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Three Olight classic flashlights

Three Olight classic flashlights

There is nothing like a classic flashlight. Something that you just naturally reach for when you need one, something that just feels right to use. Olight makes some pretty incredible lights, really making strides in the illumination world. It seems like there is a flashlight for about every job out there nowadays. But what about your classic, all around, go to flashlights? Well, let’s take a look. 

Baldr Mini Tactical Light with Green Laser

Baldr mini tactical light with laser

The Baldr mini tactical light with laser is a wireless rechargeable weapon light from Olight. Having a green laser and LED combination is an absolute necessity for anyone.

The Baldr Mini fits both GL and PIC rails, with an adjustable sliding rail it ensures that the light can slide back and forth to lock down to the best position for you. Super easy locking function, all you have to do is just slide and click into place, very solid lockup and super easy adjustments. And its green laser is added for greater accuracy and more options to select among white light only, green laser only, or both combined.

Olight Baldr mini adjustment rail

One of the biggest problems you usually face when looking for a good weapon light is brightness. The Baldr Mini packs a whopping 600 lumens and a 130-meter throw into a tiny package. In fact, it only weighs 3.07 oz and is only 2.24in x 1.29in x 1.41in. This just really goes to show just how much technology is going into these lights.

Super easy functions, with ambidextrous switches on both sides, the Baldr Mini is suitable for any user. The Baldr Mini comes in a few assorted colors to be able to match whatever weapon you are putting it on. Desert Tan, Gunmetal Grey (limited), and standard Black. Not having to take the light off and mess up your zero is just a huge benefit and is really what attracted me to this light. Extremely easy and very convenient charging, especially for a weapon light just makes this a must-have, Olight‘’s wireless charging is fantastic. With a max runtime of 40 minutes being able just to slap the wireless charger on there. Whether it's in the car or in the safe, you never have to worry about the battery not being charged.

The Baldr Mini has a swift and smooth operation, an easily adjustable rail system, a rechargeable battery, a bright LED, and a green laser. It absolutely makes for a perfect compact weapon light.

The Baton 3 Rechargeable Flashlight – Premium Edition

Baton 3, EDC flashlight, rechargeable light

As an upgrade of the previous generation S2R Baton II, the Baton 3 Premium Edition takes it to an entirely new level. With multiple colors to choose from, including classic black, beautiful vibrant red, and super sleek silver. The Baton 3 is truly one of the ultimate EDC flashlights on the market.

The Baton 3 Premium Edition comes with Olight's new portable wireless charger, with its 3500 mAh battery, one can achieve 94 days of battery life. The case charges with a standard USB C and can recharge the Baton 3 up to 3.7 times. The charger case includes two battery power indicator lights on it. One on the top is the Power Output Indicator, which tells you if the baton 3 is fully charged with a green light, or still charging with a red light. The second power indicator light is the Power Input Indicator. This tells you if the charger case itself is charged by showing a green light or still charging by showing a red light. With a smooth sleek design, it fits nicely in a coat pocket or pack, or even in the door of the vehicle. Being able to charge anywhere is a huge game-changer for any rechargeable flashlight.

When compared to the S2R Baton II, the Baton 3 has a 20% brighter 1200 lumen output, and a 14% larger throw of 166 meters. This mini beast truly delivers a bunch of light in such a small package. Even without the charging case, the Baton 3 can deliver up to 20 days of battery life by itself. It feels like you do not have to charge it at all, on top of having the charger case it just makes it so convenient. Olight's two-way pocket clip makes this light even more versatile, allowing you to attach it to your hat and use it as a type of headlamp. The milling done on the handle of the Baton 3 makes for a nice surface to hold on to. One that is easy on the hands but provides a nice amount of grip that is suitable for any conditions. With a waterproof rating of IPX8, which is standard across the board. Most water puddles and rain are not going to hurt the lights.

Baton 3, EDC light, pocket flashlight

With Olight's wireless charging, the Baton 3, outside of the charger case, has a standard magnetic tail cap that is featured on most of Olight's other products. This allows you to attach it in different circumstances for hands-free work. It will be extremely useful when working on the car, under the hood, or even in the wheel wells and underneath as well.

Just like most all Olight's other products, the Baton 3 includes a battery indicator on the light itself. In the center of the side switch is a small led light showing you green, orange, or red. Green represents >60%, Orange 10 ~ 60%, Red 5 ~ 10%, Blinking Red <5%. With so much to offer in such a small package, the Baton 3 Premium Edition is truly one of the best options for EDC.

Warrior Mini 2 EDC Tactical Light

Olight Warrior mini 2, EDC flashlight, tactical light

Whether it's an EDC, backpacking, dog walking, military, or police work, the Warrior Mini 2 EDC tactical light has you covered for all of the above. And Warrior mini 2 is also available in limited editions in different materials such as copper, brass, titanium, and more. Now being the latest version of the previous Warrior Mini, it is one of the most powerful compact tactical EDC flashlights on the market.

The Warrior Mini 2 boasts a max output of 1750 lumens, with a 220-meter beam distance. This is 17% Bright and 16% further than the previous version. With a 45-day runtime, the WM2 really is the best of both worlds regarding the size and power. Being IPX8 waterproof rating is standard across the board, don't worry about it.
Olight uses a reversible clip for either a bezel up or bezel down carry, which really makes it night as a tactical use in an emergency. The carabiner-style ring makes it great to hook on your pack or belt, or even just to hold onto. Coming in at just 4.3 oz and 4.65 in long, the awesome milling makes this a really great light to hold and use. This newer version of the Warrior mini also includes a tail switch, which means quick use of low, or turbo makes for a super easy bright light in any situation. Having a strobe function that isn’t tailored to the 3 levels of intensity is very nice. One of the great things about Warrior mini 2 is the three-push side switch so you don't have to turn on the flash every time you pass a level - it's just an optional three-push. It's very convenient. And a dual-stage tail switch allows for quick tactical operation, making it versatile for both EDC and tactical use.

Warrior mini 2 tactical tail cap

One of the things that really makes the WM2 stand out is that Olight has included a smart proximity sensor on the end of the light, which means when the light comes to close to an object, it automatically dims the light to prevent overheating and damage to the light itself. It also means if for whatever reason you forget to turn on the lock function when putting it in your pocket or pack, when the light turns on, after 60 seconds of obstruction, the light turns off. This is an important thing for me, as sometimes I don’t always have the time to put the light in lock mode. You can do this by holding the side switch for just over 2 seconds until the moonlight mode turns off and it is now in lock mode. The same action unlocks the light as well. But it's really reassuring to have the confidence of knowing that the proximity sensor is there and that it will turn off.

Olight Warrior mini 2 charging cable

This light also uses Olight‘’s magnetic wireless charging. Super easy and convenient, like most of Olight‘s products, warrior mini 2 includes a battery indicator on the light itself. In the center of the side switch is a small led light showing you green, orange, or red. Green represents >60%, Orange 10 ~ 60%, Red 5 ~ 10%, Blinking Red <5%. With a choice of colors being Desert Tan and Black, and a Black with a second 18650 battery. Having 1750 lumens in the palm of your hands that you can also fit into your pocket!


So, when we talk about a classic light, what comes to your mind? Olight really makes that decision easy. Whether it’s a super compact but really bright Baton 3, or a more tactical light like the Warrior Mini 2 or Baldr Mini. When you think about what these lights are in the simplest form, they are just lights, right?

But they are so much more than that. Not only do they provide a sense of security, but they are tools that you can use when you need them. When you are camping or out, you can get together with your family and have fun. The kids' faces light up (pun intended) when using the lights for adventures. These classic lights are really the structure and start of the flashlight world. We have a strong customer service team and Olight is willing to go the extra mile to make sure you are taken care of. So the next time you hear someone ask for a flashlight, think about what these 3 classic lights have to offer.

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