The Ultimate Guide of Baldr Series Tactical Weapon Mount Light

The Ultimate Guide of Baldr Series Tactical Weapon Mount Light

If you are a law enforcement officer, soldier, firearm enthusiast, or someone who uses firearms for self-defense purposes or special tasks at night. Then the rail-mounted light, also called the weapon mounted light, would be a necessary accessory for your firearms. Not only does it illuminate the target, making it easier to identify in the darkness, but it also acts as a potent self-defense tool. Olight's Baldr series tactical light is specifically mounted on the weapon. They all have their own advantages to meet your different needs.  Check out these powerful rail mount lights to find a great one or more for your special tasks.

#1 Baldr S/ Baldr S BL- Compact Weapon Light/Laser Combo for Subcompact

Baldr S and Baldr S BL are both the most powerful rechargeable compact rail mount lights with white light and laser combos on the market.  The slight difference between them lies in the laser color. The laser of Baldr S is green, while the laser beam of Baldr S BL is blue. 

What are the Benefits of Green/Blue Laser Sight?

The projected dot emitting from a laser sight is helpful to accelerate target acquisition and also aids in point shooting. They reduce the time required for aiming and responding to threats, which may play a significant role in saving users' life.

Green light is regarded as the most sensitive light to human eyes. No matter in broad daylight or in low light conditions, human eyes are able to perceive green light clearly. Especially in very bright conditions, green laser sights will be more visible than red or blue laser, which enables the user to accurately aim the target in all light conditions.  

Blue laser sight provides perceptive but not glaring aiming assistance both day and night. Compared to the green laser, the blue laser enables to extend the battery life because it consumes less electrical current to supply the laser beam.

Features that make the Baldr S/ Baldr S BL a great WML

Compact and powerful: They have two brightness modes for options, providing an amazing 800 lumens white light output with a 130-meter beam distance, and is also complemented by a low 100-lumen to meet your different lighting needs.

✅White light and laser combos: The adjustable laser beam provides aiming accuracy when zeroed into your setup. You can choose the lighting mode among white light only, laser only, or light and laser combo by a mode setting switch.

✅Quick install and compatible: The patented sliding rail mount makes the light custom-fit to your specific rail length. This quick install system enables you to attach and release the light in seconds for instant activation. Two types of rail adapters come standard with both Glock and Picatinny rail inserts.

#2 Baldr Pro- Ultra-bright White Light with Green Laser for Professional Users

If you need a rail mount light that provides super bright light and green laser combos, then the Baldr Pro would be your good choice. 

What features make the Baldr Pro notable?

✅White light and green laser combos: Baldr Pro emits white light and impressive green laser for faster and more accurate target acquisition.

✅Lead with power: Baldr Pro has two light mode options.  Powered by two CR 123A batteries, Baldr Pro provides super bright white light and a strobe up to 1350  lumens, which makes a significance in outdoor target identification or self-defense. In addition, Baldr pro is able to deliver 300-lumen constant lighting that can last for 210 minutes with the green laser on.

✅Wide compatibility: compatible with Beretta, GL, FN, HK, Ruger, Sig Sauer, Smith and Wesson, Springfield, Taurus, etc.

#3 Baldr Pro R-Rechargeable Light with Green Laser For Short And Long Setups

If you have both short and long firearms, Baldr Pro R may interest you. Compared to the Baldr Pro, Baldr Pro R is rechargeable and suitable for both short and long devices.

Its cool features include

✅Bright white light and green laser combo: Baldr Pro R delivers the max 1350-lumen light output or a constant 300-lumen lighting. Its green laser sight is integrated into the head of the light, which leaves room for the charging port and supports a remote pressure switch. Powered by a 1000mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery, Baldr Pro R can run up to 93 minutes after being fully charged.

✅New light switch mode: Baldr Pro R adopts the selector ring around the head allowing you to choose between white light only, green laser beam only, and white light and green laser combo with ease.

✅Wide compatibility: It is compatible with Glock and Picatinny rails. The optional magnetic remote pressure switch makes it available for short and long firearms.

#4 Baldr IR-Undetectable Accuracy for Stealth Night Operations

For someone who needs to go on a secret mission that is not easily detected by the target, then the Baldr IR would be better for you. 

What are the reasons to snap Baldr IR?

✅White light and IR laser combos: Baldr IR is a rail-mounted tactical light with white light and a class 1 eye-safe infrared laser beam. The infrared laser can't be seen by the human naked eye. It is only visible at night with night vision devices, such as night vision goggles. In view of this situation, infrared laser sights are primarily used as target designators in the military.

✅Power beyond imagination: powered by two CR123A batteries, Baldr IR provides the max 1350-lumen light output and 260-meter throw, or a constant 4-hour 300-lumen white light lighting with 120 meters throw.  Its IR laser beam  (<0.78mW) runs up to amazing 80 hours.

✅Wide compatibility: Equipped with the quick mount/detach system, Baldr IR is compatible with both Glock rail and Picatinny rail.

#5 Baldr Mini-Ultra-compact Adjustable Rail Mount Light

Are you looking for an ultra-compact but still powerful tactical light for your firearms? Why not take a look at Baldr Mini? As the name suggests, Baldr Mini is pretty small and lightweight, but it also integrates compatibility and accuracy.

Some of the Baldr Mini's best features include

✅Led light and Green laser combo: Baldr Mini provides 600-lumen white light, along with green laser for foolproof accuracy. You can select between white light, green beam, or green beam & white light combine. Powered by a built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery, Baldr Mini is able to extend 40 minutes.

✅Adjustable rail and wide compatibility: Baldr Mini fits both Glock and Picatinny rails. An adjustable sliding rail makes it easy for you to slide back and forth to lock down the best position for you.

A Brief Comparison Among These Five Baldr Series Tactical Light

Baldr S/ Baldr S BLBaldr ProBaldr Pro RBaldr IRBaldr Mini
Max. Output





Max.Runtime140 min4 h93 min4 h40 min




The Olight Baldr Series offers a comprehensive solution for individuals seeking an effective rail mount light for their firearms. With its compact design, powerful illumination, integrated laser sight, and user-friendly features, the Olight Baldr Series is a reliable companion in various applications, from self-defense to law enforcement and tactical operations. By considering the specific needs and requirements of your intended use, you can confidently choose the right Olight Baldr model to enhance your shooting experience and ensure optimal performance in low-light conditions.

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