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Why Every EDC Enthusiast Needs A Marauder Mini Flashlight

Why Every EDC Enthusiast Needs A Marauder Mini Flashlight

As an EDC enthusiast, you're always ready – fully kitted with mini items that you truly find essential for making your daily life easier.

We are talking about the car keys holder, pocket knife, multi-tool, pen, flashlights, etc.

Talking about mini and essential flashlights, how about adding a 5-inches sized, 16 oz weighed, and 7000-lumen outdoor flashlight to your EDC collection?

Today we are going to review the Marauder Mini Flashlight – one of the most powerful lightweight handheld flashlights on the market, and why every EDC Enthusiast needs one in their pocket.

We'll look into things like its weight, battery life, lumen output, and ease of use.

At the end of this post, you'll know why this mini flashlight passes as an everyday carry tool.

So let's dive in!

The Most Important Factors to be Considered by EDC Tool Enthusiasts 

When shopping for an EDC collection, the two most important factors in the mind of an EDC Enthusiast are: Essential and Lightweight. This is because of their adventurous outdoor lifestyle. They want to fit as many essential tools as they can in their pockets, but not heavy enough to weigh them down. And because outdoor enthusiasts are at the center of Olight's mission, we have designed a new flashlight model in the Marauder series called Marauder Mini Flashlight. This is a massive upgrade from the Marauder 2 model, with high-performance functions that best fit outdoor lovers. With that said, here are a few reasons why every EDC Enthusiast needs a Marauder Mini flashlight in their pocket.

Reasons Why EDC Enthusiasts Needs The Marauder Mini Flashlight

It Is An Essential Everyday Carry Tool

The Marauder Mini Flashlight, or flashlights in general, comes in handy. 

For Low Light Environment: When you find yourself in a low-light environment like early morning, late evening, or dark indoor areas, a flashlight can help you identify obstacles and dangers subtly lurking in the shadows.

Emergency Preparedness: In times of emergency events like power outages, eclipses, or natural disasters, a flashlight will help you easily find your way out. And maybe rescue others too.

For Self-Defense: Attackers mostly operate in the dark, especially thieves. But with a bright flashlight, you only need 60 - 100 lumens of the bright spotlight to temporarily blind your opponent and capture or escape from them.

Saving Your Phones Battery: With a flashlight as handy as a phone, you don't need to stress your phone's flashlight. Keep the Marauder Mini flashlight switched on as long as you wish, and use your phone for other important things.

Signaling Danger: Dangers are mostly outdoors than indoors. And if you detect one, you want to keep everyone alert. The Marauder Mini comes with a red light flashlight to help you send danger signals up to 90 meters away.

It Is Lightweight And Compact

The Marauder Mini Flashlight weighs only 16 oz (or 462 g). For context, that's only about 4 sticks of butter. In addition to its lightweight, Marauder Mini is also a compact-size handheld flashlight. 

It's just 5.12 inches high and 1.7 meters wide,  which makes it easy to fit into any palm size, giving the holder 100 percent control of the grip. What's more? Its compact size means that you can easily fit it into your pocket without stress.

It Has High Lumen Output Performance 

The average flashlight only has about 60 - 1000 lumen output. But the Marauder Mini flashlight – despite its miniature design – boasts up to a 7000-lumen output. This high-lumen flashlight can serve as an extremely powerful light source for outdoor activities and come in handy for search and rescue operations 

You probably might not need a 7000-lumen output every time, that's why the Marauder Mini has been designed to let you adjust within 7 lighting levels. In the floodlight mode,  this includes 100 lumen, 200 lumen, 400 lumen, 800 lumen, 1600 lumen, 3200 lumen, and 7000-lumen lighting levels. In the spotlight mode, the 7 lighting levels includes 50 lumen, 100 lumen, 200 lumen, 300 lumen,500 lumen, 700 lumen, 900 lumen.

In addition, the Marauder Mini powerful flashlight has a powerful spotlight and floodlight beam distance. Do you know that the Marauder Mini Flashlight can shine as far as 1968 ft? That's as far as 600 meters. Also, the intensity of the bright spotlight can go as high as 90,000 candelas. This can help you scan hidden details of a wide area of land in the dark.

It Has Long-Lasting Battery Life

If you're looking for a flashlight with a battery runtime of up to 43.5 hours that should be the Marauder Mini Flashlight. The Marauder Mini flashlight is powered by a custom 6500MAh 32650 rechargeable lithium battery.

You can even control how long you want the runtime to last by adjusting the lumen with its seven lumens of brightness. So if you'll be outdoors for a very long time you would not be in a hurry to recharge anytime soon.

It Is Waterproof

If you're an outdoor enthusiast with water-related hobbies such as scuba diving and fishing then you'll always need a waterproof flashlight. Thankfully, the Marauder Mini flashlight is waterproof certified. This water-resistant flashlight has been rated IPX8, which means it can withstand constant water submersion without damage. This also means that if you're outdoors in the heavy rain, you can still use the Marauder Mini Flashlight without bothering about possible damage.

It Is Easy To Operate

With so many features, you might think that the Marauder Mini will be complex to operate, but that's not the case. This flashlight is operated using a rotary knob. With the rotary knob, you can switch between the various lumen levels by just rotating several degrees up and down. There's also a press button within the kin that is used to switch between the red light, blue light, green light, and white light flashlight. Just under the rotary knob, there's a flip-flop switch to flip up the spotlight or flip down the floodlight. Everything is designed intuitively and works seamlessly.

Other Amazing Features Of The Marauder Mini Flashlight

There are other tons of features we've not talked about like the;

●Magnetic charging cable and port

●Red light flashlight, blue light flashlight, and green light flashlight

●Strobe Mode

●9 surrounding LEDs

And much more! 


EDC (Everyday Carry) Enthusiasts are from all walks of life such as outdoor enthusiasts, first responders officials, IT professionals, mechanics, or regular urban commuters. The general idea is that the mini-tools that solve your daily challenges on the go should be on you always. And no matter which EDC category you're in, having a flashlight that's not only compact but extremely powerful, should be a priority. Now you see why the Marauder Mini Flashlight best fits your EDC needs. So go out there and live your unique lifestyle of alertness and preparedness.

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