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Customized for Your Specific EDC Flashlight I5T Plus

Customized for Your Specific EDC Flashlight I5T Plus

i5T PLUS is an EDC flashlight that meets daily lighting needs. EDC, EVERYDAY CARRY. An EDC small flashlight, suitable for daily life, outdoor activities, emergency, and other situations with poor lighting conditions. The i5T Plus is equipped with a two-way pocket clip, which is convenient for fixing flashlights. It can be hung on a backpack, or clipped on the brim of a hat or pocket to release your hands.

Two patterns, three LED color temperatures, and four body colors are available to customize the EDC light in your own style. The double helix knurling and pebble etching are exquisite and provide a solid grip. Flashlight models with three color temperatures support you at different tasks: cool white, neutral white, and warm white. White light is generally used in office locations or places with high brightness requirements. Natural light, the more recent color temperature color that everyone likes, its color between white and yellow light, can create a comfortable and warm atmosphere. Warm light is generally used for home lighting, tea restaurants, coffee shops, and other quiet places. Note: There is one flashlight model for one color temperature.

Meanwhile, you can choose from black, blue, orange, and OD green for the body according to your preference, the i5T Plus EDC light will help you complete everyday tasks. The market applications of i5T Plus are everyday carry, outdoors(camping, hiking), backup lighting, and repairing.

Olight i5T Plus, EDC flashlight, EDC light


The i5T Plus is a high-quality portable EDC flashlight. Powerful for its small size: Only 89g/3.14oz in weight, it delivers a max output of 550 lumens and a up to 87 meters throw. Universal battery, low cost, using two AA batteries, can meet the daily lighting needs of the EDC flashlight. Extended Runtime: Powered by two widely available AA batteries, it runs up to 54 hours at 15 lumens.

Smooth Operation: Anti-slip Tail Switch Smoothly allows quickly turning the light on/off or shifting modes (15/550 lumens) and access low or high mode with the tail switch that has anti-slip silicone pearls outside. The tail button integrates tactical light-up, low light-up, and high light-up switching gears (15/550 lumens) for three operations.

Easy to Carry: With a two-way pocket clip and lanyard hole, you can easily clip it in a pocket, on a backpack, or hang it around your wrist, very portable, with two-way clips that will not take up too much space. Three color temperatures (cool white, neutral white, and warm white) are available to address a variety of usage environments.

Olight i5T plus EDC flashlight features

Product Performance

The i5T Plus can deliver a maximum output of 550 lumens, a beam distance of 87 meters, and a maximum runtime of 54h. It has dual fuels for longer runtime powered by two widely available batteries 1.5V AA Alkaline Battery (Included) x 2.

There are three types of light sources: High-Performance Cool White LED(5700K~6700K), High-Performance Neutral White LED(4000K~5000K), and High-Performance Warm White LED(2700K~3700K). The flashlight comes in three LED color temperatures to provide you with the right choice for every daily situation.

The dimension of i5T Plus is Length: 5.71in/145mm Body Diameter: 0.7in/17.8mm. The weight is 3.14oz/89g (Including Pocket Clip and Batteries). The body material is aluminum alloy. Waterproof is IPX8 and the drop test is 1.5 m. Anti-slip double helix knurling and stylish pebble etching, both of which provide a comfortable grip, i5T Plus is a dual-gear portable pen-shaped EDC flashlight with powerful performance and bright output that can meet your daily needs definitely.

Note: There are slight differences between the picture and the real item caused by light color temperature. All the pictures are for reference only. You could refer to the picture below.

i5T Plus EDC light, lumen, runtime

Product comparative analysis

As an upgraded version of i5T, i5T plus has not only launched two different materials, more colors, and more color temperature but its lumen value and range have been significantly improved. The max lumen has been increased by 250 lumens, the longest run time has been extended by 34 hours, and the beam distance has been increased by 27 meters. Even, we can say that i5T Plus is a small but powerful EDC flashlight. Their waterproof rating is IPX8, and the drop test is 1.5m.

Then we compare the i5T Plus with the i3T Plus, and the performance of the i5T Plus is also significantly improved. The i5T Plus adds 300 lumens, 26 hours longer runtime, and 17 meters longer beam distance. But the drop test of i3T Plus is 2m. You could refer to the data comparison below.

I5T Plus EDC flashlight Product data comparison.


Preparation for use: The product comes with a battery. Before use, unscrew the tail of the flashlight counterclockwise, take out the insulating protective sheet of the negative electrode of the battery in the battery barrel, and then tighten the tail cover. When replacing the battery, pay attention to the positive side of the battery facing the head of the flashlight.

Power on — low light (default) Press lightly - momentary light


Gravity press — lock brightness


Continuous tap — change brightness


Power off for more than 2 seconds - return to default brightness (low light)

In the box

1. Flashlight (Batteries Included) x 1

2. Pocket Clip x 1

3. User Manual x 1.

Even if you already own an i5t (or several) it is absolutely worth it to upgrade to the i5T Plus. The i5T Plus is on sale, come and buy it now. We also have another best EDC flashlight. Thank you for your reading.

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