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Picking the Perfect LED Camping Lantern for You: Olight Olantern Series Review

Picking the Perfect LED Camping Lantern for You: Olight Olantern Series Review

If you’re needing a good quality lantern for your next camping trip, Olight has you covered! The question to ask yourself is: which Olantern is the best for me? Olight has plenty to choose from depending on your needs! Throughout this article, we’ll go over the differences and similarities between the Olantern Classic 2 Pro, the Olantern Mini, and the Olantern Classic Mini to help you choose!

Olantern MiniOlantern Classic MiniOlantern Classic 2 Pro
Max Output150 lumens300 lumens300 lumens
Max Runtime48 hours60 hours180 hours
Weight8.43oz/239g14.64 oz/415 g2.69oz/756g
Charging TypeMCC3Type-CUSB-C/MCC
Mode OperationMotion-Sensitive ButtonRotary Knob SwitchRotary Knob Switch


Brightness and Power

Brightness and power are always important factors to consider when choosing a lantern! The Olantern Mini has a maximum output of 150 lumens and a runtime of up to 48 hours, while the Olantern Classic Mini and Olantern Classic 2 Pro have a maximum output of 300 lumens and a runtime of 60 and 180 hours respectively. Whatever your lighting needs, all Olanterns have the ability to be the perfect nighttime companion for your next adventure!

Power bank charging

Both the Olantern Classic 2 Pro and the Olantern Classic Mini have the ability to double as an emergency power bank! TheOlantern Classic 2 Pro offers 18W charging capabilities for charging phones, Obulbs, small speakers, etc. It can also simultaneously charge two devices using its dual USB ports (USB-A and USB-C). The new Olantern Classic Mini can also fully charge your phone and other small devices. You definitely don’t want to be without either of these handy lanterns during your next power outage!


Dual Light Sources

While all three lanterns are similar in having dual light sources, they’re all uniquely special. The Olantern Classic 2 Pro can warmly illuminate all your moments with its two lighting options: a cozy orange glow along with a warm white. The Olantern Classic Mini provides the same warm orange glow, but instead has a cool white light option, making it perfect for camping, decoration, or simply using as a nightlight next to your bed. Well, the Olantern Mini also has the white LED option but has added a red LED that is not only useful in many situations but can also reduce strain on your eyes during nighttime use. All three provide 360-degree lighting whether you’re providing an ambient vibe to your campout or using it for emergency illumination.

Intuitive Controls and Unique Features

While the Olantern Classic 2 Pro, Olantern Mini, and Olantern Classic Mini are all so alike, they each have their own distinctive features that make it so hard to choose your favorite! Both the Olantern Classic 2 Pro and the Olantern Classic Mini have their own retro style that brings extra warmth and nostalgia to your campsite. They both have a rotary knob switch with stepless dimming, but the new Olantern Classic Mini has added a vibration alert when switching between light options. It also has an included lockout function which effectively prevents the lantern from being turned on accidentally. While all three lanterns have visible power indicators that change colors as your battery level decreases, the Olantern Mini also has a motion sensor function that will fade off and on to help find the lantern in the darkness.

Portable Weight and Durability

The Olantern Classic Pro 2 weighs in at 26.69 ounces, making it the heaviest of the three lanterns. The Olantern Classic Mini is 45 percent lighter at 14.64 ounces, and the Olantern Mini rounds out the lightest of the three at 8.43 ounces. Although none would be considered heavy, it truly depends on your needs which lantern would be perfect for you! All three lanterns are extremely durable with water resistance ratings of IPX4 (Olantern Mini), and IPX5 (Olantern Classic 2 Pro and Olantern Classic Mini), making any of them capable to withstand the harshest of environments. While all three have convenient carrying handles and could be hung virtually anywhere, the Olantern Classic Mini has also added a carabiner clip to increase the possibilities. It also comes built with a protective base that includes a 1/4-inch thread that would support any standard tripod.


Usage Options

No matter which option you choose, you surely can’t go wrong with any of these Olight Olanterns! From the palm-size portability of the Olantern Mini to the weeklong runtime of the Olantern Classic 2 Pro, you’re sure to find the ideal one for your needs! From camping adventures, backyard relaxing, ambient mood lighting, and decor opportunities to nightlights and emergency situations, the Olantern can not only get the job done, but it looks so good in the process! 

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