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    Hello Steve, I am sorry about this situation, in response to this issue, our logistics department is diligently following up on the package's status and communicating with the USPS carrier to figure out the best resolution. If you could please bear with us for a little while longer, we will be sure to make it right.
    I had the same situation and they said resent. Did you finally receive the order?
    I had the same issue and after reporting it to Olight they did send another shipment and I did receive it.
    I just ordered last week and got the same message. I just got off live chat they are sending a new one lets see how this goes.
    In the city where I live, the Postal service here has informed me that, especially over Christmas time, they were seeing an increase in packages with counterfeit or fake postage attached to them. This happened to the wife and I is the reason that I know. Personally, I don't exactly know how these postal charge scams work, but I do know that this kind of crap is a reality. I certainly hope that Olight picks up on this illegal anomaly. Stay vigilant!
    I ordered a promo light and received the same message hope they haven’t been using counterfeit postage or they won’t be able to ship usps anymore