the S2R Baton II, giving fans of lime green a lot to cheer about!  In addition to the lime green color, which is strikingly beautiful, Olight has also responded to numerous fan requests and has offered the option of choosing between two color temperatures. For the first time, Olight customers could choose between cool white, with a temperature range from 5,700 to 6,700 kelvin, or neutral white, with a temperature range from 4,000 to 5,000 kelvin. This is a fantastic option for customers to pick a great EDC light with an LED color temperature that more closely matches their own personal preferences.

What’s Included


● User Manual x 1

● Lanyard (Including tethering tool) ×1

● Black pocket Clip ×1(Spare, inside the package) ×1

● S2R Baton II Flashlight x 1

● Customized 3200 mAh 3.6V 18650 Battery ×1

● MCC 1A Magnetic Charging Cable ×1

● Pouch ×1

● Blue Pocket Clip ×1(Installed on the flashlight) ×1


The Olight S2R Baton II EDC light deserves some serious consideration.  It is a fantastic light that might just be the perfect EDC flashlight.  It is small and powerful yet simple to operate.  The included clip and lanyard give you multiple carry options.  It is a long-lasting light with the included 18650 battery, and it can be recharged with ease due to the magnetic charging base.  The option to choose between two color temperatures is just the icing on the cake.  Being able to customize the light to your specific preference is a great option and one we all hope is expanded to future lights in the Olight line-up.  Do yourself a favor and add this light to your EDC kit or collection before it is too late!  Thank you for reading!

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