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Warrior mini 2 Tactical Flashlight Worth Buying Under $100

Warrior mini 2 Tactical Flashlight Worth Buying Under $100

Are you looking for a powerful flashlight, but don't want to spend a lot of money?

We hear you!

While brightness and cost may be the primary factors you consider before buying a flashlight, quality and price are usually directly proportional. This may make you feel like you need to compromise on one or the other.

What if we told you that you don't need to compromise?

At Olight, we have a range of flashlights that provide high performance without incurring price increases.

The best flashlight for a $100 budget

Under $100 we highly recommend you check out the Warriors mini 2.

warrior mini 2 edc flashlight

The Warriors mini 2 has an impressive lumen cast over great distances and offers a host of other useful features that prove performance and price don't conflict with each other.

Warrior mini 2 EDC Tactical Flashlight

The Warrior mini 2 is a high-performance tactical flashlight that delivers a maximum output of 1750 lumens at a distance of 722 feet (220m), making it one of the brightest flashlights under $100.

With an IPX8 water resistance rating and impact resistance up to 1m, the rugged Warrior 3s lets you rest assured that this light is built to withstand the toughest conditions.

warrior mini 2 small flashlight

Combining bright lights with user-friendly operation, Warrior mini 2 is very easy to activate.

When self-defense becomes a priority, instant activation of Warrior mini 2's instant strobe prevails in any situation. When you need quick and easy lighting, use the tail switch to instantly turn on/off and easily switch between six lighting modes with the side switch.

  • Turbo: 1,750~500~200 lumens

  • High: 500~200 lumens

  • Med: 120 lumens

  • Low: 15 lumens

  • Moon: 1 lumens

  • Strobe: Yes, 1,750 lumens, 13Hz

We know that brightness is an important factor when choosing a flashlight - after all, that's why we classify flashlights based on lumens. Warrior mini 2 has a built-in smart proximity sensor that automatically dims higher output modes when the light is blocked by nearby objects. Prevents the risk of overheating the backpack or pocket.

warrior mini 2 tactical flashlight

What’s more, the flashlight can be cycled to some really low lumens for discreet lighting and close-range tasks. With just 1 lumen in Moon mode and a maximum runtime of 45 days, the Warrior mini 2 is the perfect lighting tool for any indoor, outdoor, or work event.

Outputs up to 120 lumens are welcome lighting on dark nights and indoors. Wide beam spread is complemented by lower lumen levels for longer battery life. Warrior mini 2 is a practical tool that you can carry with you every day.

warrior mini 2 edc tactical flashlight

The Olight Warriors mini 2 flashlight is super handy to take out while in use. This means it activates instantly after being pulled from a pocket, bag, drawer, or vehicle console. And use the holding clip to orient it where needed. A reversible clip keeps the bezel down in your pocket, or for easy everyday carry while walking the dog or checking out the garage. The Olight Warrior 2 flashlight's spiral textured surface design allows for an easy grip, even with wet or gloved hands. Warriors mini 2 is an affordable high-performance flashlight! Olight always listens to customers and meets the features users expect.

Say "GOODBYE" to the Darkness

warrior mini 2 edc rechargeable flashlight

A modest investment in the Olight Warriors mini 2 flashlights will bring more convenience to your life. Olight is US-centric with a 5-year warranty, plus a lanyard and spare O-ring to make a complete package. A quality, reliable flashlight doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Tactical professional or flashlight enthusiast, the Warrior mini 2 is one of the brightest flashlights under $100 to help you get any job done.

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Love this little flashlight! I use it quite a bit and its still on the first charge. Love that you can switch the pocket clip configuration as well.

Posted on: Sep 12, 2022, 09:25:36