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The Perfect EDC Flashlight for Every Task: The Baton 3 Pro

The Perfect EDC Flashlight for Every Task: The Baton 3 Pro

When your lighting isn't good enough, even work you love can start to feel frustrating. If you find yourself encountering poorly lit spaces and misdirected light at your job site, it may be time to take matters into your own hands.

While every job may require a different type of light, you can never go wrong with carrying a powerful flashlight with you. Not only does having one make your job easier, but it also becomes useful at other times in your day.

Why the Baton 3 Pro is Perfect for Everyday Carry

Build for Bright, Made to Last

The Baton 3 Pro provides up to 1500 lumens of illumination and reaches up to an incredible 175 meters maximum when you want to see far into the distance. The Baton 3 Pro is perfect for anyone looking for a small EDC flashlight with an extra long beam throw!

Charging for 3.5 hours, Enjoy 120 days

Time is precious, so you'll be glad you can fully charge Baton 3 Pro in just 3.5 hours via the MCC-3 Magnetic Charging Cable. Just juice it up on your travel breaks and you can enjoy 120 days of lighting in moonlight mode.

Store Easily with the L-shaped stand

It's always important that your flashlight is in a familiar and readily accessible place so you can reduce daily inconvenience and find it easily in an emergency. The L-shaped stand included with the Olight Baton 3 Pro can be mounted on a wall to hold your flashlight via the magnetic tail, so it'll always be in sight.

Easy to Turn On

Do you want to turn it on easily in the dark? EASY! It should have always been like that!  The Baton 3 Pro features a single recessed button that lets you change modes without fumbling around.

Intuitive LED Battery Indicator

The LED battery indicator shows green, orange, or red light, flashing or steady, depending on battery status, letting you stay in control of the power all day.

Two-Way Clip, Easy to Carry

Features a built-in Smart Proximity Sensor and other safety features to protect against short circuits, overcharge, overheating, and thermal runaway. Also includes intelligent temperature control to ensure that the housing temperature is suitable for handheld use.

Two Color Temperatures, Cover Your Needs

Choose between warm white and cool white depending on your needs. A cool white output typically provides a clearer presentation. Neutral white, however, is a warmer color that is gentler on the eyes.

Magnetic Tail

Featuring a powerful magnet tail at the bottom, you can also attach Baton 3 Pro to any metal surface for hands-free operation. Perfect for repairing or inspecting things in tight spots or with your hands full.

EnduresExtreme Weather

Like the best EDC flashlights, The Baton 3 Pro can withstand extreme conditions. Fully submersible in water up to one meter (IPX8 1m certified), it will never let you down in any difficult situations.

Baton 3 Pro Usage Scenarios

External Light Source for Photo & Video

The Baton 3 Pro can easily illuminate the space around you, no matter how dark it is. This bright light is perfect if your phone's built-in flash isn't enough.

Searching for Something in Complete Darkness

You can look under your bed or in a closet at home, or illuminate your darkened cellar or patio instead of wandering around in the dark. The Baton 3 Pro is a must on camping trips, whether you go to the park, forest, or beach. You will always have your personal light.

Camping & Hiking

The baton 3 pro is a must on camping, whether you go to the forest or beach. You will always have your personal light.

As a Night Lamp

Don't want to wake up your family or friends at night with the Baton 3 Pro's high brightness, but still need a light source? No problem! Simply use the Baton's low brightness mode, which is just right for a night lamp.

Life-threatening Situations

The Baton 3 Pro can even come in handy when your life depends on it. If you're stranded out in the wilderness, the Baton's strobe mode can alert others of your location from miles away in open space. It can also serve to temporarily blind someone who is threatening you at close range.

Unexpected Circumstances

Need to check your circuit breaker during a power outage, monitor your water meters during a harsh storm, or repair your car under the hood when it breaks down? The Baton 3 Pro will always be at your side.

Why Choose Olight 

Olight prides itself on being a brand that offers high-quality flashlights, and the Baton 3 Pro  has been thoroughly quality-tested, exceeding expectations. Our US-based after-sales center ensures free returns, a money-back guarantee & 5-year warranty. With over 167,000 followers on Instagram and over 290,000 followers on Facebook, it's clear that Olight lighting tools are the tools the world loves! For 15 years, Olight has been providing cutting-edge lighting tools to help you do your best in your day job or outdoor exploration.

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