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    I would suggest charging the light. If it has sat unused for over a year there is a great probability that the battery has drained. It also could be a bad battery that will need to be replaced.
    Hello Jeoffry, thank you for your reply
    What is the product? Has the battery been charged or replaced since last used or when you got it? If that doesn’t fix the issue you can do the “live chat” on the website or contact olight customer service via email at cs@olightstore.com and they will help you apply the warranty replacement free of any charge! Hope this helps and all works out for you!

    Olight stands behind their products and will do anything they can to make sure you have a good experience with them. They have helped me with issues of mine, even mistakes I’ve made and it wasn’t even their fault, but they still did if for me free of charge. Give them a chance to help with your issues and I guarantee you will become a customer for life.
    Hello Levi, thank you for your reply