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    Olight helped me rekindle my love of color in my life, very specifically Olive Drab Green and not just black everything. Thank you for that!! Happy OFan Day 2022!! (: (: Go OTeam ODG! #OStory
    I remember the very first time I was introduced to an Olight product. I was helping a friend work on his home when I mentioned needing more light and he pulled out my now beloved series, the S2RII Baton. The moment he turned it on, I was in love. I now am an avid collector, user, and enthusiast of flashlights and flashlight technology. What's best about Olight that makes them stand out among the competition is their investment in their customer base. They are genuinely interested and willing to listen to their customer's feedback and quickly implement those responses. Their willingness to send birthday gifts and add free swag randomly to orders is also such a heartfelt action that it personally touches you when you are the recipient. I have come to really depend and stand by Olight and their products, as they have illuminated my world, and the path that I am traveling. Thank you Olight and happy OFan Day. And OTeam ODG is the best! :) #OStory
    #Ostory this is my older daughter on the camping side she reads her favored book using her first OLIGHT flashlight !!
    #Ostory ...These are just a few of my EDC pocket lights and I mean Everyday!!!!! I also own several of the tactical gun combos. I am not a collector but buy what I need and will USE. Olights have served me well
    My #ostory.. A little over 3+ years ago a friend was helping me run cable in my new house, I shined a light through a hole in the floor to show him which one, he shined a light back at me and blinded me. He had a warrior mini. A couple months later still bothered by being outshined I ordered a blue seeker 2 pro. I had never really carried flashlights before but this thing never left my side (still my everyday light to this day). About a year later I really got into building guns and ordered a baldr s and loved it. Between then and now I've ordered quite a few Olights and usually bundled what I could and between that and the freebies Olight gives I now have a light for everything. In the last couple years my lights have helped me with more house remodel projects than I care to remember, one out of state move, responded to several car wrecks, mooring a ship up at night more times than I can remember plus countless other projects. I have a freyr and obulbs in my truck and at work.
    Coulndt wait to try out my new X9R light. I live in the country so it gets very dark at night without street lights all around me. Turned it on and wow, all the crickets stopped chirping...lol Thanks to Olight for an awesome light.
    #Ostory I received my first Olight on nov 2020 a i3E Eos and i loved that little light so much and use it all the time. Then i made my first purchase on Apr 15 2021 and i loved the lights i ordered so much that i decided i wanted to start collecting Olights they are such amazing products and i love how many different styles and colors there are that i just can't stop collecting them and i love that Olight always goes out of their way and surprises me with free swag in my orders. Thanks Olight you are such an awesome company. I have so many lights that i can't fit them all in a pitcher. I made it to Blue Diamond last month for my Birthday month that was awesome now i will be trying for Red Diamond.. I have to slow down till February so i can save money for a new car when my lease runs out, that's going to be a hard five months of trying not to buy to many Olights i hope can do it because Olights are so awesome. Thanks Olight for all you do! #Ostory

    Once upon a time there was a flashlight that could go almost anywhere.
    The magnet on the base made it incredibly useful. Happy Fall
    Thanks for sharing Ty!! It would be better to share it in the Community page with the hashtag #Ostory 😀
    #Ostory My younger brother wanted a gun light which happened to be an Olight. Went to buy it for Christmas and got a message to spend more to get a free ir2. Purchased a Seeker 2 for myself and Seeker has been my best friend since. I have been hooked on Olight since because they are good products. Since then I started getting my coworkers into Olight and now they are hooked into buying Olight and now Obuy products. Good products bring good customers.
    That's glad to hear Jose! Thanks for always support!! It would be better to share it in the Community page with the hashtag #Ostory 😀
    My #Ostory started about ten months ago. I love flashlights and was introduced to Olight by Sootch on his YouTube channel. I placed a small budget order yesterday. Sootch did his typical sale vid today and order followed shortly thereafter!! 😂
    Awesome choices! It would be better to share it in the Community page with the hashtag #Ostory 😀
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