Three Reasons To Choose Seeker 3 pro 4200 Lumen Flashlight

Three Reasons To Choose Seeker 3 pro 4200 Lumen Flashlight

Reason #1: Super Bright & Powerful

The Olight Seeker 3 Pro flashlight is an upgraded product of the Seeker 2 Pro, which is more powerful and brighter. The Seeker 3 Pro is a bright flashlight designed with a wide-angle flood light that is perfect for law enforcement and security officials. The floodlight immediately illuminates every corner of a dark alleyway, and it can help brighten and identify multiple suspects in one swoop with its impressive 250-meter throw distance. Additionally, the Seeker 3 pro's instant strobe function makes it a quick and effective tool for use during unexpected self-defense situations.

Reason #2: Rechargeable with Long Lasting Runtime

Powered by its 5000mAh rechargeable battery, it can last up to 15 days at lower levels. The Seeker 3 Pro comes with Olight's magnetic charging cable that snaps to the bottom of the light and provides fast 2A charging. A side-switch allows you to cycle through five brightness levels from 5 to 4200 lumens to cover all your lighting needs. A solid light to have for all lighting requirements, edc, travel, or emergency.

Reason #3: Durable & Compact LED Flashlight

The Seeker 3 PRO remains compact and feather light enough to carry every day, measuring 5 inches long and lower than 7 ounces in weight. You can comfortably hold the light with the mulled cutlet grooves and a non-slip silicone face. Constructed from aluminum alloy, the Seeker 3 PRO easily handles the most challenging outdoor applications.



4200 Lumens with 273 yard throw

Rotary knob switch for fluid toggling between settings

Built-in thermal and proximity sensors to protect against overheating

Finger Grooves for soft and nonslip grip

Lockout Mode to prevent accidental discharge

Multi-scenario Application-Feedback From Ofans

👱Great light if you are looking for flood light. Awesome for camping. Lights up a huge area. Could use a little more throw.


👱Loving the Seeker 3 Pro. I barely need to use the turbo and the battery lasts a long time. High is bright enough for what I need, most of the time I’m on medium. Controls take a bit of learning but easy.


👱Nice flood. Super bright. Great runtime. One of my favorite camping lights. Olight colors are always beautiful


👱I highly recommend this flashlight, great quality and money's worth! No other flashlight is needed when you have a Seeker 3 Pro


👱Perfect size to keep in the center console of the truck an beyond bright!


👱This is the perfect light when traversing in the woods at night it lights up everything within a 300-yard radius like daylight!


👱The fit and finish of this light have the appearance of an aerospace-quality flashlight. The 4200 lumens is just stunning, sometimes I turn it on just to admire the true power of this light. I love the double click on the switch to activate turbo mode instantly, and having the rotary dial means that the exact amount of light can be tailored to my specific task thereby extending the battery life. I have ordered a magnetic carabiner so I can hang the light from my neck so it can be deployed instantly while out on a walk or EDC. The strike bezel is a plus and adds to the usefulness as a weapon along with the strobe function. The lockout and the proximity safety features prevent the light from thermally reconfiguring something near it when the light is in use or not needed and being stored in a pocket. Safety is a priority. The host of features demonstrates a high level of attention to detail that is synonymous with the Olight brand. I am a flashlight snob and I am hooked on this Olight!


👱Great edc. Nice low light and brightness.


👱My youngest has a seeker 2 and uses it on the police force. I bought everyone in my family a seeker 3 for Xmas. My favorite olight.


👱Honestly one of the best flashlights I’ve ever used! I’m a truck driver and this light comes through every time!


👱This is a great flashlight that I keep on our kitchen counter for people to use when we lose power.


👱The controls are easy and intuitive (after first use). I use the red light for hunting often but the other two colors are never used, could probably do without them.

Police / Law Enforcement / Hunting/EDC/Security Professional Flashlight

A tactical masterpiece, this flashlight is built with 5 levels of brightness (including strobe), and now provides an impressive maximum output of 4,200 lumens. With a best-in-class run time and throw distance; the compact, sturdy, and extremely capable Seeker 3 Pro is ideal for law enforcement and military officials, hunting enthusiasts, or simply for everyday carry (EDC) use and bright visibility anywhere you go.


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It's worth spending a bit more to get a light that works and lasts.

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Claire Haller

I think the last customer feedback must be for the freyer since it mentions colors

Posted on: Mar 13, 2023, 13:37:38