The perfect heavy duty stationary work light:  The Olight Odiance

The perfect heavy duty stationary work light: The Olight Odiance

When you need more light than your EDC provides, the Odiance has your back. No job is too big or too small for this powerful multi-use, remote-controlled work light. Not only is it frustrating to work in dimly lit areas, but it can also be dangerous. The Olight Odiance will illuminate your workspace, not only making your job easier but safer as well.

Why the Odiance is perfect for the job

The bright light that’s built to last

This work light doesn’t just feel heavy-duty, it has a durable construction that is built to stand up to all your work needs. It is water resistant (IPX5), so don’t worry about being caught out in the occasional rainstorm. This sturdy flood light will hold up to whatever weather comes your way, and its 75-meter throw will have no problem lighting your path along your journey.

Easy to use and portable

Easy to carry with an ergonomic handle that can also be used to prop the light. This light is large, but still, convenient size and weight to carry with you from job to job. The handy remote control allows you to adjust the brightness or color temperature from a distance of up to 32.8 feet with stepless dimming and smart control.

Can be used in multiple ways

Although this light is portable, it can also be mounted to a stand and adjusted to any angle, allowing for light in big or small areas. Don’t have a stand? A camera tripod will work as well. So just set it up, and get to work while having full use of both hands.

Long use-time per charge

The Odiance fully charges in 5.5 hours and will run for up to 2800 minutes on one charge (low setting). With dimmable brightness levels, you are sure to find the right amount of light for your project or need. The ultra-long battery life will last as long as your job takes, with plenty of power to spare. Perfect for working on the go when no power outlet is available.

Not only bright and useful, but safe

Even when plugged in during usage, the Odiance does not overheat. You will not have to worry about turning it on at your job site and leaving it on for long periods of time.

Dual Color for your preference and use

With color temperatures ranging from 2700k to 6000k, you’re provided with the perfect hue for any situation. The easy-to-use rotary switch changes colors smoothly with just a twist of your hand. Choose the brilliant, cool white to provide a brighter workspace, or choose the warmer, yellow output which may be gentler on the eyes. Either way, the Odiance is your go-to for every situation.

Battery Level Indicator and fast recharging

Never wonder about how much battery life this powerful light has. The easy-to-read LED indicator on the back of the light will show you just how long you can work in between charges. When you’re low on juice, just plug it in and it will be ready to go in 5.5 hours.

Dual Charging Port Power Bank

The Odiance is compatible with a dual Type C and USB-A charging port and supports 30W fast charging for various devices. If your power goes out, trust this handy multi-purpose light to keep you connected to the outside world. It can fully charge an iPhone 13 up to 7 times. Let the Odiance give you peace of mind whether the lights go out or if you just need an extra electrical outlet.

Odiance Usage Scenarios

Vehicle Repairs

Vehicle repairs have you working long into the night? Set the Odiance up to shed some light on your situation. No matter the size of your workspace or area, the Odiance will deliver, making it not only better to see your task, but safer too. We all know it’s easier to get the job done with both hands; The Odiance can be placed on a work table or mounted to a stand so your hands are free to get your repairs done faster.

Home Remodel and Construction

Set up your Odiance for any home repair, big or small. Working on electrical and have to turn the power off? Painting a wall and needing some extra light? Repairing your washing machine or water pipes? No matter the job, grab your handy Odiance to light the way.


Put the ultra-long battery life to good use and light up your campground or outdoor space for as long as you need. Having an outdoor get-together and needing some extra radiance? Grab your Odiance to not only light up the night but provide some additional electrical outlets as well. You’ll probably be reaching for your Odiance more than you ever expect.

Late night at the Range

When you’re out late at the range perfecting your shot, let the Odiance illuminate your targets with its wide beam angle flood light.

Power outages, inclement weather, and emergencies

When the power goes out due to inclement weather, you can use your Odiance not only to light your way through the darkness, but you can also use it as a power bank to power your phone and other items. Stranded on the side of the road with car trouble? The Olight Odiance is there to assist you during your time of need.

Why choose Olight

Olight strives to be the brand you trust to provide high-quality lighting tools, with excellent customer service and round-the-clock support options. They not only make the world a brighter place with their products but with their actions and unmatched generosity as well. They stand behind their work with free returns and a money-back guarantee. With over 1,000,000 loyal fans worldwide, 167,000 followers on Instagram, and over 290,000 followers on Facebook, it’s clear that Olight is the company we love and will continue to support for years to come!

The Olight Odiance has been quality tested and proves to be another great example of Olight’s dominance in the lighting industry. It is sure to be your next can't-live-without favorite!

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