Olight Warrior 3S Titanium Tactical Flashlight in A New Black Stonewashed Finish[Giveaway]

Olight Warrior 3S Titanium Tactical Flashlight in A New Black Stonewashed Finish[Giveaway]

When it comes to tactical flashlights, the Olight Warrior 3S ticks all the right boxes. It is rugged, easy to use with intuitive controls, includes both a tactical tail switch as well as a side button for quick activation, is bright with a great balance of flood and throw and even includes a strobe function for disorienting anyone with bad intentions. It has a crenulated strike bezel and the body has two mounting positions for the clip for either bezel-up or bezel-down carry preferences. The previous versions of the Warrior 3S have come in a variety of colors and finishes, including ODG, orange, black, camo, scarlet gradient, and the five elements versions in Titanium and Copper. Now Olight is introducing us to a brand-new finish, and it is fantastic!

Black Stonewashed Titanium

The newest Limited Edition of the Warrior 3S is constructed of titanium with a blackened stonewashed finish. This really looks amazing, adding a much more rugged appearance to an already great-looking tactical flashlight. The process for achieving this finished appearance is impressive. The body of the flashlight is first constructed from solid titanium that is then milled to the dimensions and specifications needed for the Warrior 3S. 

Next, a black PVD coating is applied and then they are sent to the vibration grinder for “stone washing”. Finally, an anti-fingerprint oil is applied to the surface of each light. The results are truly stunning with a body that is extremely strong and durable. The final appearance of the assembled light looks amazing and fits the tactical expectations rather well. The attention to detail is also great with a matching dark grey and weathered clip and strike bezel. The blackened stonewash finish should only get better with time and this new color should also look great with most weapons it could be mounted to.

Recap of the Specifications 

It is important to note, as with the previous release of the Five Elements editions, the Titanium editions will have lower performance specifications as compared to their Aluminum and Copper versions. This is due to the heat-dissipative properties of titanium versus other materials. Despite the lower overall performance, the Titanium Warrior 3S in the black stonewash finish still provides an impressive amount of performance for a tactical light. With a max output of 1,850 lumens, it is plenty bright enough for almost all scenarios. You still get the great balance between spill and spot, making it a great light for weapon mounting. 

Having 6 total modes, including both moonlight and strobe, is very handy and allows for a variety of use scenarios. And while it weighs slightly more than the aluminum version, it is still relatively lightweight at just over 7.5 ounces including the battery. It is a great light for everyday carry and allows for multiple carry options since it includes a holster and a clip that can be repositioned for your personal preference. 

As with all the Warrior 3S versions, this one includes a smart proximity sensor for safety. The proximity sensor can also be disabled by double-pressing the side switch within 5 seconds after auto-diming. Additionally, the side switch bezel also includes light indicators for both power settings as well as battery life. Finally, the tail switch can be programmed for either turbo or strobe mode activation.

What’s included

Included with the purchase of the Warrior 3S is the following:

  • Warrior 3S 

  • Customized 5000mAh 2170 Rechargeable Lithium Battery

  • USB Magnetic Charging Cable (MCC)

  • Holster

  • User Manual

Final Thoughts

The Warrior 3S is a fantastic tactical light that is great for everyday carry applications. It is well suited for law enforcement, hunting, recreational camping and hiking use. This new limited-edition Titanium in the blackened stonewashed finish not only looks great it also feels great in the hand. The rugged and almost worn look of it lends itself well to the overall tactical look and feel of the light. Because of the overall greyish-to-black appearance, it should match a variety of weapons should you desire to mount it with the optional mounting hardware, E-WM25. Whether you are a collector, heavy user, or first-time buyer, this edition of the Warrior 3S should be on your must-have list! Warrior 3S titanium black stonewash is a limited edition with only 3000PCS worldwide on August Flash Sale. Enjoy! >>Act Now

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