O-Fan Review on Olight Warrior Mini 2 EDC Tactical Flashlight

O-Fan Review on Olight Warrior Mini 2 EDC Tactical Flashlight

Whether it’s an EDC (everyday carry), backpacking, dog walking, military or police work, the Warrior Mini 2 has you covered for all of the above. Now being the latest version of the previous Warrior Mini, it is one of the most powerful compact tactical EDC flashlights on the market. The new Lava Camouflage is absolutely stunning and will make the ultimate addition to anyone’s EDC.

Olight uses a reversible clip for either a bezel-up or bezel-down carry, which really makes it right as tactical use in an emergency. The carabiner-style ring makes it great to hook on your pack or belt, or even just to hold onto. My son has one clipped onto his backpack all the time. 

Coming in at just 4.3 oz and 4.65 inches long, the awesome milling makes this a really great light to hold and use. This newer version of the Warrior mini also includes a tail switch, which means quick use of strobe, or turbo makes for a super easy bright light in any situation. Having a strobe function that isn’t tailored to the 3 levels of intensity is very nice. What I mean by this is on a lot of other brands of flashlights you have different intensity levels. What Olight does that’s really nice is they make it a triple press of the side switch so that instead of having to have the strobe on every time you go through the levels, it's just an optional triple press. Very convenient. 

One of the things that really makes the Warrior Mini 2 stand out is that Olight has included a smart proximity sensor on the end of the light. This means when the light comes to close to an object, it automatically dims the light to prevent overheating and damage to the light itself. It also means if for whatever reason you forget to turn on the lock function when putting it in your pocket or pack, when the light turns on, after 60 seconds of obstruction, the light turns off. 

This is an important thing for me, as sometimes I don’t always have the time to put the light in lock mode. You can do this by holding the side switch for just over 2 seconds until the moonlight mode turns off and it is now in lock mode. The same action unlocks the light as well. But to have the confidence that knowing that proximity sensor is in there and it will shut off really gives me a piece of mind. 

This light also uses Olight’s magnetic wireless charging. Super easy and convenient, I always keep one in my car, or at my desk just in case I need to throw it on there to give it a quick charge up.

As I said previously, like most of Olight’s products, their lights include a battery indicator on the light itself. In the center of the side switch is a small led light showing you green, orange, or red. Green represents >60%, Orange 10 ~ 60%, Red 5 ~ 10%, Blinking Red <5%. 

With a few different choices of colors, the Warrior Mini 2 has become my everyday carry. For me having the tail switch on there with the optional side switch just makes it super convenient. Having 1750 lumens in the palm of your hands that you can also fit into your pocket was just a no-brainer for me. 

Overall the Warrior Mini 2 is a solid option for anyone looking to get a light that Isn’t too big but isn’t too small and really packs a punch. For the most part, I always recommend the Warrior Mini 2 for someone who asks me what an all-around good flashlight is. Feels good in the hand, it's durable, and easy charging, I love the Warrior Mini 2

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