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    Appreciate your feedback Levi!
    To follow up from my comment on OBuy.
    I just attempted to look up the aforementioned negative review/questions that I pointed out. The reviews were removed. Or rather, the item with the negative reviews/questions was actually removed, and relisted with updated information.
    So, it can be done, if customer service is willing to follow up once an issue has been brought up.
    Just saw that. Here are just a couple of many false reviews I’ve found. These reviews are of a replacement battery. In a couple of these cases the people are reviewing the availability of the product but not the product itself so people can’t see the actual rating of the product itself. If you don’t see the picture I linked, tap the hide comment button then view comment button
    I think that is a great idea and completely agree! I’ve seen many false and irrelevant reviews like that. That would be a great thing from Olight!
    That was my comment, I 100% agree with this suggestion! You just explained it better 👍
    I think there are better ways to ask a question about a product than ask it as a review, such as in the community.