Warrior Mini 3 Portable Tactical Flashlight Review From O-Fan

Warrior Mini 3 Portable Tactical Flashlight Review From O-Fan

Olight recently released the incredible Warrior Mini 3, the ultimate portable tactical flashlight. With its compact size and immense power, this pocket-sized marvel is a must-have for professionals in law enforcement, the military, trades, and industrial settings. But it doesn't stop there - campers, hikers, hunters, and homeowners will also find it indispensable. 


  • 1750 Lumens in five brightness levels

  • Tactical mode with instant access to turbo and disorienting strobe

  • Maximum runtime 100 days on low power

  • Smart Pre-activated Proximity Sensor


  • Tactical side and tail cap dual-switch design


  • Comes with a high-capacity, high-discharge 18650 battery

  • Tailcap magnetic charging

  • Ergonomic milling for a secure yet comfortable grip

  • Two-Way stainless steel pocket clip for carry options


The Warrior Mini 3 boasts a dazzling peak output of 1750 lumens across five brightness levels, making it the epitome of big-light power. Equipped with a self-defense strobe, it ensures your safety in any situation. What's more, if the light is accidentally switched to High/Turbo mode when blocked at close range, the pre-activated proximity sensor will lower the output. However, if the light approaches objects (such as raindrops and window glass) with High/Turbo mode in use the sensor will not hinder the intended output.

warrior mini 3 portable tactical flashlight


Designed for easy operation, the Warrior Mini 3 features side and tail cap switches that allow for effortless use. The tail switch even provides instant access to turbo or strobe modes with a single press. Its refined strike bezel offers added self-defense functionality, while the reversible pocket clip allows for convenient carry in your pocket, always ready for quick tactical response.

What's more, Thanks to the advanced Nano Molding Technology, cleaning metal dust from the tail switch is a breeze, ensuring flawless performance every time.

tactical EDC flashlight

With a remarkable maximum runtime of up to 100 days on low power, you can rely on the Warrior Mini 3 for enduring performance. And when it's time to recharge, simply snap on the magnetic charge cable, ensuring hassle-free replenishment.

LED Tactical Flashlight


Constructed with durable aluminum housing, the Warrior Mini 3 is not only powerful but also built to withstand the elements. With an impressive IPX8 waterproof rating, it tackles any weather condition without hesitation.


Here's what O-Fan has to say about the Warrior Mini 3:

🌟The new Warrior Mini 3 is an Excellent EDC flashlight! The new size, which is smaller than the current WM2 in both length and diameter, is great for pocket carry. The side switch is larger than previous versions and the tail switch has been improved as well making for simple and easy operation! With multiple output modes, including strobe, it's just a great all-around carry light! I'm very pleased with my purchase!


🌟One of my favorite lights! Love the fact that the head of the light is the same as the Warrior mini and I can use the diffusers I bought for it on the 3.


🌟Really digging the Warrior Mini 3, I like the size, the power, and the feel of the light is great, I like the interface that is in the light itself, it's powerful, and the new tail switch design is absolutely


🌟The original Warrior Mini was just about perfect until this light came along. This new Warrior Mini 3 knocked it out of the park. The beam is a little tighter than the Warrior Mini but still has enough spill to get close-up jobs done. It has a very bright cool white light. The size is just right for those with smaller hands. telly flawless and easy to use, one of my new favorite lights

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Elevate your lighting game with the Warrior Mini 3, the exceptional portable tactical flashlight that combines power, versatility, and reliability. Don't miss out on owning this extraordinary piece of technology that will be your trusted companion in every adventure. Experience illumination like never before with the Warrior Mini 3.

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