Why Is Javelot Mini Long Range Flashlight so Pupular?

Why Is Javelot Mini Long Range Flashlight so Pupular?

Are you looking for a flashlight for that purpose?

Search and rescue, outdoor adventure, law enforcement...

Now, this little guy packs a punch

 Bright, long thrower, and tight beam

Palm size and carry holster

Well built and easy to charge


Let's hear the voice from O-fans and learn about this fantastic beast

Bright, 600-meter Throw light

"I recently took my Javelot Mini to a Bushcraft gathering in Georgia to show my friends the lights abilities. One night there was a missing child alert so everyone started searching the fields and tree line. I started shining my Javelot Mini around and made short work of the search. It was the brightest and longest reaching light out there. The child was found to be with his Mother the whole time."

We are glad to hear a missing child was found quickly with the help of the brightest and longest reaching light out there from Javelot Mini. This powerful flashlight is Olight's first long-range, tactical EDC flashlight. It achieves 600 meters of throw and delivers up to 1000-lumen bright and tight light with its round beam. " It looks like a lightsaber and I can see across a field or all the way to the moon with it." O-fan said.  

In the design of the flashlight beam,  it adopts a round emitter for the first time to provide a softer and more balanced beam. The uniform hotspot almost seems like the well-defined even circle of a theatrical spotlight, which is a pretty cool effect.

Compact Size and An Added Holster

"This is my new favorite! I love how far this flashlight throws, and in such a small package. Great for my 3 mile walks each evening. And it even comes with a very durable holster with a clip."

"Got this as a gift for my dad and he said he could see all the way to the moon with it hahaha, he was super impressed with the brightness and throw and carry size added holster"

The Javelot Mini is an ulta-compact size only 4.53 inches in length, and weighning 5.43 ounces with a battery including, making it really carriable and comfortable to hand. The fact that it comes with a holster is awesome. This mini flashlight fits snuggly and securely in a tight holster that provides various carry options. You can clip the rugged, compact holster to your waistband, duty belt, backpack strap, pocket, and so on. Importantly, It is a nice feature that you are able to charge the light in the holster. 

Acceptable Battery

"Beam distance is incredible for the size, battery life is very acceptable, very good light overall."

According to this O-fan, the battery life is acceptable. Powered by a single 2040mAh 18500 rechargeable lithium battery, it runs up to 4 hours and 57 minutes. 

High lighting setting: It lasts for 6.5 minutes at 1000 lumens, 78 minutes at 500 lumens, and 19 minutes at 200 lumens.

Low lighting setting: It supports 4 hours and 57 minutes at 200 lumens.

Javelot Mini flashlight is compatible with Olight's signature MCC1A/MCC3 magnetic charging cable. The cable magnetically snaps onto the tail cap, which makes the flashlight recharge easily and fastly anywhere. The cable with an indicator let you know the charging status all the time. It shows red when charging or green when it's fully charged. The Javelot Mini flashlight also comes with a small internal motor that vibrates, alerting you when the battery is low without diverting your attention. 

<30% vibrates once every 5 minutes

<10% vibrates twice per minute

<5% vibrates 3 times every 10 seconds

Simple User Interface

"Great light, love the throw on it and the simple user interface. The hoslter is also something I really liked and wished more of their light would come with."

"Perfect long distance and no buttons to fuss with."

The Javelot Mini is a dual-stage tail switch only operation. Its broader flat-concave tail cap provides you with a more comfortable interface for thumb operation. If you full press, you're going to get the max amount, and if you half press, you're going to get the 200 lumen output. That is really a simple user interface.

Well Built Design

"This light is amazing. It is relatively compact and has an amazing amount of throw for its size. Build quality is fantastic."

The Javelot Mini is made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy with a well-tested structure, which achieves its IPX8 water resistance and an impact rating of 1.5 meters. 

Its stylish, integrated texturing for a secure and comfortable grip. The tail-raised bezel around the outside is to both protect the button and keep it from accidental activation, but also to make it easier to tail stand. 

End Words

The Javelot Mini is really a fantastic flashlight. You would be amazed by its long thrower and bright light in its compact size. Whether you are walking the dog in a suburban environment, catering in the truck, or looking into the deep tanks, the Javelot Mini does do the job. Olight releases the orange version on the February flash sale with only 5000PCS.  It won't break your budget with 25% off. Buy bundle would be more cost-effective.  Enjoy up to 40% off, and add $1 to get i3T flashlight.

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