3 Reasons Why You Should Carry a Titanium Flashlight | Last 15H GAW

3 Reasons Why You Should Carry a Titanium Flashlight | Last 15H GAW

A titanium portable flashlight is the way to go if you want to add style to your everyday carry gear. These portable Ti flashlights not only provide a powerful light at your fingertips to keep you prepared, but their distinctive and eye-catching design will make you stand out from the crowd. Here are three reasons why you should always carry a titanium portable flashlight:


Reason 1: Titanium flashlights are extremely durable:

Most of Olight's flashlights are made of aluminum, which strikes a good balance between weight and durability, making it an excellent choice. However, if you regularly carry your gear on a keychain or in your pocket, you may want to consider a titanium flashlight as an alternative. Titanium flashlights are stronger than steel and are more durable than aluminum flashlights. Additionally, titanium polishes easily, so your EDC gear will maintain its current appearance for years to come.


Reason 2: Show off your personal style with a titanium flashlight:

Black anodized aluminum is common in the flashlight world, but if you want to showcase a distinctive personality, you can't go wrong with a titanium flashlight. Titanium is a unique metal material that can make your flashlight one-of-a-kind and personalized. Titanium flashlights have an elegant appearance, and since there are no coatings that can wear off, the cool texture of titanium adds a personal touch.


Reason 3: Long-Term Economy:

Although titanium flashlights may be relatively expensive, their durability and stability mean you won't have to replace or repair them as frequently. Compared to some cheap flashlights, titanium flashlights last longer and can save you a lot of money in the long run.


In conclusion, carrying a titanium portable flashlight provides benefits such as durability, personalization, and long-term savings. Whether as an everyday carry gear or a unique gift option, titanium flashlights are a smart and excellent choice. Choosing the right titanium flashlight for you depends on your personal preferences, but the benefits are definitely worth it.


Olight is one of the most popular flashlight brands in the world, and Olight's new i3T EOS Ti Vertical Line is a great titanium light.


What Makes i3T Ti Stand Out?

titanium Portable Flashlight

The i3T is made of durable titanium. The titanium body is lightweight and palm-sized, making it easy to slip into a pocket or clip to the brim of your hat. It‘s only 3.5 inches x 0.59 inches x 0.59 inches in size.

EDC titanium Flashlight 

Titanium is heavier than aluminum but lighter than steel. i3T weighs only 1.8 ounces, so it won't weigh you down. i3T can be your keychain or your everyday carry flashlight. Furthermore, scratches on titanium are barely visible, and it is far more resistant than aluminum. Even if you use your titanium flashlight in salt water or other corrosive environments, it is highly resistant to corrosion.


What’s more, the i3T includes upgraded two-way pocket clips with wider, stronger arms for a stronger connection. The pocket entry clips are wider, allowing them to easily fit into thicker pants or backpack straps. If you look closely, you may notice that the i3t features 16 vertical lines inspired by St. Petersburg. They support the product with 16 pillars, showing durability and reliability.

titanium Flashlight


So, it's very sturdy and durable. But what about light?


The i3T delivers 180 lumens from just one widely available AAA battery. i3T features a tactical tail switch, unique milling, a premium beam, and a variety of carrying options for an extremely convenient lighting experience that you can take anywhere. It's also very simple to operate, and you can easily switch between 180 lumens and 5 lumens. Plus, with an IPX8 waterproof rating, you can rest assured that the i3T will provide you with a steady source of light, even in inclement weather.

Ti Flashlight


Therefore, the i3T is a great flashlight to carry around as an emergency EDC light source, and it's very necessary to have one for every member of the family, either as a gift or for your own use.  It's worth your money because of its tough body and stylish appearance!


Here are the Strong Features of the i3T:

  • Operating modes:

     High mode - 180 lumens; high runtime - 27 minutes

     Low mode - 5 lumens; low runtime - 16 hours

  • Beam distance - 196 feet (60 meters)

  • Maximum light intensity - 900 candelas

  • Light Source - Philips LUXEON TX CW LEDs

  • Lens/Reflector Type - TIR Optics

  • Mode Operation - Tail Switch


All in all, the Olight i3T is market proven and has been one of the best titanium flashlights on the market. Considering the price of less than $34, this is crazy. Take advantage of this last chance! Click here to get yours!

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