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Three super bright flashlights worth buying

Three super bright flashlights worth buying

Great flashlights will feature high lumen output, rugged construction, easy-to-use design, and strobe mode. Read on to learn about the three super bright flashlights Olight has to offer.

What is the super bright flashlight?

The brightest tactical flashlights are the 2,300-lumen Warrior 3s, the 1,750-lumen Warrior Mini 2, and the 25,000-lumen X9R Marauder. these incredibly bright flashlights not only provide a lot of light where you need it, but they are also easy to operate in high voltage situations.

Warrior 3s

Warrior mini 2

X9R Marauder





Max Lumens




Max  Throw












Olight Warrior 3s - 2300 Lumens

With a maximum output of 2300 lumens, a tactical tail light switch, and a durable aluminum body, the Olight Warrior 3s is one of the brightest tactical flashlights Olight has to offer. For law enforcement, military, security and search and rescue personnel who need a lot of light, the Olight Warrior 3s can project its powerful 2,300-lumen beam up to a distance of 984 feet (300 meters).

Olight Warrior 3s Tactical Flashlight

Features a two-step tactical tail light switch for quick action. Activate direct turbo or strobe with a single press. Meet your tactical needs in any situation! This adaptable design is perfect for fast-changing situations where speed and agility must work together. This powerful tactical flashlight features a battery level indicator that lets you know if the 21700 lithium-ion battery needs to be recharged and has a maximum run time of 55 days in Eco mode. Waterproof, dustproof, and impact resistant, the Warrior 3s is designed to meet the needs of any outdoor enthusiast and military and law enforcement personnel.

Olight Warrior mini 2 - 1750 lumens

If you're looking for a more compact but still very bright flashlight, then the Olight Warrior mini 2 will be a favorite in your tactical kit. With a maximum output of 1750 lumens and a beam distance of 722 feet (220 meters), the Olight Warrior mini 2 is another extremely bright tactical flashlight.

Olight Warrior mini 2 EDC Tactical Flashlight

The Olight Warrior mini 2 also features built-in easy-to-operate features with a climbing snap ring and dual switches in a compact size that makes it suitable for EDC and tactical use. The intuitive side switch allows for a choice of six different modes for all-day use, and the dual-stage tail switch allows for quick tactical operation. With its IPX8 dust and water resistance rating, the Olight Warrior mini 2 is also ideal for harsh environments. Its ultra-compact body and two-way clip make the Warrior mini 2 easy to fit in your pocket, but its 1750-lumen output makes it one of the brightest tactical flashlights you can own.

Olight X9R Marauder - 25,000 lumens

The X9R Marauder is one of the brightest tactical flashlights Olight has to offer. With a light output of 25,000 lumens and a maximum runtime of 27 hours in Eco mode, the X9R is the best choice when you are looking for the brightest flashlight available!

X9R Marauder Flashlight

The X9R Marauder is the brightest level of light Olight can produce, with a maximum output of 25,000 lumens. It features 9 easily accessible lighting modes with strobe function to provide optimal illumination for any situation. This tactical light has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack so you don't have to worry about it draining the battery quickly, and it comes with a car charger so you can charge it in the car. In any situation, you can count on the X9R.

Whether you're looking for a larger tactical flashlight with high lumen search capabilities or a more compact tactical flashlight to carry with you every day, we think one of the brightest tactical flashlights will be the perfect asset to your kit. Get in touch with our customer service team to answer any questions, or keep browsing for more of our tactical flashlights.

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