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O-Fan Review on Olight Seeker 4 Mini White and UV Light Flashlight

O-Fan Review on Olight Seeker 4 Mini White and UV Light Flashlight

If you are a die-hard fan of the Seeker, you must check out the newest addition to the lineup! The Seeker 4 Mini: the first compact flashlight in the Seeker series with both white and UV lights! The dual light sources are not only handy for a multitude of uses but also come in a new fun size that fits nicely in the palm of your hand. The Seeker 4 Mini is available in 3 popular color choices: Red, Black, and OD Green. 

Big Power in a Small Package

With a max output of 1200 lumens and a throw of up to 120 meters, this mini light packs a major punch! It charges quickly and easily in just 1.5 hours and has a runtime of up to 12 days, ensuring it is ready and able when you need it. With a length of 3.43 inches, and weighing just under 4 ounces, the storage and carry options are truly endless! 

Two Light Sources

Featuring both white and UV lights, this versatile little flashlight is ideal for a variety of applications! Not only is it the perfect smaller-size EDC that can light your way through any job or journey, but you can also use the UV function to look for insects or check the cleanliness of your hotel room. You’ll be astounded at the possibilities! 

Premium Construction

The aluminum alloy body was built tough with your comfort in mind! From the ergonomically curved surface that provides non-slip handling, to the two-way clip that allows you convenient storage, no detail was spared! The Seeker 4 Mini also has a 1.5 impact-resistance rating and is waterproof up to 2 meters. It’s an excellent sidekick to any adventure in any environment! 

New and Improved Side Switch

The Seeker 4 Mini was designed with a high-end metal side switch that is not only extremely durable and wear-resistant, but provides a visual display of your remaining battery life in real-time. As the light changes through the three colors (green-orange-red), you won’t have to guess or worry about how much time you have left before your next charge! You can trust the Seeker 4 Mini to keep your task or travels safely illuminated for longer into the night! 

Seeker 4 Mini Usage Scenario

With so many options to choose from, the better question might be: What can’t the Seeker 4 Mini be used for? From everyday carry, outdoor excursions, power outages, and repairs, to simple daily tasks, you can rely on the power and brightness of the Seeker 4 Mini to have you covered in any situation! The new UV function only adds to the boundless opportunities! As mentioned above, you can use it to check your hotel for cleanliness and bed bugs. While hiking outside, you can use the UV light to watch out for scorpions and other insects that will glow in your path. Law enforcement officers will find the UV handy when checking for bodily fluids at a crime scene, or while checking the validity of a drivers license during a traffic stop. Cashiers can use it to check to make sure the money they take is authentic and not counterfeit. The usability of the Seeker 4 Mini is unending! Try it out today and see the world in a whole new light! 

User Feedback

✅The UI operation is easy to use and compact. Love the UV light. Like the product and find it to be a handy light to take on the go.

✅The UI is different than Olight's UI of the past, but it makes sense and is intuitive. The double-press from sleep to turn on UV is probably the best way, and turbo is still accessible when the flashlight is operating. The overall product experience is good. 

✅I think it's fantastic! Very easy to use with very responsive buttons. 5 stars!So far I'm quite happy with it. Plenty of light in the right proportions.

✅It's incredibly easy to use. The button responds well to the touch. The UV makes it all the better! Very happy so far.Overall, I'd say I've been thoroughly enjoying it. Small size, with lots of power. Excellent for EDC! Great job Olight!

✅I love it So far. Although I’ve only had it a week. It’s simple to operate and is very useful. Hard to think of a way it could be improved. I like that strobe function wasn’t mixed in with changing lumen levels as I don’t use the strobe function. It’s a great light!I guess I answered this above, but it’s a great light. I can’t think of anything I would have done different.

✅I like it and it’s brighter then the past uv lights.It’s pretty good wish was a little brighter being a seeker series.Overall I like this light. It fits into the S1R holster nicely. I did notice the power button seems “looser” then on other models of Olights , like the button presses easier. The one thing I would like to see that is missing is a clip.

✅Very simple interface, easy to use without looking. Tactile surface to the button makes finding it super easy. Love the small size so it fits in any pocket. Nice amount of light in a small package. UV light is easy on the eyes and great for looking for watermarks or security features on documents or currency.

✅Smooth and intuitive. Easy to access uv mode, and familiar white light operation. Very fun being a small form factor, and very bright uv able to scan a whole room.

✅It is very easy to operate. Push the button for the regular light let up and hold for your desired brightness, double click for the brightest setting. When it is off, double click for UV or triple click for the strobe setting. Long hold when it is off puts it into lockout mode. I have enjoyed this light very much. When holding it, it feels good. My thumb automatically holds the light on the flat spot next to the switch. Just a little move of my thumb and I can find the switch. It is easy to operate. I have smaller hands and it fits great.

✅Overall it has been great. The size makes it easy to slid into my side pocket and it feels like it’s not even there till I need it. I’ve been wanted to add a back up light to my carry and this one worked great. The wide flood but good range for everyday use. The uv function is always fun, I sleep in a lot of hotels so kinda nice to have that price of mind and gross at the same time. But I’m excited to continue to use this light.

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