What is Color Temperature?

What is Color Temperature?

Jul 16, 2022, 08:00:00

What is Color Temperature?

Definition of Color Temperature

Color temperature is the measurement of the light appearance which is measured in degrees of Kelvin (K) on a scale from 1,000 to 10,000. Its origin is based on a hypothesis proposed by the British physicist Kelvin. He assumes that when an ideal black body can absorb all the radiant energy that falls on it without any losses while releasing all the energy due to radiation absorption in the form of light, it will present different colors depending on the level of absorbed radiation energy. It will become more relaxed as the kelvins increase, leading to a whiter color temperature.

General Color Temperature

It has been found that different color temperatures will lead to different emotional responses. Generally, the color temperature of light sources can be divided into three main categories.

I.<3300K——Warm light

With more red light components in the spectrum, it is close to the color of incandescent light and ranges from orange to yellow-white in appearance, giving people a warm, healthy, and comfortable feeling, suitable for hotels, supermarkets, and other occasions.

II.3300~5300K——Neutral white light

It will emit a more neutral white light and may even have a slight blue tint which gives people a comfortable, pleasant, and peaceful feeling, suitable for stores, hospitals, offices, and other most common occasions.

III.>5300K——Cool white light

Its spectrum is close to daylight which gives off a blue-white light that mimics daylight, so it gives people a bright and sober feeling and enables greater concentration, perfect for conference rooms, libraries, factory workshops, and other occasions that require a high degree of attention.

LED Light Color Temperature

Importance of choosing the right Color Temperature

Choosing the right color temperature is a very significant aspect when purchasing a light since it makes a big difference in the light that you will select and the space where you will erect for different color temperatures can have a huge impact on the atmosphere and mood we intend to create. Imagine how bad it is when you are in a spa and trying to relax but there are cool white lights that make you focused and alert everywhere in the spa.

However, preference for color temperature is very subjective. A vivid example is that someone likes to place the warm light in the bedroom while another one will prefer cool white light. So, it is severely necessary for you to carefully consider which color temperature of the lights you will choose.

How to choose the right Color temperature?

The first step for you to know how to choose the right color temperature is to learn about different color temperature application scenarios. Here is the introduction of some application scenarios of different color temperatures.

I. Factory workshop:

4500-5000K for particularly detailed work, 5000-5500K for other general work.

II. Hospital:

General ward 4000-4500K, consultation room 5000-5500K. In this way, the patient can be quiet, trust the doctor and cooperate with the doctor's examination and treatment.

III. School:

4500-5000K for the classroom, library, and science lab.

3000-4500K for Art classroom, liberal arts activity room

IV. Shopping mall main lighting:

3500-4500K. Color temperature is natural and lively so as to cause people's desire to buy for the color gives people a sense of reassurance and comfort.

V. Mall food area:

3000-3500K. This color temperature can arouse people's appetite.

List of Olight products with color temperature

In July, in line with the customer-centric philosophy, we reorganized the product categories, including a category classified by color temperature.

I. 2700-3700K

II. 4000-5000K

III. 5000-5700K

IV. 5700-6700K


It is still necessary to take color temperatures into your lights purchase process so as to ensure you buy the right light for you. Hope this article can shed some light on your knowledge of color temperature.

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