The More You See The Warrior 3S OD Green, The More You'll Love It!

The More You See The Warrior 3S OD Green, The More You'll Love It!

The More You See The Warrior 3S OD Green, The More You'll Love It!

The convenience of a bright flashlight is always helpful to have on hand for any situation. You might need to flip switches on a breaker, descend into a dark basement, or find the keys you dropped in your car, for instance.

Since the little flashlight in your smartphone drains its battery and often isn't bright enough for some situations, you should choose a real flashlight so you can save your phone's power for other essential functions, like making calls or texting friends.

Nowadays, flashlights come with rechargeable batteries and bright LED lights capable of illuminating objects hundreds of feet away. Unlike the flashlights of yesteryear, modern flashlights are small enough to fit in your pocket and weigh next to nothing.

Recently, Olight released the Warrior 3S OD Green which features a stunning color and awesome features, lighting up the darkness when you need it. Let’s take a closer look at it!

EDC Tactical Flashlight

Warrior 3S OD Green

1. Stunning Color and Cool Design

The useful and versatile Warrior 3S OD Green inherits the spectacular design of the Warrior 3S Edition, and its new OD Green color makes it look clean and refreshing.

Additionally, the knurled surface of the body increases your grip on the light, allowing you to hold it firmly even if your hands get sweaty. This means you won't have to worry about whether it will slide out of your hand.

That’s also why so many different groups of people love it including technicians, workers, hunters, campers, and law enforcement officers. 

Unlike other colors of the Warrior 3S, this new OD (olive drab) green variety is a military color that serves some tactical purposes. It is one of the most common colors for concealment and camouflage in the forested wilderness.

This color has been used by militaries around the world in the past century (such as in WWI & WWII). Its color offers various advantages for warfare and tactical operations.

In the hot summer weather, the OD Green color will make you feel comfortable and peaceful.

Whether you are taking it for camping or hiking, it will give you a cool experience, with color as fresh as the evergreen trees. If you want to try a new color of the Warrior 3S, this one is certainly a great option. 

2. Upgrade Your Every-Day-Carry and Use Light

With a premium holster and heavy-duty pocket clip, it has made a huge leap forward in the ways of easy carrying by offering multiple carry options. It uses a pocket-friendly design that simplifies the process of taking the light in and out of your pockets with a smoother strike bezel and a two-way pocket clip.

You can clip it on your pocket, the brim of your clothes, or the belts. This improved strike bezel is less aggressive than before for a more comfortable carrying experience, which can reduce the chance of it getting hooked or pricked.

For those who need an EDC (Every-Day-Carry) flashlight that can be kept in more convenient places than your pockets, the upgraded holster made of nylon material can provide strong protection for this Warrior 3S, and it can be attached to the belt on your waist. Meanwhile, you can also get quick access to the flashlight while it is fastened. 

"Additionally, it features dual switch settings which include a side switch and two-stage tail switch, making it practical for daily use and capable in any scenario. "

The operation of the dual switch is quick and simple. With just a single press, you can activate the two-stage tail switch at once. For tactical operations, the dual-stage tail switch allows you access to the most important settings such as turbo and strobe quickly and easily. 

With a quick triple press, you can enter the strobe mode in case of an emergency demand. And the slide switch allows you to select your preferred brightness level instantly during daily use. 

EDC Tactical light

3. Empower Yourself with Leading Performance

With a whopping 2300-lumen output and the ability to throw a beam 300 meters away, the Warrior 3S OD Green is probably overkilled for most people not part of a search-and-rescue team. If you are looking for the brightest flashlight you can buy, the Warrior 3S is a worthy choice.

The cool white LED paired with a TIR optic lens can cast a high-performance cool white beam light rated at 23000 candelas, which is more than bright enough to illuminate any environment including long corridors, unlit rooms, or dark wilderness.

Plus, it possesses six output settings: turbo (2300 lumens), high (800 lumens), medium (200 lumens), low (15 lumens), moonlight (1 lumen), strobe (13HZ at 2300 lumens). If you intend to use it for daily tasks, the medium or high mode can be suitable for you while the low mode is right for indoor uses. 

Powered by 5000 mAh 21700 batteries, it can last for up to 55 days on the moonlight brightness setting. Wherever you go, the powerful Warrior 3S will support you with its extraordinary brightness and lengthy runtime.

Warriors 3s

In addition, the hot spot of the beam is bright and uniform, and distinguishable from the flood. The coverage area of the flood light is large, providing you with a wide vision of the field. 

If you don’t want to be helpless out in the dark, the powerful Warrior 3S OD Green will be at your service. 

4. Convenience and Efficiency

"The Warrior 3S also stays surprisingly compact with measurements of just 1.16 inches in diameter and just under 5.5 inches in length, weighing less than 6.3 ounces. "

Its compact size and outstanding performance enable it to serve as a worthy companion for hunting trips or backwoods camping adventures. 

Moreover, it is rechargeable via an MCC3 USB magnetic cable with a charging current of up to 2 amps, which enables you to charge the included batteries efficiently.

EDC tac Flashlight

There are 4-level battery and brightness level indicators around the switch, which can be read at a single glance. These indicators will keep you informed on the light's status at all times. 

Like the Warrior 3, the tail cap is re-engineered to support our optional dual-button magnetic remote switch for mounting on a long weapon setup. When the remote switch makes a stable connection, it can switch to a two-stage brightness level without you changing your posture.

The smooth operation of the switch brings much more convenience than you'd first imagine. When the light is off, pressing it for over one second will switch it to moonlight mode while a double press will switch to turbo mode. 

Also when the light is off, with just a 2-second press, it can switch to lockout mode. In lockout mode, when the side switch button and/or the tail switch are pressed, the red indicator light on the right side of the side switch will light up for 2 seconds. To unlock the light, simply press and hold the side button for more than 1 second (the light will not ignore this in lockout mode).

5. Enhanced Safety and Reliability

EDC tac lights

Thanks to its built-in proximity sensor, the Warrior 3S OD Green has the advanced feature of being able to drop its brightness level when too close to other materials while set to the high, turbo, or strobe mode. After a minute in such a state, the light will automatically turn itself off.

This means, for example, that if you accidentally activate your light while it is in a bag or pocket, the risk of excess heat or potential burns (due to the high brightness setting) would be minimized, because the light would detect that it is in a very confined space.

Additionally, the Warrior 3S has an IPX8 water-resistance rating and passed a 1.5-meter drop test, which means it can still operate even in harsh conditions.

With regard to the body material, which is made of aluminum alloy, its hard anodic oxidation coating offers benefits such as corrosion resistance, wear resistance, weather protection, insulation, and adsorption. Put simply, it is tough enough to endure rough use.

On top of those features, the PVD coating of the strike bezel and the pocket clip can make the Warrior 3S OD Green more resistant to sweat and regular wear than other materials. Furthermore, it has a 5-year Olight warranty and polite, punctual customer service. If you have any questions about it, you can contact them and get a quick response.

If you purchase it now, you will get several items in the box, including the Warrior 3S (Battery Included), Pocket Clip, MCC3 USB Magnetic Charging Cable, holster, and user manual.

There are also optional accessories referred to as the sROD-7 Magnetic Remote Switch (with stand) and the sROD Long Coil Wire Magnetic Remote Switch E-WM25 Mount. Choose what you need as you wish.


"Q: Is there a battery issue if it won’t fully charge after a whole night?

A: You can try running the battery down until it's empty and then putting it back on the charger. Please also confirm you are using a power adapter with at least a 2 amp output."

"Q: How to deactivate the proximity sensor?

A: To disable the proximity sensor, just quickly double-click (or triple click) the side switch within 5 seconds after the automatic dimming. Then, the brightness will restore to the normal level. Turning off the light can re-activate the proximity sensor."

"Q: Is the Warrior 3S OD Green too large for EDC (Every-Day-Carry)?

A: Overall, the size isn't too big or too small, which means you can carry this EDC flashlight in your front pocket. "

Order it Now!

warrior 3s OD Green

"In conclusion, the Warrior 3S OD Green is a do-it-all tactical flashlight that will guide you through any situation. It's certainly worthwhile to take a look at the Warrior 3S OD Green due to its fashionable style and many practical functions. "

From August 1st to September 1st this year, it's on a 10% discount, which can save your budget by $11.99. Plus, you can get a mysterious gift once you order it. Still, thinking about it? Come and get it now!

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