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  1. #OSUMMERJOY Congratulates to the Round 2 Winners

    #OSUMMERJOY Congratulates to  the Round 2 Winners

    Congrats to the 10 winners: 

    The First Place- Blue Pack: Ross Kaleo Akiona

    The Second Place- Warrior Mini 2 Mega Pack: Heather Johnson, @protechteus, @Mehdioban95

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  2. 【Giveaway】Congratulates to the 6 Winners!

    【Giveaway】Congratulates to the 6 Winners!

    Congratulates for the 6 Winners:

    The First Place- the Warrior Mini 2 Four Elements Mega Pack: Kevin Totka

    The Second Place- $50 Coupon: Arthur Pan, Eric Lortt

    The Third Place- $20 Coupon: Andrew Dromboski, Lee Fawkes, JM JM

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  3. 【Giveaway】How Will You Spend Your Summer Nights With These New Releases?

    【Giveaway】How Will You Spend Your Summer Nights With These New Releases?

    How will you spend your summer nights with the flashlights mentioned below? Leave your comment down below and we will pick one winner to send a $100 OFF coupon for your Summer Sale purchase!(The giveaway will run until 8pm 7/26 EDT)

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  4. Olantern Mini——Camp Lights Is Not An Impractical Tool

    Those who have zero experience in outdoor camping may think camp light is a meaningless existence. There is skepticism such as "Why not just use a flashlight?" "Candles and campfires are better cause they are warm"

    But for those who are outdoorsy person and really love camping, they will find no matter campfires or flashlights, they all have limitations.

    The beam of the flashlight is only one-way. If it rains, candles and campfires will be useless. As for the most cost-effective mobile phone flash... the brightness is very limited. So, Olantern Mini can be the perfect go-to camp light if you want to provide ambient and reliable illumination

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  5. Olight Obulb Torture Test

    Olight Obulb Torture Test

    The Obulb is a lightweight and compact LED light with both warm white and red light. With the soft rubber-coating button, you can quickly change between warm white light (3.5 / 55 lumens) and 7 lumens red light (steady or flashing). These 4 modes come in handy for various

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  6. Warrior Mini 2, Next Level of User Experience

    Warrior Mini 2, Next Level of User Experience

    Did anyone remember our last lucky draw of Warrior Mini 2? It's time to announce the winners! We have already picked up 2 who commented in the review section of Warrior Mini 2! Congratulate to the 2 winners and the names are in the picture above. We will send you an email to confirm your shipping information within 5 days.

    Do you already love the Warrior Mini? How about more output, longer runtimes, deep carry bezel down clip, and a proximity sensor? The Warrior Mini 2 is here and we took all of your feedback to produce the perfect tail switch compact pocket flashlight!

    Finally, we have the Warrior Mini 2, the brand-new upgrade

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  7. Baldr Serires, One Of The Most Popular Olight Series Tactical Lights

    Baldr Serires, One Of  The Most Popular Olight Series Tactical Lights

    Baldr IR

    The Baldr IR is a rail-mounted light with a white light LED and a Class 1 eye-safe IR beam. Designed for Picatinny (MIL-STD-1913) and Glock rail, this professional lighting tool is highly durable and provenly recoil-proof. Select the white-light mode and activate with the ambidextrous tail switch, it produces a 1350-lumen or 300-lumen beam with a far-reaching spot and ample soft flood for situational awareness. Select and activate the IR mode, it emits a focused IR beam from the bottom, invisible to the naked eye but perfect for night vision goggles. Powered by two CR123A batteries, the light runs much longer than most products on the market. The nimble swing arm allows you to install and detach it with one hand instantly. The two adjustable screws are

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  8. Recap: Warrior Mini Torture Test

    Warrior Mini is one of our fan-favorite tactical throwers. Being compact and lightweight (2.07 oz) with 4.19-inch long, it features a max output of 1,500 lumens with a 190-meter

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  9. A brand new breakthrough: Odin Turbo

    The Odin Turbo is Olight’s first-ever LEP tactical flashlight in our revolutionary Odin WML series. It adopts the latest LEP technology to achieve an unbelievable 1,050-meter b

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