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Valkyrie Turbo - The Perfect Tactical Weapon light

Valkyrie Turbo - The Perfect Tactical Weapon light

Valkyrie Turbo- The Perfect Tactical Weaponlight

Having a weapon light is one of the most convenient things whether you are hunting, involved in law enforcement, or even in self-defense. It is handy for low-light conditions for you to identify your potential target before shooting or even placing a potential threat.

Talking about weapon light, Valkyrie Turbo is one of the versatile tactical lights you can find on the market. With proper compatibility, powerful LEP light, long battery life, and durability, it is everything you would want in a weapon light.

Let's head over to the article to know more about Olight Valkyrie Turbo and why it is the perfect tactical weapon light for you.

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Olight is a brand that provides consumers with high-quality flashlights tested and trusted by thousands of our customers. We have been delivering different lights to help people in their daily work or outdoor situation.

We have various lights for all kinds of needs, including EDC, outdoor, tactical, weapon-mounted, ambient, headlamps, bike lights, and accessories.

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All About Valkyrie Turbo

weapon-mounted flashlight

Valkyrie Turbo is the first rail mount tactical LEP flashlight. It is one of the best options for people looking for an LEP Weapon Light for concealed carry.

It is one of the best weapon lights for long-range vision that delivers a much brighter light at the same distance. And the best part about the Valkyrie Turbo is that it is FDA approved with accession number(2220327-000).

The Valkyrie Turbo is so powerful that you even get a warning not to stare into it directly. The bright long-range illumination gives you the perfect power to point and shoot.

1. Unpacking the weapon light: While unpacking the Valkyrie Turbo, you will find the Valkyrie Turbo LEP light with two 3v 1600mAh CR123A batteries. The package also contains one Picatinny(MIL-STD-1913) Rail Mount Adapter, H1.5 Allen Wrench, two adjustable screws, and a user manual.

2. Dimensions and Size: The Valkyrie Turbo LEP is lightweight, 4.7 oz(133g), with batteries. It measures 3.55 in(90.1 mm) in length, 1.44 in(36.6 mm) in width and 1.33 in(33.7 mm) in height.

3. Operation Instructions: With an easy installation and operation system, it is pretty easy to operate the weapon light. Having two rail adapters, you can attach them to different accessory rails. The light has an easy installation system to attach and detach it to a swingarm quickly, and with the dual ambidextrous switches, it is easy to operate without breaking your grip.

4. Build Quality & Functionality: The Valkyrie Tubro is built with Aluminium alloy, and the body has an ‎Anti-scratch type-III hard anodized finish to make it scratch-resistant. It also comes with an IPX6 waterproof rating, making it perfect for outdoor conditions in every weather.

With its excellent built quality and waterproof rating, the Valkyrie Turbo can be functional for hunting, law enforcement, self-defense, and even target practice.

What makes Valkyrie Tubro the Perfect Tactical Weaponlight

Powerful LEP Performance: The Valkyrie Turbo offers a powerful LEP performance with a max light intensity of 70,225cd. It features a white spotlight with 530 meters throw & 250 lumens of output, making it the perfect choice for long-range illumination and target practice.

Two Rail Adapters: The LEP flashlight comes with two rail adapters you can choose from. With the rail adapters, you can attach or release your flashlight to Picatinny 1913 and Glock accessory rails.

Quick Installation and Operation System: The Valkyrie Turbo also offers a quick installation system that you can quickly attach and detach with a locking swing arm making it a perfect weapon light. The quick installation system allows you to install the LEP light with just one hand. With the dual ambidextrous switches, you can also efficiently operate the flashlight with either hand.

Long Battery Life: Valkyrie Tubro is powered by 2 CR 123A batteries which are widely available. The two batteries can power the flashlight for up to 184 minutes, and you can replace the battery on the go.

IPX6 Waterproof Rating: IPX6 rating on the Valkyrie also makes it resistant to high-pressure water jets. It can resist heavy sprays of weather and is impenetrable by waterfalls.

Usage of Valkyrie Turbo

Now that we have learned all about the Valkyrie Turbo, its specifications, and its features, let's know about the usage and functionality of the Valkyrie Turbo.


LEP lights are bets for hunting compared to standard LED lights. LEP lights are so powerful that lights can even blind a vehicle from far away. You can mount Valkyrie to your hunting rifle or other weapons.

Using LEP flashlights can help you spot your prey from far around. Not just spotting your prey with powerful lights, you can also make your presence felt and keep yourself and your group safe. While hunting

Law Enforcement

Using weapon lights is extremely important for law enforcement officers. Light is essential for law enforcement officers.

Using light in one hand and a weapon in another can get dangerous with a single-handed grip on a gun. With weapon light, the officers can use a two-handed grip on their weapon, enabling better accuracy and mechanical functioning.

They can’t always predict their working environment, whether it is pitch dark or there is enough light. In scenarios where there is pitch dark, a weapon light helps you search around the environment from your weapon light itself. With Valkyrie Turbo LEP light, they can also have a clear long-range vision.


A weapon light should be in the self-defense plan for everybody. In low-light conditions, weapon light can help you spot the danger from far away. Like during law enforcement, a weapon light also gives you a better grip on your weapon, helping you improve the accuracy.

Self-defense is a must-required skill for everybody, but it's pretty useless if you are armed in total darkness. A weapon light will help you defend yourself from intruders, other people, and situations. You can identify possible threats and save yourself ahead of time.


The Valkyrie Turbo is one of the most necessary accessories for hunters, law enforcement officers, and home defenders to identify possible targets and threats in low-light conditions.

With great features and specifications, the weapon light is your perfect companion for you. It not only offers excellent illumination, but Valkyrie Turbo is also the best weapon light with features like easy installation and operation, IPX6 rating, high battery power, durability, two rail adapter, and many more. Read More about What Makes Olight Valkyrie Turbo LEP Gun Lights Great for Self Defense/Law Enforcement?

Valkyrie Turbo is available on OLight Website, and other online marketplaces. Order your tactical weapon light now!

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