Traditional outdoor sports: Hunting

Traditional outdoor sports: Hunting

If hunting is a way of life, then as a traditional and exciting sport, hunting has a long history. It is not simply a matter of picking up a hunting rifle and killing an animal but has an important significance in cultural heritage, wildlife conservation and reasonable control of animal populations. Hunting combines the courage, wisdom, skill, speed, and cooperation of human beings. When people start to lose themselves in the city, hunting is a sport that can cultivate your tough will and good cooperation with nature, and teach you a lot of knowledge and skills to get along with nature.

Basics of hunting

hunting knowledge

Hunting weapons are generally hunting guns, according to the arrangement of different ways, firearms are divided into single-barrel, double-barrel, and multi-barrel; according to the different firing structures, they are divided into the open and concealed machine; according to the bullet movement, they are divided into wire-bore guns and smooth-bore guns. Nowadays, hunters generally use Kasai guns because Kasai guns can control a surface and are more suitable for striking moving targets, however, wire-bore guns are only focused on a point. The bullets in the Kasai bullet gun are all grains of lead sand, which fly to a distance of 30-40 meters when shooting and scatter into a drop-shaped sand mass of about 60 cm in diameter, which is also the best distance for hunting guns to kill. Generally speaking, the heavier the individual lead sand is, the stronger the killing power is, but the number of the refillable bullet is smaller correspondingly. So different types of lead sand must be used for shooting different animals.


Hunting is exciting and challenging, but the first thing to consider is safety. You have to remember that the gun ammunition in your hand is extremely lethal and the muzzle must be kept up and must not face people at any time. The gun's safety should be adjusted to a closed lock state at all times except when firing. The hand that pulls the trigger when holding the gun should hold the neck of the gun with the index finger on the protective ring of the trigger and not on the trigger. Secondly, if you are a group hunting with friends, you must keep a good formation and advance slowly and parallel, people should not rush in front or at the end. The direction of shooting is 30 degrees to 45 degrees directly in front of you. Hunting requires close cooperation with all participants and the opportunity is the same for everyone.

Hunting tips

Hunting tips

If you are a novice interested in hunting, you'd better train your firearms skills, shooting posture, and trigger control in a simulated field. Participate in hunting safety training and conduct hunting activities under the guidance of an instructor. Here is some basic hunting knowledge


1. Shoot in designated hunting areas

2. Do not point the gun at non-target objects

3. In any case, be sure to check the chamber for bullets

4. Remove your finger from the trigger unless you're ready to shoot

5. No matter what you're shooting at, keep your head up

6. Keep a safe distance from prey

7. During hunting, the shotgun must remain loaded


Of course, in addition to gun use skills and hunting safety training, what is more, important is your state of mind when hunting. Now hunting is a legal sport, so we should pay more attention to the responsibility, relevant legal knowledge, and moral character of hunters.


No matter how superb your hunting skills are, you must have a sense of responsibility for maintaining your guns and ensuring your own personal safety. Learn about the laws related to hunting, for example, you must have a hunting license, and other birds, waterfowl, and various large animals need to purchase additional licenses. Please hunt the specified species and number of beasts at the specified time and place. Do not kill indiscriminately in hunting grounds, let prey corpse in the wild, and waste wildlife resources wantonly.

Hunting equipment

hungting equipment, tactical light, weapon light

I present a list of hunting equipment for you so that you can enjoy the joy of hunting more immersed. We try to include various aspects, but it is recommended to purchase equipment according to your actual situation.


1. Hunting clothing

For hunting clothing, try to consider clothing that is warm, breathable, waterproof, sunscreen, windproof, anti-mosquito and anti-friction noise. Of course, it is impossible for a piece of clothing to meet all these conditions, but the proper combination of underwear and outerwear can not only increase the hunting trip. It can also reduce unnecessary physical burdens.

2. Sunglasses or goggles

Sunglasses or goggles are one of the most common equipment in hunting activities. In addition to avoiding sunlight, bushwalking can prevent tree branches from scratching your eyes and block mosquitoes.

3. Outdoor sneakers

Different sports shoes need to be prepared for different outdoor environments. In the slippery jungle, you can choose boots with thick soles and strong waterproofness. On rough mountain roads, you can choose high-top shoes with slightly soft soles to protect your ankles.


4. Telescopes and rangefinders

In open areas, binoculars and rangefinders are a must for hunting. They can not only find prey from a long distance, but also screen the size of the prey, judge the behavior of the prey, and further adopt an accurate hunting plan. Hunting is also the best opportunity to experience nature, and binoculars can extend the visual distance and add to the fun of viewing the scenery.

5. Shotguns and hunting knives

Rifles and appropriately sized pocket knives are the main tools for hunting, but if you're hunting at night, you may need to prepare a laser sight for accurate shooting. The folding knife can meet the needs of wilderness survival and skin the prey.


The above are some things that should be paid attention to when hunting. Reasonable hunting activities can control the number of wild animals, protect the balance of the ecological environment and enjoy the time with nature fully. You can experience the intense and exciting fighting with wild animals, hunting has become a way of life for entertainment.

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