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The New Olantern Classic 2 Pro: A Vintage-Style Camping Lantern that Brings Back Good Times

The New Olantern Classic 2 Pro: A Vintage-Style Camping Lantern that Brings Back Good Times

Who says the modern urbanite doesn’t need romance? In the rush of hurrying pace and bustling people, it’s urgent for our souls to take a rest. Sometimes, some gentle and warm ambient lighting is all you need to create a healing atmosphere when you find some peace and quiet. Perhaps you are looking for a camping lantern, one that resonates with you, that reignites the good memories of your past, flows through different color temperatures to follow your mood’s change, accompanies you to watch the dazzling fireworks or the brilliant starry sky in the wild, and lasts the whole night through the darkness with you. If this is what you need, you're in luck!

Camping lantern, camping light

Classic Design: More than a Lantern, glows with passion

Vintage-style lamp with an elegant multi-tiered top. About Design:

Camping lantern, camping light

Relive the Classic Style

Vintage style design

Multi-tiered top

Transparent suspended lamp casing

Neoclassical design

Camping lantern, camping light

Modern, Practical design

Rotating adjustment knob

Ergonomic design

Olight Logo

Concealed charging port

Camping lantern, camping light

Camping lantern, camping light

The Olantern's chic neoclassical design combines with modern elements to form a timeless balance of nostalgic beauty and top-quality functionality.

The gentle glow and classic style of the Olantern bring back warm memories of good times from the past that you can carry forward long into the future. Whether that means family fun, gatherings with neighbors, or a camping trip under the stars, the Olantern will be there to illuminate the precious moments to come.

Camping lantern, camping light

Camping lantern, camping light

Whether to create a cozy atmosphere for a family get-together or simply to light the way as you go out and explore, who can deny that this outstanding camping lantern is the perfect fit for relaxing and adventuring alike?

Camping lantern, camping light

Carry a bright light, Enjoy the cozy time

Wide Application

By a romantic bonfire, it emits gentle warmth
As you sip your coffee, it calms your mood
At your lonely moments, it keeps you company
In the silent night, it gives you a peaceful sleep
Just like a campfire in the dark or the candles on a cake,
Let it warmly illuminate each moment of your life

Camping lantern, camping light

Stepless Dimming, Fully Adjustable Brightness

Orange+warm white dual color light source

3 orange LED filament + 4 orange LED lights at the top


Provides a better atmosphere with two orange light options

Emitted by 14 warm white LED lamp beads

2800-3000k, soft natural light

rotate the knob slightly to turn on the Olantern Classic 2 Pro
The orange light is gradually brightened with the rotation
When the knob is turned halfway, it transitions to the warm white light
and you can keep turning to continue increasing the brightness.
Range from 10-300 lumens, select any brightness you prefer.

Camping lantern, camping light

Produce a petal-like pattern of light, Immerse yourself in elegance and beauty

Cherish every moment
Let the gentle glow slow down the time
Shines with petals like a flower
That blossoms just as your memories do
Under a starry sky warmed with light

Camping lantern, camping light, mood light

Perhaps those who love life may find
That it is light that shows the eyes such beauty
And perhaps the elegant orange glow of the Olantern
Can help you savor the precious moments
That makes life worth living.

Camping lantern, camping light, outdoor light

A worry-free accompaniment thanks to its Long-lasting runtime, One Charge for a 7-day trip

Built-in 11200mAh Lithium-ion battery

Up to 180 hours

Support USB-C charge and magnetic MCC charge

Only 4 hours to fully charge the lantern via 18W USB-C fast-charging

One charge for a week of runtime

Camping lantern, camping light, outdoor light

Long-lasting runtime

Meet any outdoor camping requirement

Immerse yourself in nature

And illuminate its beauty

Camping lantern, camping light, outdoor light

Emergency charging capabilities, 18 W high power discharge

Camping lantern, camping light, outdoor light

If your phone runs out of power while you're deep in the woods, the Olantern will be at your side to help. Its power bank features simultaneous 18 W discharging capabilities through its USB-C & USB-A ports. The Olantern is perfect for emergency situations if you need to recharge your mobile phone, tablet, or other electronic devices.

Olantern Classic 2 Lite/Pro Camping light

Camping lantern, camping light, outdoor light

Hold or hang, allowing easy travel and portability

Placed on the table: perfect for camping, dining, and relaxing
Carried by the hand: travels with you on your adventures
Hung by the ring: offers a firm grip in wind.

Camping lantern, camping light, outdoor light

Functional, capable and elegant design

Camping lantern, camping light, outdoor light

Rechargeable & AA replaceable

Camping lantern, camping light, outdoor light

There are two editions of the Olantern. One is the Olantern Classic 2 Pro rechargeable edition described above, and the other one is the Olantern Classic 2 Lite replaceable edition, which is powered by 4 AA batteries and can reach up to 105 hours of output range from 10 to 240 lumens. If you want to be able to change the batteries conveniently, you can opt for the Olantern Classic 2 Lite replaceable edition.

Comparison of two editions

Camping lantern, camping light, outdoor light

Olantern Classic 2 Lite

Olantern Classic 2 Pro


AA replaceable batteries

Rechargeable batteries


10-240 lumens

10-300 lumens


3.5-105 hours

23-180 hours

Charging port


USB-C & MCC magnetic charging

Discharging port


USB-A & USB-C dual port


4 replaceable AA batteries(don’t use 14500 lithium batteries)

Built-in 3.6 v 11200 mAh lithium batteries (4×18650


645g(included batteries)

756.6g(included batteries)

Light Source

Orange LED +Warm White Light LED


Height: 186mm, Cap diameter                            124mm                        

Body Material

Metal, PC

Light model

Rotatable stepless dimming


2-Year Warranty

【Bonus Area】

Questions: In what situations or activities are you hoping to use the Olantern?

Please share your use case with us in the comments!

One lucky winner will get a free Olantern Classic 2 Pro!

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All Reviews (1)

David Simpson

The Olantern Classic 2 Pro is such a great product with so many good use cases! The obvious camping use makes perfect sense because of the huge battery capacity along with the ability to charge other devices via USB. Stepless dimming makes great sense for use in a tent where you don't need huge amounts of light. Also, I can see using this for evenings on the back deck and for checking on animals after dark (without blinding them with a flashlight). This makes a great emergency light too!

Posted on: Jul 13, 2022, 13:46:08