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What You Should Know About Baton 3 Pro Max Flashlight ?

What You Should Know About Baton 3 Pro Max Flashlight ?

The Baton 3 Pro Max is now the biggest Baton in the series line up to date. With it being the max version and a bit bigger then the others in the series, it comes with a bit more heft. But its not bad to carry in the pocket, and although some may consider the size an issue, it considerably makes up for it in performance. The Baton 3 Pro Max brings in some new features from the Baton series. Such as a boastful 2500 lumen LED setup. from some of the previous batons this is a massive upgrade. 

The Baton 3 Pro Max also has a brand new proximity sensor, which is just an absolute necessity. When you’re putting that kind of power in your pocket or bag, safety should be a priority. The upgraded proximity sensor can be turned off temporarily or permanently and turned on again as desired by the user. Olight also added a Shake to activate battery indicator light. Simply shake the Baton 3 Pro Max to activate and look at the indicator light on the side switch to see the current level of the battery.  With the new color options, emitters, and materials, Olight is really changing up the game with there first new release of the year.


Olight has always had a very nice, high quality unboxing experience. With a premium experience out of the box, right out of the gate you already feel like you get more then you pay for. Here is what you get in the box.

✔️Baton 3 Pro Max (5000 mAh Battery Included)

✔️MCC2 Charging Cable

✔️L-Shaped Magnetic Stand

✔️Olights Pouch

✔️User Manual

Every Day Use

Coming from some of its predecessors in the baton series (Baton 3/Pro), which I still love and use, the Baton 3 Pro Max is an absolute tank. The size is what really stands out to me. Olight did a great job at really considering the EDC type but still making a larger version for those that want longer battery life and a huge amount of power. The Knurling on the handle is one to be recognized as it’s the same type as the others. Same great feel and grip, but bigger light. The Bezel on the Baton 3 Pro Max is what you would expect for the baton series, flat with a bit of a recessed lens. It is a bit more recessed then the smaller versions but I believe the larger size makes it seem more extreme than it really is. 

Some of the more obvious changes are going to be the size and the power. The Baton 3 Pro Max really does fit well in the pocket for the size. I normally carry a medium sized flashlight, so the 4.5 inch length and 1 inch diameter body doesn’t seem to faze me at all. 

The brightness level function where you hold down the side switch to access the 3 levels and double press for turbo are the same as most of Olights other flashlights. The battery level indicator on the right lets you know how much life you have left before you need to charge (Red LED <10%, Orange LED 10 – 60% Power, Green LED >60% Power. The Baton 3 Pro Max has a Turbo mode of 2500 Lumens! Its truly something you have to see to really understand just how bright it is. Here are the lighting levels and run times. Each represents the intensity and steps down it will take as battery and/or heat being a factor. Also keep in mind these times are based on a fully charged battery.

🔦Turbo – 2,500 ~ 800 Lumens

   Turbo Run Time - 1+240 mins

🔦High -   800~120 lumens

   High Run Time – 243 + 80 mins

🔦Medium - 120 lumens

   Run Time Medium – 23 Hours

🔦Low – 15 Lumens

   Run Time on Low – 180 Hours

🔦Moon – 1 Lumens

   Run Time on Moon – 60 Days

Now the pocket clip, Olight made the clip that attaches on the light thicker and more sturdy. They did the same thing with the Baton 3 Pro and it really makes a difference, I love a good pocket clip. They have two-way pocket clips that allow you to pocket the light bezel up or bezel down. They really do make a huge difference when carrying this light. 

With Olights magnetic charger, which has become a standard, and a pretty handy one at that. I keep one in my car, at my desk, and on my bed stand. They are so nice to have around especially if you have more than one Olight. The back of the Baton 3 Pro Max, like other Olights, is magnetic. This means when you need to go hands free and you have some type of metal around you, like working on your car, in the shop, or maybe even attached to your knife while camping. It is a nice feature to have and makes recharging and attaching super easy. 

Although the Baton 3 Pro Max comes with a proximity sensor and a lockout mode, please always use care when putting your lights in your pocket, bag, or just putting them away. When I put my light away and I know I’m not using it for a while, I’ll unscrew the tail cap about half a turn to keep the battery from draining and also to prevent the light from turning on. Even with all the safety features I always like to be extra careful. 

Build Quality

Olight has done a great job and has strived to provide the highest level of build quality. They release some really cool materials on their lights. What is good to know about Olight and has really spoken to me is when they first started out in the late decade of the 2000’s, the build quality wasn’t anything that would blow you away. However, as they grew and as they listen to their customer base, every generation of light gets better. They reach out and get ideas on what they can do better and even take constructive feedback and drive off that to make a better product. 

So the build quality really does speak for itself. As soon as you hold it in your hand, it just feels well built. Machined aluminum or depending on the other lights you may get, such as the new magnesium alloy.(I have not handled this one yet, but I hope to very soon) The Baton 3 Pro Max really feels and holds like a high-end piece of illumination. Honestly,there isn’t a lot that changed about this one versus the Baton 3 Pro, aside from the fact that it’s bigger and has a shake function for battery level. The Build quality is in align with what Olight has been releasing every month. It just keeps getting better.

As Olight grows and as they continue to make strides in not only the illumination world, but in setting the standard for build quality and lights. The Baton 3 Pro Max really has shown that they are willing to do what it takes to show their customer base what premium really means. 

Technical Details

⚫Waterproof – IPX8

⚫Weight – Black / OD Green: 5.22 oz (148 g) (Including Battery); Desert Tan: 4.73 oz (134 g) (Including Battery)

⚫Length – 4.49 In

⚫Head Diameter – 1.02 In

⚫Body Diameter – 1.02 In

⚫Body Material – Black / OD Green: Aluminum Alloy; Desert Tan: Magnesium Alloy

⚫Beam Distance – 475 Ft

⚫Max Light Intensity –  CW / NW: 5,295 candela; WW: 4,482 candela

⚫Lens/Reflector Type – TIR Optic Lens

The Comparison with Other Baton Series Products

Olight Warrant and Return

Olight offers a pretty nice warranty and return policy. When you purchase a Olight product from their website, make sure you create an account before you order as this will not only make a return but a warrant process much easier. However, if you don’t create and account, or if you purchase from another source such as amazon or other 3rd party website. Emailing Olights customer service team will allow them to help you through the warranty process to get your light fixed or replaced. On the return side of things, they really do have a nice return policy. Free 30 day returns if the item is in the same condition, unworn and in the original packaging. Once you apply for a refund or replacement, Olight will send a return label to return the item.  When its received, a refund or replacement will be processed, and a credit will automatically be applied to your original payment method. 


I have owned all the Baton series flashlights. Olight has really made it clear that they are serious about giving you the best quality products with the best performance. This light is just an absolute beast of a light. It’s a very comfortable light in the hand, not too heavy but enough to let you know its there and that its durable. The brightness of this light really turns heads and makes everyone want to know where you got that light. Whether you use it in the car, while camping, or even for your EDC, I highly recommend the Baton 3 Pro Max 

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Sherri Rusch

Nice review!

Posted on: Jan 28, 2023, 21:39:21

David S

A good review on the differences (pros/cons) between the Baton 3 Pro and Baton 3 Pro Max. I welcome hearing more about O-Fan and how O-Fan works, etc.

Posted on: Jan 11, 2023, 01:03:51