The World's First LEP WML for Short Setups - Valkyrie turbo

The World's First LEP WML for Short Setups - Valkyrie turbo

Do you love the latest film of Top Gun: Maverick? In the film Top Gun: Maverick, it is common to see actions take place in the horror that has to be used with military weapons. However, once in the dark, one essential assistance tool should be used for weapons to save the life and drive off the attacker---LEP light. Recently Olight has created a new generation of LEP lighting tactical light Valkyrie Turbo, which creates an ultra bright and focused beam of light rated at 70225 cd. If you’re willing to learn this new Valkyrie turbo and some relevant LEP light knowledge, the following down-to-earth review can make clear about it.

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Things you need to know about LEP light

What is LEP light?

Before we talk about the new Olight Valkyrie turbo, let’s learn some basic knowledge about LEP light. LEP light, known as Laser Excited phosphor in the full name, can generate a blue laser through a focused lens onto a phosphor element backed by a metal substrate. The beam of LEP light is a spotlight, and the throwing distance outpaces the LED several times. Nowadays, LEP technology has been applied to versatile areas covering high-altitude search, maritime rescue, and field search due to the pure and powerful beam it provides. Therefore, it is believed to replace LED light sources and will become mainstream in the future.

How does LEP light work?

The procedure of creating LEP light involves two ways of LEP light working. One is by making a white laser. To achieve a similar effect blue-emitting LEDs,  Indium Gallium Nitride (InGaN), along with yellow phosphor powder are used. This Phosphor-Converted LED utilized the blue light to excite phosphor powder, resulting in combined yellow and blue wavelengths to produce a broad-spectrum white light. The other thing is that the incredibly high efficiency of their emission requires less power for more light than other sources. The typical drive current required to produce desired light intensities in blue lights is 4.2 mA, as opposed to 8.8 and 10.5 mA in red and green lights respectively.

How to choose a proper LEP light?

When you plan to buy the most suitable LEP light, please confirm the real purpose of your option. If you plan to purchase it for home defense, the great output of lumens and size would be the first considerable factors that influence your decision. But if you plan to pick one for patrol, you may opt for a smaller and lighter LEP light with fewer lumens. And sometimes you also need to consider rail real estate. Suppose you have a rail system that runs almost to the muzzle, however, you have all the space in the world for accessories, and size may not be such a concern. Certainly, if you don’t have any other purpose, you can pick the affordable one to save on budget.

What is your perfect choice?

Of course, it's Olight Valkyrie Turbo LEP light. In most applications where high illumination is required, LEP does not compete with LED lighting. Rather, it serves as a high-output complement. To that end, LED may be used for low and medium illuminance while LEP can take over high illuminance needs because of the smaller lamp size. But LEP’s small size makes it much more cost-effective as lumen output increases. So Olight Valkyrie Turbo is much brighter with the max light intensity of 70,225cd at the same distance and 530 meters throw. Not only farther, but also brighter and clearer.

Much Brighter at the same distance

If you are looking for a new LEP light that can produce a brighter beam of light, Valkyrie Turbo would fit your appetite. With its narrow and almost no spill LEP beam, its light intensity is much higher when the light throws at the same distance, which makes it much brighter and suitable for the defensive purpose of momentarily blinding. After all, it has a max light intensity of 70225cd. Powered by two widely available CR 123A batteries, it includes three modes of lighting turned on by just a single press: turbo, constant and momentary. Generated by a high-performance cool white LED source, it is capable of running up to 184 minutes, perfect for long-range illumination and target practice.

Defeat the darkness

Casts by the customized high-performance cool white LED source, this Valkyrie Turbo can create a soft and balanced beam which was rated at 70225 cd. Can you believe it? The small size has an amazing 70225 cd. So it's bright enough and far enough to track the target more clearly. Unlike the other LEP light source, this one is the first leader to adopt an eye-safe LEP light source, blasting a pure white beam with a very little spill, providing the most focused and narrow beam and the furthest output of 1738ft. What makes it different from other LEP light beams is that this white LEP light beam has stronger penetration through the darkness, promoting the identifying level of the target in some difficult conditions that contain fine spray and mist. To be brief, it has the advantage of a spotlight due to the narrow and bright beam, which can clear off the weakness of confronting the dark.

long-range throw for short setups

Offering you a clear view of your target regardless of light conditions, Valkyrie Turbo has been the World’s first LEP Weapon Light for short setups. There is no other profound technology and performance that like Valkyrie Turbo has had before. At the size of a regular LEP light, it is compact and small, with only 1.44 wide, under 3.56 inches long and a height of 1.33 inches. In terms of the figure and weight, it performs in a medium build and with a weight of only 1.33 kg(contained batteries inside), which is light enough for short setups. Moreover, this new Valkyrie turbo, though with only maximum output of 250 lumens, can still blast a pretty impressive throw of 530 meters, which is the five times length of the general football square. Compared to other conventional weapon light, it can illuminate your target over distances by using an eye-safe laser. And if you want to pick one special kind of LEP light for your handguns or pistol, this one should be your first option.

Easily lock the target

You can use Valkyrie Turbo for hunting, target practice, and self-defense. With the assistance of it, you can easily lock on the target in the maximum throw of 530 meters and the most focused beam that has never been had before. In the target practice, you can illuminate your object through the darkness as soon as you want. Traditional views often hold that most of it should be carried by police in some special mission. In fact, it can also be carried on duty if you want to use it as a deterrent to prevent you from danger.

Long batteries life

Another shining spot is that it accepts two widely available CR123A batteries of 1600 mAh, which can favor the runtime up to 3.06 hours. You don’t have to wait for a recharge, just replace and go! What you need to do is just put the batteries inside and take them out for use at any time. To tell you the truth, it greatly simplifies the process of checking, charging, and regular maintenance. With a high capacity of over 1600mAh, it can deliver long-lasting performance for the flashlight itself. Furthermore, the diaphragm can make electrolytes absorb effectively to avoid leakage. With the triple sealing design of the valve port, it can be protected against explosion and short circuits. Made by the coiling craft, it contributes to the large reflection area and helps to release more energy.

Versatility & Reliability

Just like other Valkyrie series, Valkyrie turbo perfectly inherited the typical characteristic of wide compatibility of both Picatinny and Glock rails. After passing 500 round test, the Glock and 1913 rail adapters have been proven to accept high recoil and impact. To be brief, with most short setups, the included Picatinny 1913 and Glock rail adapters will be made compatible, which means they can offer variable options for different gun models. Once installed within 3 minutes, the design of this rail adapter will give access to a seamless connection to your guns. And the works of it are charming and dependable, offering good stable performance among all the adapters you know.

Quick-attach system & Ambidextrous Switch

With the quick attach and release mounting system, you can mount the light swiftly and securely. In addition, the detachment process is as simple as the attaching one. It is not an exaggeration to say that the installation or the detachment can be finished within 1 second. Without changing the hand’s position, the ambidextrous switch allows quick access to 3 different models including turbo, constant and momentary on. If you want to enter the strobe mode, you can double press to reach it. Besides, built-in the completely mute switch design on both sides, whether slide press or front press can activate the switch usefully.


Olight Valkyrie Turbo LEP light for shotting

You can use Valkyrie Turbo for hunting, target practice, and law enforcement. With the assistance of it, you can easily lock on the target in the maximum throw of 530 meters and the most focused beam that has never been had before. In the target practice, you can illuminate your object through the darkness as soon as you want. Traditional views often hold that most of it should be carried by police in some special mission. In fact, it can also be carried on duty if you want to use it as a deterrent to prevent you from danger.

Notes when you use

Though the Valkyrie Turbo is an innovative product of the LEP flashlight, there are still some things you should keep in mind. The first important rule is to stop pointing it directly into the eyes which may lead to retinal injury. And please stop to put the head of the flashlight on the plane to prevent damage to the product due to the emission of optical radiation. Sometimes it may even cause the burning of the object. Therefore, children must keep away from it. When it continues to work in Turbo mode, it is significant to prevent the skin from getting burned as the temperature may have been over 50 degrees. Last but not least, please install the batteries in the correct direction according to the polarity indicator markings. If you don’t use it for a long time, please take the batteries out.

Supplement: 3 Tips to set up your rifle flashlight

As we have discussed how to choose the suitable LEP flashlight before, it is also connected to the mounting of your light. Actually, LEP light setup can be challenging so sometimes you may need to know how to mount your light in your guns. To answer this question, Here I would take the rifle flashlight set up as an example to those who are keen to know some knowledge about it. It has to been claimed that the following tips are just a simple conclusion and it doesn’t replace any training experience. If you want to know more details, you can search for professional information on the internet.

Find the best spot for light

If you are a right-handed shooter, you should place the LEP light on the right side or 3 o’clock position of your rifle so it isn’t in the way of your support hand. Mounting the light higher, close to the twelve o’clock position can help by pushing the shadow down toward the five to seven o’clock area depending on the mounting side.

Use the proper grip

After deciding on the right position, you have to consider the place to mount your switch.  If you choose to run a tape switch, you could mount it on a vertical foregrip (VFG), or you could mount it on a rail. Mounting it on the foregrip means you’ll need a solid grip there to activate it, whereas mounting it on a rail means you could use the C-grip and still activate your light easily.  Mounting on the top rail would also allow you to activate the light with either hand if you need to switch shoulders.

Mount the switch

If the light is on the opposite side of your support hand, a remote switch is required. Even if you are right-handed, you can set up your rifle as ambidextrous as you can so if you have to switch to your left, you can still use your light. To accomplish this, you can mount the switch to the top rail via LCS(Cloud Defense LCS). With a switch at the top position, you can easily reach and find it with either thumb in all conditions.


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Indeed, not all of us need an LEP light at any time but there is no doubt that an LEP light can bring you a surprise. Especially for someone who is on a special mission or in military work, a proper LEP light can greatly reduce the pressure of aiming at the target. For the rest of us, it mainly depends on the uses we focused on. Nevertheless, we have to admit that owning one can expand our flashlight options and bring you the most unprecedented beam of light such as the valkyrie turbo. Of course, Olight also has other LED tactical lights, that meet your different needs. Now Olight Valkyrie Turbo has been along the new cutting edge among LEP light and waits for your reply. Don’t miss it and leave it alone, or you may regret it.

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